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U2 Tour Videos

U2 Tour Videos

Had a really nice page about U2 on my old site, but since the old site is a thing of the past, so’s the page. Hadn’t gotten around to redoing something on the new site for them.

But after getting the U2.com membership package (2 cds with photo book from 360 Tour) called U22 in the mail last week, and having some great concert flashbacks after listening to so many of the songs, I was inspired. And naturally, since video is what I do, video is the first thing to arrive. HAD flv files of my tour footage on the other page, but a) since they weren’t really tiny files and b) who wants to sit and watch an hour of video in flv format on a webpage anyway? So opted to leave those off this time, and just include a couple of songs from each show that I went to that I liked.

I actually created DVDs from the footage that I shot, a little over an hour for each show, and I’ve got all three videos available to download as torrents at u2torrents.com. Now that I’ve seen how easy it is to share torrents elsewhere (Pirate Bay and Legal Torrents), will probably set that up for each one as well. [Edit: Just submitted all three DVD torrents to Legal Torrents; they’re not the quickest at approving torrents, but they are, well, legal. :) As soon as the torrents are approved, I’ll add the links here.]

Boston/Foxboro, MA – September 2009

U2 Foxborough DVD Menu 






Hadn’t planned on this show, we’d already gotten tickets for the tour stop in Raleigh in October, but then a friend of Fiance up in Vermont found himself with 2 spare GA tickets for the Boston show, would we be interested? Of COURSE! 😀 This turned out to be a show of firsts: First time flying to see U2, first time with GA U2 tickets, and first time inside the inner ring by the stage. (And first time ever paying $40 for parking, GRRR, but I digress). So D and I flew up to Vermont, then drove from Vermont to Boston for the concert. Arrived at around 2pm, still in plenty of time to secure a spot inside the round catwalk. 


Beautiful Day

Including this one because it’s probably the one and only time that I’ll ever have Bono walk right over my head on a catwalk. 😀 Gotta say, my inner fangirl thought that THAT was pretty cool. And the intro to this, where Bono takes off his shades while he’s singing onscreen, is where I got the name for the dvd “Irish Boys in Massachusetts”.


Unknown Caller

Love that we got to hear this song in Boston, out of the three shows we saw, it was the only time U2 played it. One of my favorite tracks on NLOTH. Technically NOT a track on U22, but U2.com included it as an extra track when they made half the CD available as mp3 downloads.


Unforgettable Fire

One of the few songs I recorded all the way through from start to finish. Have always LOVED this song, and don’t think I’ve heard U2 play it live since the Unforgettable Fire tour. So hearing it in Boston for the first time in years was amazing. ALSO amazing was where Bono sang half the song, right from the catwalk THISCLOSE to us. *insert fangirl squee here* 😀


Raleigh, North Carolina – October 2009

Titled this one from Bono singing a snippet of Stand By Me, AND from him pointing out the full moon that was rising over the top of the stadium that night. I knew there was going to be one, so had been looking for it just as soon as the sun went down, but Bono spotted it first, since it was behind me and from where he was on stage, he was pretty much facing it. :) The was originally going to be the only show we went to, so the videos were shot from the *ack* $250 seats. Never paid that much for tickets before, never will again.

U2 Raleigh DVD Menu

I’ll Go Crazy Remix

“Larry Mullen, You’re a funky man!” – Bono. Best line in a great clip. :)


Moment of Surrender

Only got about half of this in Boston, due to operator error *facepalm*, so wanted to make sure I recorded the entire thing at the Raleigh show, since it’s one of my OTHER favorite songs from NLOTH. Look at all those cell phone lights in the audience. Wow.


East Rutherford, New Jersey – July 2011

Interesting how this one came about. Knew we’d wanted to see at least one show on the second US leg of the tour, had planned on it being the last US show on the tour, so got tickets for it. THEN Bono needed that surgery to repair a back injury, and the entire North American leg got postponed a year. When the new dates were scheduled, suddenly NJ was no longer the last leg, Pittsburgh was. So bought tickets to Pittsburgh with the idea that we’d sell the Jersey tickets. THEN, a NEW final show was added, in Moncton, Canada. Well, given that at this point you now have to have passports to get into Canada, and MY last passport expired in something like 1985, that really wasn’t going to be an option. So we decided that out of the two shows we had tickets for, we’d be better off seeing the show in NJ again, and selling the Pittsburgh tickets. Which I managed to do over on StubHub. And the Jersey show worked out well, we lumped it in with a week long trip to New York and New Hampshire, so in addition to seeing U2 in Jersey, we also caught a Mets game at CitiField, AND saw Spiderman Turn Off The Dark in New York.  Alas, we did it during the summer heatwave that the whole East Coast was in the middle of (102 degrees in New Hampshire? Yikes!), so it was a pretty warm trip.

But the concert though. Thankfully it wasn’t just a repeat of the prior two shows we’d seen, U2 really mixed up the set list, pulling out songs that I’d not heard live in years, if at all, like Out of Control, and Scarlet, and the two I included here, Hallelujah and Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
U2 New Jersey DVD Menu


Don’t believe we’d heard this one on either of the first two shows, so this was a nice addition, even if Edge DID start playing the wrong song at the beginning. 😀


Hallelujah/Where the Streets Have No Name

I love love LOVE how Bono sings Hallelujah, and since Streets followed right behind it, and I got some good crowd shots of the 40,000+ people that were singing along during it, included it here. :)


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

And I was SO not expecting this one, but since I’d never heard it live before, it was a welcome addition to the setlist. Loved the on screen animation right before it. And of course, Bono’s laser jacket. What time is it? “It’s SHOWTIME!” 😀

Still to come…

What video I have from the other U2 shows I’ve been to. These three were the first with my HD camera, so the earlier shows won’t be of quite the quality, although I did get some great footage of the Vertigo tour via my Nikon. Once I figure out which hard drive I’ve got those clips stashed on, I’ll post the video here. :)

Another great weekend with D.

(Test post to see exactly how this posts from WordPress to Facebook. If it looks weird on Facebook, my apologies in advance!)

Fun times this weekend.

Usually D and I don’t get together two weekends in a row, but between seeing La Cage Aux Folles and Dark Shadows in his neck of the woods last weekend, and with Men In Black 3, which we really wanted to see leaving IMAX on Thursday, he made the drive up here already so we could catch it on the big screen in 3D this weekend before it got the boot at the IMAX in favor of Rock of Ages next weekend.

So we grabbed a quick dinner at Boston Market yesterday and headed downtown to get the $5 PowerPass IMAX tickets I’d preordered Wednesday, found out when we got there that it was “Power Pass holders Appreciation Week” so unexpectedly found ourselves with medium popcorns for only a buck apiece, and prime seats for MIB3 (in addition to the great prices Power Passes get you, you also get first crack at the GA seating with a special spot at the head of the line. LOVE that, no more 2nd row seating like we had for Avatar! Ouch!)

Men In Black 3 was awesome. Great effects, they made very dizzying use of the 3D (particularly the falling sequences, almost tossed my popcorn – er – cookies) , and thought Josh Brolin did great portraying the younger Tommy Lee Jones as “K”.

And after doing so much go go go last weekend with the musical, the movie, and miniature golf, today we just chilled at home. Watched last night’s Graham Norton from BBCA (love that show, sometimes it depends on the guests, but usually it’s great fun to watch, really hilarious), the first two episodes of Fringe from Season 1, and The Big Year on DVD from Netflix. And somewhere in there, caught bits and piece of D’s Mets getting swept by his LEAST fave team, the Yankees. And my new U2.com membership perk came in this weekend as well, U22, the 2 CD set of 22 live tracks from the 360 tour. Came with a great photo book as well. Already ripped the CD’s to my PC, looks like I’ll be burning yet ANOTHER cd for the car very shortly. :)

Now time to get caught up on all the online stuff I missed while I was doing other things. Currently listening to the ancient but newly d/l’d from Amazon mp3 album Out of the Blue by ELO. Had it on double vinyl years ago, played it to death, great to have it back in the collection again. Takes me back a WHOLE lotta years, but funny how fast the songs come back to you after all this time, head bobbing and singing along to “Summer and Lightning” and “Mr. Blue Sky” as we speak.

@Team_Barrowman, my website winner :)

In another moment of utter geekiness, I thought I’d see if I could export from the Joomla website a list of all my webpages within the site and what their page ranking was based on the number of hits each has received. Then pull it into my WordPress blog as a post. Lo and behold, “there’s an app for that!” 😀

And as expected, no big surprise here, the John Barrowman pages are naturally the most popular, taking up 7 spots in the top 10 places (out of those, the video page has a wide lead, with over 7800 page views). U2 places second with two, and my 2008 Lunar Eclipse page coming in 3rd. (Oddly enough, my photo page of Creepy Crawlies doesn’t seem to rank quite as well, LOL).

THIS is why I keep telling my boss we should drop John’s name into our company website; nothing brings in the traffic quite as fast as that ole Barrowman name. 😉

Check it out, here’s the list by Rank, Page Name, and Number of Hits.

[pearl_csv_to_webpage_display filename = PageRank.csv]

@thirdday vs @Team_Barrowman :)

Well, it had to happen. After John Barrowman usurped U2’s long standing place in my CD player back in February, something finally came along and – at least for now – usurped HIS place in my current CD player.

But what can you do? When Third Day – my second favorite band behind Number 1 favorite band U2, you can read up on a little of my history with 3D here – picks you to be in a select group o’ Gomers and sends you an advance copy of their upcoming new release “Move” a month ahead of time, well, YEAH, you are going to give everything else the boot and give it a listen, yes? :) So yes, it’s on my car CD player, it’s on my PC at home, it’s on my PDA at my desk at the office and if I have anything to say about it, it will be accompanying the b/f and me on our drive to the Carolina Panther’s game in Charlotte on Sunday. 😀

Once again, Third Day has produced a winner, the new CD is brilliant, I love it. Not a bad song in the bunch. Still a little early to try to figure out which songs are my favorites yet, but “Surrender”, well, if THAT one doesn’t make it into their live setlist, something somewhere has gone terribly horribly wrong. And “Make Your Move” just RAWKS! 😀

Wanna see/hear what gave John Barrowman the boot from all my audio devices? You can stream the whole CD for the next day or so from here.

U2 – It Was Twenty Five Years Ago This Month…

“… that I went to go see U2 live for the first time. March 7, 1985. My first concert ever, for The Unforgettable Fire tour, at the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA.”

Yes, I finally started the U2 page that I mentioned on one of my OTHER pages. Figured this was the 25th anniversary month of when I saw them live for the first time, that should be inspiration enough to start it.  That, and Amazing Race was delayed for nearly an hour tonight on CBS, I needed SOMETHING to do. 😀

Here be the linkie. Several photos and one marginal video up so far, spanning from the first show, to the start of the Elevation tour, with more to follow.

Oooh, and check out that HubbleSite Daily Image of Saturn. How cool is THAT!?!

Random Birthday Yammerings

Yes, today is my birthday. Aren’t y’all thrilled?

As of today, I’ve officially caught up to and am now as old as my favorite former NHL goalie Arturs Irbe, and favorite all around performer John Barrowman, of whom had their birthdays earlier this year. Alas, despite the fact that we are now the same age, I think Mr. Barrowman has held up (with a little assistance 😉 ) MUCH better for his age than I have for mine. LOL.

Also share the actual DATE – although not the year, I think he’s got more than a few of those on me –  with actor Harrison Ford. Which is nice company to be in as well, since I’m Just Wild About Harry. 😀 (And I just saw that today is Patrick Stewart’s birthday as well, as well as John Barrowman’s MOM’s, apparently.  I really AM in very good company today. Well, as much as I can be sitting in an office by myself all day. LOL)

Am I doing anything fun for my birthday? No not really. It’s Hump Day, so I’m working. Bosses are on vacation for the next three days, so I’m holding down the fort by my lonesome.  Going out to dinner tonight, most likely to Bahama Breeze, since I haven’t been there in a while. I’d squee if I got there and found they’d brought back my barely seared Ahi tuna steak back to the menu, really miss that.

Dropped the Happy Hybrid off to my former regular mechanic this morning to get a once over to make sure it’s road safe for the upcoming road trip starting this coming weekend. Opting to go ahead and get its scheduled 45,000 maintenance done on it too while I’m there. Normally I take it to the dealership for that since I got suckered into prepaying for it when I bought the Prius, but I won’t have time to get it in before the trip, and would rather NOT have the “needs maintenence” light start flashing on the dashboard when the odometer says it’s due while we’re on the road next week. I mean, when it’s doing that, how do you know it’s just your regular maintenance light coming on or some sort of engine problem. So even though I’m going to have to pay John West to do it, definitely worth having it done there. Besides, I trust him more when HE tells me the car is road safe than I would after the quick prepaid once over that I get from the dealership. And John won’t tell me things need replacing when they don’t. Caught the dealership trying to do that more than once. So it’s all good.

Drove my mom’s Camry to work this morning since John will have the Prius all day. Definitely weird driving her car after driving the hybrid all this time. Promised her I’d be careful and try not to hit anyone or let anyone hit me. Of course what happens right after I get on the Beltline this morning? Right behind me I hear the squealing of rubber being left on pavement, and I just cringe, thinking “Not when I’m in my mummy’s car, PLEASE!”. Fortunately it was in the lane next to me and nobody hit anyone. Whew.

Ahh, the road trip. Will be gone 8 days. Itinerary for those who’ve been out of the loop: Driving from Raleigh to Long Island on Saturday, taking the train into NY on Sunday to see Spiderman Turn Off The Dark, chilling with some of the b/f’s friends on Monday. Then it’s the Mets game at CitiField on Tuesday, followed by the U2 concert at New Meadowlands Stadium on Wednesday. Then the 5 hour drive from Jersey up to New Hampshire to visit with his family Thursday and Friday, then heading home Saturday, finishing up the drive on Sunday. Will be quite the trip. Taking that Monday after off to recover. :)

U2 tickets! I’ve actually had a pair of tickets for the U2 concert in Pittsburgh that I’ve been trying to find a home for, once we worked out that there was no way we could time our trip to hit both the Jersey and the Pittsburgh concerts. Procrastination poster child that I am, I waited until the last minute to do anything about it, so listed them on ebay recently. No takers. Thought I was going to die with these things and be out the whole $140. Then a Twitter buddy suggested I check out StubHub and see about selling them there. So gave that a go last weekend. After nothing but email silence for several days, got an email from StubHub last night saying my tickets had sold. Sweet! I wasn’t interested in scalping them for some huge profit, just find a home for them at a fair price, so listed them just high enough over my purchase cost to make up most of Stub Hub’s commission. Not quite all of it, but then they’re paying to ship it Fed Ex, so I actually came out further ahead than I would have had they sold on ebay. So I’m happy.

NOT so happy about the upcoming Netflix price increase. Currently paying $9.99 to for one dvd out at a time, unlimited rentals per month, plus unlimited streaming. Will be going up to $15.98 for the same service at the beginning of September. Dudes! *shakes head* I’ve been a long time (for at least the last 10 years or so) Netflix subscriber. And have been really happy with their service for all that time. We’ve held off signing up for premium cable channels, thinking that we didn’t really need them, with the movie selection and turn around time that Netflix has. Never really even had an issue with their 30 day delay that they started with so many of their new releases, always just figured we’d get them when we’d get them.

But with this price increase, suddenly Netflix will cost MORE than the premium cable channels. Which DO offer new releases as they come out, without any sort of delay, as well as all sorts of original programming that I’ve had to wait until they’ve come out with on DVD to see by having Netflix vs a premium channel. All of which that I can get directly through my cable company’s DVR without any extra hardware or boxes or having to mail anything back. 

And their timing isn’t great either. I know a LOT of people, myself included, who have just added quasi premium channel Starz to their cable line up to pick up the fourth season of the BBC (and now BBC/Starz) program Torchwood, and now realize how very easy and convenient it is to watch premium channel content as just another cable channel, vs finding and streaming through a Roku or similar box. Add to that the fact that even multichannel HBO IS cheaper than Netflix’s new rates, and well, it’s not looking too good for Netflix right now.

Told you this was some random birthday yammering. I’ve kind of gone all over the place with it. If you’ve made it this far, good on y’all. :)

Selling a pair of U2 Pittsburgh Tickets

Just thought I’d stick a real blog post in between all of these “Tweets o’ the Day” that always show up when I’m too lazy to do a blog post of my own. LOL. 😀

Just activated an ebay listing for the pair of U2 tickets that Doug and I are NOT going to be using after all. Originally bought a pair of tickets for New Jersey for LAST summer, but that was when Bono threw out his back, had to have surgery and the whole North American leg of the tour got postponed until THIS summer. So we already had tickets for the New Jersey show later this month. When they set up the new summer schedule, Pittsburgh was added as the last show of the North American leg this time, and since I always wanted to hit a “last show of the tour” concert, we made use of two of our allotted fanclub presale tickets, and bought the pair for Pittsburgh, planning on selling the New Jersey tickets.

THEN U2 added on a Canadian show, scheduled AFTER the Pittsburgh show, and suddenly Pittsburgh was no longer last show of the NA tour. After much discussion Doug and I opted to go back to our original plan and see the Jersey show instead, which would allow us to also catch a Mets game at CitiField in NY the day before the U2 show as well as visit with his family in New Hampshire for a few days AFTER the show. And since then have actually added on seeing Spiderman – Turn Off The Dark the Sunday before THAT, so it’s turning into quite the trip.

But still have this issue of the now unneeded Pittsburgh tickets. Enter ebay. Anyone interested in some nice front row upper deck tickets for the U2 show at Heinz Field? :) Not asking any more than I paid for them, actually asking a little less to keep it neat, AND offering Free UPS shipping. Just want to give them a good home since we can’t use them now. :)

Ebay listing is HERE.

Pittsburgh U2 Tickets

Heinz Field Seating Chart

John Barrowman Tour dates announced by @Team_Barrowman…

… and they’re all in Europe (go here for the schedule). I’m a newbie to JB, does he ever tour the states, I wonder? I’ve been to Europe, once, a three week trip back in high school. Would love to go again, and a trek to see JB perform live would be great.

Alas, after paying off 3 pairs of U2 concert tickets, $500 for the new camcorder to take to said U2 concerts, the flight from NC to VT to see one of said U2 shows in MA (notice a trend there? :) ), plus *ugh* $700 for the new bumper on the Prius after my fender-bender before Christmas, I don’t think a trip to Europe for a John Barrowman concert is financially in my near future.

Hoping a lot of video shows up on YouTube from everyone who goes! Please, thank you! :)

Well, paying off a credit card bill then going to bed early tonight. That tossing and turning until 2:30 in the morning last night wiped me out today… Looks like it’s back to the laptop at lunchtime tomorrow for the next chapter in my JB webpage. As soon as I finish that, I’ve got more astronomy pics lined up to publish, but I kinda DO want to finish that page first.

Another item to ERASE off the Bucket List

Trying not to be too bummed about this, but sort of figured back in October that it was going happen: my last opportunity to see a space shuttle launch live is going to pasa me by. WANTED to see the one that was supposed to launch the end of October last year, even as the vacation time set up and the motel reservations booked, only to have it be postponed several times and not actually launch until February. When I was still recovering from my surgery January 3.

Second to last launch was too soon after getting back to work after being off for 6 weeks. So that one was out. Watched it live via the internet instead.

VERY last launch is coming up July 8. Last chance, and THAT’S not in the cards either. A) All my vacation time is getting used up for our NY trip later in the month. I’d be willing to take it off w/o pay, except the week of the launch, my bosses are going on vacation, and if I’m not there they literally will have to shut down the office.

*sigh* I tell you, must be a sign that I’m taking the wrong vacation this year, when I’d be just about willing to trade in my Spider-man, Mets, AND my U2 tickets to go down to Florida for the final shuttle launch, THAT’S how much I’m bummed about not getting down there for it. :-(

No doubt I’ll have a great time in NY, but this is the last launch EVER.

Guess I can file it with the OTHER bucket list item that I had to forget about as of 10 years ago: getting to see NY from the top of the World Trade Center.  Alas, a couple of terrorists in jumbo jets effectively erased that one from my list.

My only hope for a shuttle viewing is if, like for the last shuttles, the launch is delayed.

Sorry for the typos, typing this on my phone.

#U2 vs @Team_Barrowman, Part Deux ;-)

(IE: I’m apparently in Nerdvana again 😉 Not much more geeky than blogging about blogging, lol. )

Why do I keep blogging and putting stuff on my website about mostly U2 and John Barrowman? Because out of all the stuff I post about, now that some of the search engines have found me, that’s what I’m finding that y’all keep searching for!

Yes – since nobody ever comments, boohoo, I had no other way to figure out whether anyone was actually reading any of this stuff – I’ve finally gone uber-geek, and set up Google Analytics and a plug-in or two to see if anyone was actually visiting. The google thing I just got working this weekend, finally, so I don’t have a lot of stats on the website yet, but I’ve had a WordPress widget working on my blog for the last several weeks.

Kind of cool, in a geeky sort of way. 😉 Not only do I know that people ARE reading, but what they’re reading, how they got here (in the midst of all the standard google/yahoo referrals, got one really ODD one from a rather crude site that shall remain nameless, can’t quite figure out how I got a link to the blog from THAT one :-O ), but even cooler, WHERE people are reading. The last time I had anything of mine be of interest to anyone around the world was when I torrented my U2 concert DVDs (still available completely gratis from www.u2torrents.com and www.iwillfollowu2.com ), and found that something like 150+ people were downloading them all over the world. Talk about a real Sally Field/Academy Award moment. LOL 😉

Anyhoo, I just thought the map was interesting, showing where people are popping up from. Just picked up one in Australia over the weekend, that was a first from there. No Google pin on that one though, not sure why, just as well, I couldn’t fit it in the screencap anyway. Sorry, Australia.

Visitor Map & Locations

So yeah, on the one side, searches for U2, Artificial Horizon Croke Park, Songs of Ascent, and the Unknown Caller remix seem to be a big draw, and on the other, various permutations of John Barrowman, with and without quotes, with and without “Scott”, are pretty much splitting the difference. Then there was the one oddball google search that messed up the 50/50 split, for “cd player used to close door on a mouse trap youtube”. (???) LOL.

So anyhoo, since U2 and JB seem to be the big draws, and I never MIND yammering on about either, obviously, well, as long as I can sneak in the occasional mouse post, or astronomy webpage (full moon tonight, by the way, if you’ve got clear skies, take a peek, it’s BRIGHT out there!), I’m more than happy to oblige. :)