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John Barrowman Desperate Housewives Season Finale Video

FINALLY! The season finale of Desperate Housewives, and John Barrowman’s last episode. I thought he was fantastic in it, playing bad guy Patrick Logan, but Gaaah! Really REALLY dislike that show. So needless to say, very happy to NOT be needing to record it each week anymore.

Won’t say much more than that about the show, except to say *sob* Oh, that poor Prius. Hope they used a stunt Prius for the scene. LOL

Coming up on 2AM, so I’m going to post this, go outside, hug MY Happy Hybrid, and then go to bed. 😀

The new video for the last episode is on the usual Multimedia page here.


New John Barrowman video uploaded to the website!

Just a short blog-post tonight, I promised myself I’d get to bed SOMEWHAT early tonight, which in this case means before midnight. LOL.

This video is primarily for my fellow US (and therefore usually deprived of many BBC videos) Johnettes and Barrowboys. John was in Scotland, decked out as Aladdin in a promotional bit for Panto, and this was on BBC Scotland News yesterday evening. Check it out here. (And if you didn’t catch my tweet from last night, my Episode 4 edit of John’s stint on Desperate Housewives from Sunday night was uploaded to the same page yesterday, just drop down the page a bit, it’s down with the rest of the DH clips.)

Website changes: Site SEO and John Barrowman

Alas, doing website stuff can’t be ALL be fun and Barrowman, LOL.

Finally broke down and did boring geeky admin maintenance stuff tonight, namely switching on the SEO (“search engine optimization”, *yawn* yeah, told you it was boring) features of the site, and then once it, as expected, broke my site theme (the main reason I hadn’t done the SEO before now, last time I did it, it completely killed my style sheets, and left the site ugly and themeless), went into one of the scary looking PHP configuration files (man, I hate digging around code like that, you can break sites that way. I know, I’ve done it), added one simple line, crossed my fingers and reloaded the site. Yay! It worked! I didn’t break it!

And now instead of having those big long Joomla style URLs from hell, I’ve actually got URLs that make sense and TELL you what the page is by name instead of listing them by section, category, and article ID number. And even better, when I go check out who is coming to the site, and what pages are being visited, I’ll be able to tell, in plain English, which pages those are, instead of trying to translate those lengthy URLs.

Once I got that done, then it was time for a little more fun and Barrowman. Turned the Favorite Video Page to a Multimedia page, and went ahead and moved all the radio interviews that I’d saved from late February and early March and posted under the “Various and Sundries” page over to the Multimedia page, then added on three new radio shows, including one that just aired in the UK yesterday. Sometimes being a smart nerdy fangirl has its advantages. 😉

(Yes, I know that’s Dr. Who, not Captain Jack, but you get the idea. 😉 I’ve always just thought that pic was hilarious. And one of these days, I’m sure I’ll sit down and watch my first episode of Dr. Who. Eventually.)