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U2 Tour Videos

U2 Tour Videos

Had a really nice page about U2 on my old site, but since the old site is a thing of the past, so’s the page. Hadn’t gotten around to redoing something on the new site for them.

But after getting the U2.com membership package (2 cds with photo book from 360 Tour) called U22 in the mail last week, and having some great concert flashbacks after listening to so many of the songs, I was inspired. And naturally, since video is what I do, video is the first thing to arrive. HAD flv files of my tour footage on the other page, but a) since they weren’t really tiny files and b) who wants to sit and watch an hour of video in flv format on a webpage anyway? So opted to leave those off this time, and just include a couple of songs from each show that I went to that I liked.

I actually created DVDs from the footage that I shot, a little over an hour for each show, and I’ve got all three videos available to download as torrents at u2torrents.com. Now that I’ve seen how easy it is to share torrents elsewhere (Pirate Bay and Legal Torrents), will probably set that up for each one as well. [Edit: Just submitted all three DVD torrents to Legal Torrents; they’re not the quickest at approving torrents, but they are, well, legal. :) As soon as the torrents are approved, I’ll add the links here.]

Boston/Foxboro, MA – September 2009

U2 Foxborough DVD Menu 






Hadn’t planned on this show, we’d already gotten tickets for the tour stop in Raleigh in October, but then a friend of Fiance up in Vermont found himself with 2 spare GA tickets for the Boston show, would we be interested? Of COURSE! 😀 This turned out to be a show of firsts: First time flying to see U2, first time with GA U2 tickets, and first time inside the inner ring by the stage. (And first time ever paying $40 for parking, GRRR, but I digress). So D and I flew up to Vermont, then drove from Vermont to Boston for the concert. Arrived at around 2pm, still in plenty of time to secure a spot inside the round catwalk. 


Beautiful Day

Including this one because it’s probably the one and only time that I’ll ever have Bono walk right over my head on a catwalk. 😀 Gotta say, my inner fangirl thought that THAT was pretty cool. And the intro to this, where Bono takes off his shades while he’s singing onscreen, is where I got the name for the dvd “Irish Boys in Massachusetts”.


Unknown Caller

Love that we got to hear this song in Boston, out of the three shows we saw, it was the only time U2 played it. One of my favorite tracks on NLOTH. Technically NOT a track on U22, but U2.com included it as an extra track when they made half the CD available as mp3 downloads.


Unforgettable Fire

One of the few songs I recorded all the way through from start to finish. Have always LOVED this song, and don’t think I’ve heard U2 play it live since the Unforgettable Fire tour. So hearing it in Boston for the first time in years was amazing. ALSO amazing was where Bono sang half the song, right from the catwalk THISCLOSE to us. *insert fangirl squee here* 😀


Raleigh, North Carolina – October 2009

Titled this one from Bono singing a snippet of Stand By Me, AND from him pointing out the full moon that was rising over the top of the stadium that night. I knew there was going to be one, so had been looking for it just as soon as the sun went down, but Bono spotted it first, since it was behind me and from where he was on stage, he was pretty much facing it. :) The was originally going to be the only show we went to, so the videos were shot from the *ack* $250 seats. Never paid that much for tickets before, never will again.

U2 Raleigh DVD Menu

I’ll Go Crazy Remix

“Larry Mullen, You’re a funky man!” – Bono. Best line in a great clip. :)


Moment of Surrender

Only got about half of this in Boston, due to operator error *facepalm*, so wanted to make sure I recorded the entire thing at the Raleigh show, since it’s one of my OTHER favorite songs from NLOTH. Look at all those cell phone lights in the audience. Wow.


East Rutherford, New Jersey – July 2011

Interesting how this one came about. Knew we’d wanted to see at least one show on the second US leg of the tour, had planned on it being the last US show on the tour, so got tickets for it. THEN Bono needed that surgery to repair a back injury, and the entire North American leg got postponed a year. When the new dates were scheduled, suddenly NJ was no longer the last leg, Pittsburgh was. So bought tickets to Pittsburgh with the idea that we’d sell the Jersey tickets. THEN, a NEW final show was added, in Moncton, Canada. Well, given that at this point you now have to have passports to get into Canada, and MY last passport expired in something like 1985, that really wasn’t going to be an option. So we decided that out of the two shows we had tickets for, we’d be better off seeing the show in NJ again, and selling the Pittsburgh tickets. Which I managed to do over on StubHub. And the Jersey show worked out well, we lumped it in with a week long trip to New York and New Hampshire, so in addition to seeing U2 in Jersey, we also caught a Mets game at CitiField, AND saw Spiderman Turn Off The Dark in New York.  Alas, we did it during the summer heatwave that the whole East Coast was in the middle of (102 degrees in New Hampshire? Yikes!), so it was a pretty warm trip.

But the concert though. Thankfully it wasn’t just a repeat of the prior two shows we’d seen, U2 really mixed up the set list, pulling out songs that I’d not heard live in years, if at all, like Out of Control, and Scarlet, and the two I included here, Hallelujah and Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
U2 New Jersey DVD Menu


Don’t believe we’d heard this one on either of the first two shows, so this was a nice addition, even if Edge DID start playing the wrong song at the beginning. 😀


Hallelujah/Where the Streets Have No Name

I love love LOVE how Bono sings Hallelujah, and since Streets followed right behind it, and I got some good crowd shots of the 40,000+ people that were singing along during it, included it here. :)


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

And I was SO not expecting this one, but since I’d never heard it live before, it was a welcome addition to the setlist. Loved the on screen animation right before it. And of course, Bono’s laser jacket. What time is it? “It’s SHOWTIME!” 😀

Still to come…

What video I have from the other U2 shows I’ve been to. These three were the first with my HD camera, so the earlier shows won’t be of quite the quality, although I did get some great footage of the Vertigo tour via my Nikon. Once I figure out which hard drive I’ve got those clips stashed on, I’ll post the video here. :)

Cool Saturn Videos!

Found the first Saturn video at a blog at blogs.discovermagazine.com and when it said to be sure to check out these other two videos, well, naturally I had to obey. 😀 From the description of the first video from the blog:

“Take 7+ years of Saturn observations by the Cassini spacecraft, stitch a whole lot of them together into short, film-noir-like segments, and add a Beethoven soundtrack. What do you get? Awesomeness.”


And when it said to be sure to play the next two videos back in HD in full screen, well, I had to do that too. And on my 23 inch wide screen monitor, they looked pretty freakin’ amazing.


I think the 3rd video is actually my favorite of the three, there are some images in that one that the other two don’t have that I love (that ring tilt that starts from the top, goes level, then continues down – or is it the other way? Doesn’t matter, no up or down in space! – is awesome). Plus the third video includes a bit of Jupiter as well.

Simon’s Cat Videos

Simon’s Cat Videos

I love Simon’s Cat over on You Tube. Some of those animations are JUST hilarious, and you can tell they were done by someone who actually owns a cat; the way he gets all their little quirks and mannerisms and goofy noises down.

My favorites so far, in no particular order, are Fly Guy, The Box, and Let Me In. 😀

Just ordered a new phone!

Yeah, I love my Optimus V, but there have been several things about it that I’ve not been too fond of. Namely that it’s not all that fast, the minimal onboard storage capacity (it’s sitting there with a “low storage” warning in my status bar as we speak), the fact that it won’t play flash, so I can’t even play back the videos on my own website, and the screen is pretty damn small, even when I wear my readers. Even using ThickButtons, typing on that thing is really tricky, my fingers hit the wrong keys on a fairly regular basis. Plus there have been a few apps that I’ve run into out there that I’ve REALLY wanted to put on the phone, but while they’re compatible with my version of the android OS, they’re just not compatible with just that phone. 

(And yes, I noticed that out of everything I’ve mentioned about the phone, in this and previous posts, about how it operates, one thing that never comes up is how it handles phone calls. LOL. But I almost never use it for that, which is why that Virgin Mobile $25/month unlimited text/data plan with just the 300 minutes is so perfect for me. Essentially, I treat it as a PDA, that just happens to be able to make calls when I need to, which is rarely – don’t think I’ve ever gone over 30 minutes in any given month since I’ve had it. So as long as it can make them when I need them to, it doesn’t need to do much else so far as its phone abilities go.)

So as a rule, it’s been acceptable phone. Gets the job done. And it was the best one that Virgin Mobile offered when I bought it earlier this year. 

Motorola Triumph Phone from Virgin Mobile

But THEN, I made the mistake of going to my Virgin Mobile account to update my credit card info last week, then peeking into their “phones and plans” area. Whoops! The Optimus V is not their best offering any more. Now they’ve got a Motorola Triumph. With a faster processor. And a much bigger storage capacity. And a bigger screen. AND it will play flash video. PLUS it’s got two cameras compared to just the one on the OV. AND a flash for the still camera, which OV doesn’t have. AND HD video that you can play back via an HDMI cable directly into your TV set. In short, it’s like the OV, on steroids.*insert Tim Allen Tool Time grunt here: ARGH ARGH ARGH!*

Reviews on it have been mixed, but it seems like if you get a good phone right out of the box (which seems to be a problem on occasion, some folks have gotten real lemons right from the manufacturer), people have been happy with it.

So after hemming and hawing for a week (and missing Best Buy’s sale on that very phone in the process), and doing my usual comparison shopping, helped by the handy dandy plug in for FireFox called Invisible Hand which pops up when you’re shopping for something to let you know if there’s a cheaper price online anywhere, I found myself at Amazon. Invisible Hand told me it was cheaper on eBay, but I tend to like the return policies better from a known company vs someone on ebay where you’re not sure who you’re buying from. Plus if I put it on my Amazon store card, I’ve got something like 4 months same as cash to pay it off. THOUGHT I could use the nearly $50 in reward points from my Visa card towards it, but since I wasn’t using the Visa to pay for it, apparently that’s not an option. So did the next best thing. Used the $30 gift card that my sister got me for my birthday in July, put THAT towards the phone instead, saving my rewards points for my birthday purchase when I make it. Amazon seemed happy with that. So I got $30 off, free shipping, and 4 months same as cash. Nice deal. Ordered it this afternoon.

And one other thing I like about Virgin Mobile… If you’ve got a phone plan with them, and they change their rates, as long as you keep your same phone plan, you get to keep it at the same rates. So apparently even though VM raised their $25/mo plan to $35/mo recently, even if I swap out my OV for the Triumph, I still get to keep my $25/month plan. Sweet. :)

Can’t wait for it to come in so I can play. Fortunately it’s still an Android phone, so the learning curve on it won’t be to steep. AND all the apps that I already have via Amazon’s app store and the Android App Market should work with it as well (including, hopefully, the ones that were supposed to work but just didn’t like the Optimus V. So we’ll see.

Fave Apps for the LG Optimus V Part Deux

Sometime back I did a post detailing some of my favorite apps for my new Android phone. Just realized I never went back as planned to do another post for my favorite games and other fun stuff.

So at long last, here is said post. :)

Games Icons

A Few Favorite Games:

Just recently had my SD storage card crash, so had to reformat and reinstall a lot of my apps. Which was okay, had a lot on there that really didn’t need to be there anymore, so it gave the card a good cleaning. The only game that I’ve not reinstalled that really SHOULD be on my list of favorite games is Plants vs Zombies. LOVE that game, have it on my PC, my NintendoDS, and when Amazon’s App Store gave it away as a freebie, downloaded it for the phone as well. Unfortunately though, while the game was able to be put on the SD card, apparently the saved game file was not, so when I reached the end of the game for the first time, the saved game file was huge, and ate up too much space on my phone, so I uninstalled the whole game. 

But these games are the ones I tent to go back to over and over again. They’re all fun, but I tend to play Angry Birds Rio, Fire Ball Deluxe, Gem Spinner, Peggle, and Fruit Ninja the most. All of which are either free games, or were given away by Amazon as freebies at one point or another. 


Newly Found “Useful Tools”:

Got quite a few of those. Apps Organizer is what set up my massive assortment of phone apps into the useful categories you see here. You decide what categories you want, and which apps go in them, and voila, a nice organized phone desktop. :) Still using the Amazon App Store for their freebies of the day. Droid of the Day is pretty good, it pops up and suggests a free app every day. App2SD Pro is one of those apps I tried as a freebie, liked, then Amazon gave away the paid version. Makes it easy to move apps from the phone to the SD card, something very handy with the Optimus’s limited storage space. App Backup saved my bacon when my SD card crashed. I’d backed up all the apps with that program, then when I moved the contents of my SD card to my PC to Useful Toolsreformat, I was able to reinstall most programs that I wanted from the backup I’d done. Converter is kind of handy, any kind of measurement you can think of that you might want to convert to some other format, it can probably handle. I order from AmazonUK a lot, and it does a fast conversion from dollars to pounds, among other things. Useful and free (I think it might have been a Droid of the Day app, actually). Also on the phone is Cool Reader and eReader. Handles various and sundry types of ebooks and documents. Fringe Glyph Translator is a purely fun app. If you watch Fringe on Friday nights, and you see all those funky symbols with the dots next to them at each commercial break, those actually DO spell something different each episode. Makes me want to go back and watch Seasons 1-3 to see what I missed in those codes. 

GetGlue is probably, especially with the new TV season starting, one of my most used apps. Make it easy to tweet about what I’m watching, listening to, and reading, and earn stickers in the process. Kind of addicting. The two apps in the bottom row on each end – Remote Web and WiFi File Explorer – are both essentially the same thing, they allow you to wireless connect the contents of your phone to your PC to transfer files, use your phone cam as a webcam, all sorts of stuff. It’s how I got the screen caps of my apps from my phone to my PC. I actually paid for Remote Web and had been using it for a while, until Amazon gave away WiFi File Explorer. Now I use them both until I decide which one I like better. :) The app in the bottom row second column is Shoot Me, which is supposed to only work on rooted phones, but works just fine on my unrooted Optimus. Run it in the background, if you want to screencap your screen, just shake the phone, and instant screencap. Yes, it’s what I used to screencap my apps. And last but not least on that screen is Tweetcaster. I’d mentioned before that the free version was my favorite Twitter app, well you guessed it, Amazon gave away the paid version as a freebie so now I’m running the full version and have never looked back.

MultimediaOther favorite apps are QuckPic, a replacement for the default Gallery. Comic Strips, a new one I just added that lets you collect and share some of your favorite comic strips from the paper, like Scary Gary and Argyle Sweater. GhostTown is essentially a music player that lets you search YouTube for videos, and plays them back as music. Kinda nifty. Roku Remote and WDTV Media Player are substitute remotes for, yes, my Roku box (currently used for streaming movies at Netflix and Amazon on Demand) and my Western Digital media player box, which lets you plug in a hard drive and play back almost any video type you can think of on your TV set. Great for all those series episodes that would take up too many DVDs to burn. Tune In Radio Pro is another paid app that Amazon gave away as a freebie. I’d been using the freebie version to pick up Internet radio stations, like the various BBC stations or formerly local CA stations like KFOG. The paid version is essentially the same, only it also includes a recorder if you want to save any of the radio station broadcasts. I use it a lot. And Zinio works in conjuction with the PC app to download either free or paid digital versions of magazines to either your phone or your PC hard drive. Once you’ve downloaded them, you can view them on either. Have only used it a few times so far, but it seems pretty well made.

Well, that be pretty much the majority of what apps I use fairly regularly. Given that Amazon gives away a freebie every day, I’ve got quite a list of apps still available to me that I’ve not actually installed yet, but they’re there if I need them.


@Team_Barrowman, my website winner :)

In another moment of utter geekiness, I thought I’d see if I could export from the Joomla website a list of all my webpages within the site and what their page ranking was based on the number of hits each has received. Then pull it into my WordPress blog as a post. Lo and behold, “there’s an app for that!” 😀

And as expected, no big surprise here, the John Barrowman pages are naturally the most popular, taking up 7 spots in the top 10 places (out of those, the video page has a wide lead, with over 7800 page views). U2 places second with two, and my 2008 Lunar Eclipse page coming in 3rd. (Oddly enough, my photo page of Creepy Crawlies doesn’t seem to rank quite as well, LOL).

THIS is why I keep telling my boss we should drop John’s name into our company website; nothing brings in the traffic quite as fast as that ole Barrowman name. 😉

Check it out, here’s the list by Rank, Page Name, and Number of Hits.

[pearl_csv_to_webpage_display filename = PageRank.csv]

Two new John Barrowman videos added to the site

Didn’t want to try and fit both links into a single tweet, so thought I’d mention them this way instead.

Added his appearance on The One Show yesterday, this is my 7 minute “JBEdit” version for those who don’t want to watch the ENTIRE show.

And started a new page for Season 3 of Tonight’s the Night since it’s starting to air on Saturday night (or Saturday afternoon for those of us on THIS side of the Pond), and included the BBC1 trailer for it there.

More videos to come; between Torchwood Miracle Day, Tonight’s the Night, and him getting his honorary Doctorate, JB’s been EVERYWHERE the last few weeks. :)

2 more additions to the Torchwood page

Thought I’d sneak in a few more things on the page before the b/f gets here for the weekend and I didn’t have time later.

Just added the 2nd BBC trailer to the page, as well as the video of the screen capture that I did of that funky little immortal stick figure from the Starz Community page that DOESN’T die in very funny ways. Love when he gets hit by the car and hobbles back into the frame, makes me think of that old “walk this way” joke. 😀

Anyway, the page is here, check it out.

And have a great July 4 holiday weekend, those who are celebrating that! :)

@Team_Barrowman "Evening With" Virtual Tour Updated

Well, I’ve tweeted about this, and posted about it on my Live Journal account, and the response seems to be pretty positive so far, so thought, since I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately, I’d post the update to my “Evening With John Barrowman Virtual Tour” here this time instead and try to pick up anyone who might still be oblivious to my latest project in those other locations. :)

Essentially, JB started his month long plus UK only tour last Friday. And given that I’m over on THIS side of the pond and he’s on THAT side of the pond, getting to one of the tour dates over there was clearly NOT in the cards for me. But google geek that I am, AND the fact that I really didn’t know where half the cities were where he was playing, or what any of the venues looked like, I decided to follow along via a virtual internet road trip. And thinking that some of my other Stateside Barrowfans might find it of interest as well, opted to turn it into a new webpage (or three, or four…).

So I’m adding dates and times for each venue, maps of where each venue is, external photos of the venues themselves, and when available, shots of the interiors as well.

Then thought that adding links to concert photos and YouTube videos for each location might be a nice idea as well, so added that to the mix as well.

With the last update completed tonight, I’ve finished Week 1 and Week 2 venues, started a page for Week 3, and have added links to all the video clips I’ve found thus far to their respective first three venues. Whew! People went crazy at Oxford, being the first show and all, I guess. :)

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how, once everything is mapped out, the google map started out looking like THIS:
Start of Tour
And, once all the tour dates are added, ends up looking like THIS:
Tour End

First stop on the tour is HERE.

Anyhoo, check it out. There are some really nifty venues in the UK, and they all look so different from each other.

U2 360 Tour Videos

Shot about an hour of footage each at both the Raleigh, NC and Foxboro, MA U2 shows, and after getting all hopped up this morning listening to the Croke Park remix of “I’ll Go Crazy”, went hunting down the few clips that I put online from both shows. There’s a couple on YouTube, a few on yFrog, and one or two over at U2.com.

“I’ll Go Crazy” remix from Raleigh

“Moment of Surrender” (full song) from Raleigh

From my first trip inside the inner circle in Foxboro:

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
Listen as 60,000+ people take over singing for the band. Incredible. One of my favorite clips, once the walkway scoots out of the way.

“Unforgettable Fire” (entire song)
I just about keel over watching Bono singing from the catwalk just feet away from me. Weee! :)

“Ultraviolet” from Foxboro, from where I posted it at U2.com:

And a couple of slideshows with some of my better pics, both from Foxboro, here and here.

All I can say is I be VERY happy that Doug and I splurged and got tickets for the last US show in NJ in June. LOVE knowing that we get to go and do this one more time this year. :)