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My More Movies weekend continues…

Watched a LOT of movies this weekend, starting with Julie & Julia from Netflix on Friday, Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer on Saturday off the DVR. Streamed Race to Witch Mountain on the PC via Netflix until the wee hours of Sunday after that, followed by Fight Club yesterday afternoon, and finishing up with Serenity off the DVR from when it aired on the SyFy Channel last night. Very odd listening to author “Rick Castle” speak, off and on, in that space western twang that he had. LOL.

The best of the bunch actually turned out to be Fight Club, the one that’s taken me 10 years to finally see. Still amazed that after all this time, I’d never actually read anything that would blow the ending for me. Very unusual, usually when it takes me this long to see something, someone SOMEPLACE manages to blow the ending. Like War of the Roses. Still haven’t forgiven the Mercury News movie reviewer for giving that one away. And just recently the DVD review for Paranormal Activity in our local paper gave away a few of the major plot points AND the ending. The WEEK the dvd came out, no less. *pththt*

So after watching Fight Club through to the end, I was very impressed by the fact that for once, I didn’t have the ending figured out, something that doesn’t happen very often.

Have NO idea what Netflix is going to send next. Given the status of most of the top 10 movies in my queue, I’m thinking we might end up with another couple of episodes of Torchwood this time. Which is fine by me, I love that series.

My Current Netflix Top Ten

My Current Netflix Top Ten