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@thirdday vs @Team_Barrowman :)

Well, it had to happen. After John Barrowman usurped U2’s long standing place in my CD player back in February, something finally came along and – at least for now – usurped HIS place in my current CD player.

But what can you do? When Third Day – my second favorite band behind Number 1 favorite band U2, you can read up on a little of my history with 3D here – picks you to be in a select group o’ Gomers and sends you an advance copy of their upcoming new release “Move” a month ahead of time, well, YEAH, you are going to give everything else the boot and give it a listen, yes? :) So yes, it’s on my car CD player, it’s on my PC at home, it’s on my PDA at my desk at the office and if I have anything to say about it, it will be accompanying the b/f and me on our drive to the Carolina Panther’s game in Charlotte on Sunday. 😀

Once again, Third Day has produced a winner, the new CD is brilliant, I love it. Not a bad song in the bunch. Still a little early to try to figure out which songs are my favorites yet, but “Surrender”, well, if THAT one doesn’t make it into their live setlist, something somewhere has gone terribly horribly wrong. And “Make Your Move” just RAWKS! 😀

Wanna see/hear what gave John Barrowman the boot from all my audio devices? You can stream the whole CD for the next day or so from here.