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Fave Apps for the LG Optimus V Part Deux

Sometime back I did a post detailing some of my favorite apps for my new Android phone. Just realized I never went back as planned to do another post for my favorite games and other fun stuff.

So at long last, here is said post. :)

Games Icons

A Few Favorite Games:

Just recently had my SD storage card crash, so had to reformat and reinstall a lot of my apps. Which was okay, had a lot on there that really didn’t need to be there anymore, so it gave the card a good cleaning. The only game that I’ve not reinstalled that really SHOULD be on my list of favorite games is Plants vs Zombies. LOVE that game, have it on my PC, my NintendoDS, and when Amazon’s App Store gave it away as a freebie, downloaded it for the phone as well. Unfortunately though, while the game was able to be put on the SD card, apparently the saved game file was not, so when I reached the end of the game for the first time, the saved game file was huge, and ate up too much space on my phone, so I uninstalled the whole game. 

But these games are the ones I tent to go back to over and over again. They’re all fun, but I tend to play Angry Birds Rio, Fire Ball Deluxe, Gem Spinner, Peggle, and Fruit Ninja the most. All of which are either free games, or were given away by Amazon as freebies at one point or another. 


Newly Found “Useful Tools”:

Got quite a few of those. Apps Organizer is what set up my massive assortment of phone apps into the useful categories you see here. You decide what categories you want, and which apps go in them, and voila, a nice organized phone desktop. :) Still using the Amazon App Store for their freebies of the day. Droid of the Day is pretty good, it pops up and suggests a free app every day. App2SD Pro is one of those apps I tried as a freebie, liked, then Amazon gave away the paid version. Makes it easy to move apps from the phone to the SD card, something very handy with the Optimus’s limited storage space. App Backup saved my bacon when my SD card crashed. I’d backed up all the apps with that program, then when I moved the contents of my SD card to my PC to Useful Toolsreformat, I was able to reinstall most programs that I wanted from the backup I’d done. Converter is kind of handy, any kind of measurement you can think of that you might want to convert to some other format, it can probably handle. I order from AmazonUK a lot, and it does a fast conversion from dollars to pounds, among other things. Useful and free (I think it might have been a Droid of the Day app, actually). Also on the phone is Cool Reader and eReader. Handles various and sundry types of ebooks and documents. Fringe Glyph Translator is a purely fun app. If you watch Fringe on Friday nights, and you see all those funky symbols with the dots next to them at each commercial break, those actually DO spell something different each episode. Makes me want to go back and watch Seasons 1-3 to see what I missed in those codes. 

GetGlue is probably, especially with the new TV season starting, one of my most used apps. Make it easy to tweet about what I’m watching, listening to, and reading, and earn stickers in the process. Kind of addicting. The two apps in the bottom row on each end – Remote Web and WiFi File Explorer – are both essentially the same thing, they allow you to wireless connect the contents of your phone to your PC to transfer files, use your phone cam as a webcam, all sorts of stuff. It’s how I got the screen caps of my apps from my phone to my PC. I actually paid for Remote Web and had been using it for a while, until Amazon gave away WiFi File Explorer. Now I use them both until I decide which one I like better. :) The app in the bottom row second column is Shoot Me, which is supposed to only work on rooted phones, but works just fine on my unrooted Optimus. Run it in the background, if you want to screencap your screen, just shake the phone, and instant screencap. Yes, it’s what I used to screencap my apps. And last but not least on that screen is Tweetcaster. I’d mentioned before that the free version was my favorite Twitter app, well you guessed it, Amazon gave away the paid version as a freebie so now I’m running the full version and have never looked back.

MultimediaOther favorite apps are QuckPic, a replacement for the default Gallery. Comic Strips, a new one I just added that lets you collect and share some of your favorite comic strips from the paper, like Scary Gary and Argyle Sweater. GhostTown is essentially a music player that lets you search YouTube for videos, and plays them back as music. Kinda nifty. Roku Remote and WDTV Media Player are substitute remotes for, yes, my Roku box (currently used for streaming movies at Netflix and Amazon on Demand) and my Western Digital media player box, which lets you plug in a hard drive and play back almost any video type you can think of on your TV set. Great for all those series episodes that would take up too many DVDs to burn. Tune In Radio Pro is another paid app that Amazon gave away as a freebie. I’d been using the freebie version to pick up Internet radio stations, like the various BBC stations or formerly local CA stations like KFOG. The paid version is essentially the same, only it also includes a recorder if you want to save any of the radio station broadcasts. I use it a lot. And Zinio works in conjuction with the PC app to download either free or paid digital versions of magazines to either your phone or your PC hard drive. Once you’ve downloaded them, you can view them on either. Have only used it a few times so far, but it seems pretty well made.

Well, that be pretty much the majority of what apps I use fairly regularly. Given that Amazon gives away a freebie every day, I’ve got quite a list of apps still available to me that I’ve not actually installed yet, but they’re there if I need them.


Bought a Tivo box last night, already NOT a happy camper!

We don’t even have the Tivo completely hooked up yet, and already I don’t like it. Connections were a piece of cake, as expected; I hook up vcrs and dvrs on a regular basis at my job, so not a big deal there. Just pull out the Philips, replace with the Tivo, swap these cable for those cables, bada BING! It was hooked up.

Had already checked to make sure we had an available phone line ready to go last night so we’d be able to hook up to the Tivo service to at least the phone line and get it set up tonight (planned to get a wireless N adapter later – after my $50 giftcard from Visa came in – to hook it up to our home network eventually, though).

They don’t tell you on the OUTSIDE of the box that in order to do even the basic phone jack connection, that you have to buy one of their $30 adapters so that you can plug the phone cord (which you also have to supply yourself) into the USB port on the back of the unit. Why not just a standard phone jack on the back of the unit like everyone else does? Greedy buggers.

The good news? Fortunately, we do have a cable modem set up right next to the entertainment wall unit, that Time Warner set up when we got digital phone through them, so I was able to hook up an ethernet cable (which *gasp* they actually SUPPLIED!) directly from the Tivo box to the cable modem. AND it actually recognized it when I turned it on.

The bad news? I have to supply it with info like DNS address, gateway address, and a couple of other things, none of which are printed on the modem, and Time Warner didn’t leave with us when they installed the digital phone. (and I can’t get it off the PC, since that’s a different modem than our regular cable network modem with the router that I have downstairs.)

So now I get to call Time Warner tomorrow and see if I can’t get them to supply me with the four things that Tivo needs to have to connect via the digital phone modem. And if they can’t get it for me, since nobody local sells the phone adapters, I’ll end up either having to cough up another $40 at CompUSA for a wireless G (yes, G, they apparently don’t HAVE the N’s there yet!) adapter, or if they’re out of stock, another $20 on top of THAT to get it at Best Buy.

And this is in addition to the $130 I just coughed up tonight for a year’s worth of Tivo programming service. AND the hour I spent with tech support chat after I made all the connections that the guide said to make, in the order that they said to make them, only to have the Welcome screen turn on, sit there for 20 seconds, and then turn back off again and not do anything else. At least we got THAT fixed, though.

Not very happy with my Tivo experience so far.

I know it’s rare when electronics go completely right the first time, I learned that the first time I took my first computer apart and tried to upgrade it and nothing fit properly, thank you very much Packard Bell proprietary hardware. *pthththt* So I’m honestly surprised when I go to hook something new and it works exactly as advertised, right out of the box.

But would it hurt them to at least make ONE connection available right out of the box? How many people have a wired network connection sitting right next to the TV. Probably very few. And I wouldn’t expect THAT to work right out of the box. But when you need at least a phone connection to even get the box started, to not have that set up so that you can just plug the phone cord into the back of the unit and into a wall jack, and make you buy a $30 jack just to even perform the most basic functions, that’s just wrong.

Hoping that Time Warner can get me the modem info I need to connect with a wired connection tomorrow, because I’d really prefer that if I’m being forced into buying a wireless adapter sooner than I wanted, I’d really rather get the faster N connection, not the G, and if I can hook up via the wired connection, I can wait and get the N adapter that I really want.

EDIT: May not need to talk to time warner after all. Just remembered that handy dandy little command prompt phrase: IPCONFIG/ALL. If I can hook up the laptop to the ethernet cable on the modem upstairs, I should be able to get all the info that I need that the Tivo box was asking for. Have no idea whether or not I’ll still get stuck after that, but I’m thinking it’ll at least save me from calling Time Warner and trying to hash this out with them over the phone tomorrow. Will give it a go!

EDIT: Going to bed. Hooked up the laptop, using ipconfig, got the IP address and the subnet address, but the Default Gateway was blank, as was the DNS info. :( PLUS it does have DHCP enabled, whatever THAT is, so it’s also telling me that it needs my DHCP Client ID. *scratches head perplexed* Tis all Greek to me! Guess I’m calling Time Warner for the missing info tomorrow. At least I know I tried everything that I could to get it up and running tonight.