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Tweets o' the Day

  • I'm watching American Horror Story (1215 others checked-in) http://t.co/iZ3hk951 @GetGlue #AHSFX #
  • Drei… Gesoffe! http://t.co/3CaKajRO @GetGlue #Oktoberfest #
  • I'm watching Dexter (1009 others checked-in) http://t.co/A6FsHJBd @GetGlue @SHO_dexter #
  • I unlocked the Bedlam Coming Soon sticker on @GetGlue! http://t.co/xRKI8qlY #
  • I'm watching Bedlam (178 others checked-in) http://t.co/ATunPFZc @GetGlue #Bedlam #
  • #Fringe code decyphered: LIMBUS = "An edge, border, or FRINGE of an anatomical part." (Altho check out http://www.limbus.com – kinda kewl! :) ) #
  • And playing w/the glyph translator at each break :) http://t.co/0wzQWqTq @GetGlue @FRINGEonFOX #
  • 99 cents regular unleaded? Haven't seen that in a while. http://t.co/0wzQWqTq @GetGlue @FRINGEonFOX #
  • I'm watching Suburgatory (249 others checked-in) http://t.co/zG6Invx8 @GetGlue @SuburgatoryABC #
  • Dvr-ing http://t.co/MTUtbWzd @GetGlue #Supernatural #
  • Dvr-ing Fringe http://t.co/0wzQWqTq @GetGlue @FRINGEonFOX #
  • I'm watching Parenthood (28 others checked-in) http://t.co/kQKqGbcS @GetGlue @nbcparenthood #
  • I unlocked the EW.com Fall TV Star sticker on @GetGlue! http://t.co/YNoBmaR7 #
  • I'm watching Ringer (97 others checked-in) http://t.co/Nu8zv6L5 @GetGlue #ringer #
  • I got final jeopardy! Sweet! http://t.co/pvvE51Rt @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • I'm watching Jeopardy! (74 others checked-in) http://t.co/pvvE51Rt @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • @stargazer60 I think @getglue needs to make U2 stickers!!!! / At least I got a SuperFan sticker from that last U2 check-in. :) #
  • @Team_Barrowman JB, you'd probably liked this episode of Castle, it's all about comic books and superheroes. #
  • Looks like I'm temporarily caught up on @Team_Barrowman tweets, time to go back to Castle. Some GREAT lines in this ep! πŸ˜€ @NathanFillion #
  • @Team_Barrowman: Filming promos for Torchwood.
    Jb http://t.co/dix1wjwi / really expected a shot w @scottmale swimming across the pool. πŸ˜€ #
  • @Team_Barrowman: Jack and I watching Strictly. Jb http://t.co/7twJR8yI /Looks like it put Jack into a snooze. That exciting, huh? #
  • @Team_Barrowman LOL. I was close when I said you were probably going to jump into the pool coat and all. No coat, but everything else. πŸ˜€ #
  • @Team_Barrowman Awww, Charlie is ready for a snuggle and a belly rub. #
  • @Team_Barrowman LOL. Harris looks like he's sitting there, waiting for his Minions to wait on him hand and foot. #
  • I'm watching Castle (86 others checked-in) http://t.co/SPUorrZJ @GetGlue @Castle_ABC #
  • Why is it so warm in here, and what am I doing in this handbasket? Sheesh, and today was going so well, too. Gotta love attorneys. Not. πŸ˜› #
  • @Team_Barrowman @scottmale Rats can't pull up that last tweet. Must be done working working for the day. Movie night again tonight? :) #
  • @Team_Barrowman Probably ready to hop in the pool coat and all right about now. :) How warm HAS it been there today? #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 Usually we're swamped the first wk, then can narrow it down to a more manageable number after seeing them a few times. #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 Slave to TV, should make that my new screen name. πŸ˜€ #
  • Ahh. Lunchtime. Yogurt, granola bar, apple, and yet another freebie newspaper. πŸ˜€ Will catch up on the Twitter after. :) #
  • @scottmale We know J's schedule, since HE'S really good at tweeting πŸ˜‰ ; how often do YOU trek between houses? Take the Prius? :) #
  • @scottmale … well so much for reading being a good way to spend an afternoon. LOL. Enjoy having the pool to yourself. :) #
  • @scottmale Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. *jots down name of book* Who is the author? #
  • I'm a Superfan of U2 on @GetGlue http://t.co/oZt8kL4z #
  • U2 NLOTH: "Fez-Being Born" Love the way "Let me in the sound" from Boots echoes in the first part. http://t.co/OSI2OPUQ @GetGlue #U2 #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 Almost always recording two things while watching one at this time of year. Occasionally record 3/watch 1. Sad, huh. πŸ˜€ #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 And yet, always seem to have time for Jeopardy. πŸ˜€ Not always at the time it airs, but we squeeze it in. :) #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 That's us! πŸ˜€ Can't keep up! Still haven't seen Castle from Mon. And been sitting on a Netflix DVD for two weeks now. #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 Not BAD shows, but just too much stuff to watch to keep watching ones that are marginal. #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 We've finally ruled out a few shows, out of "we just can't keep up" desperation. PanAm, 2 BrokeGirls, Up All Night. #
  • @aresnz @stargazer60 Our DVR has been working overtime lately, Wed nite is REALLY bad, even w/ 2 tuners on the DVR, we STILL need a 3rd. #
  • Hence why we tend to call him "Ozzy Pinhead" on occasion. But not to his face. Well, okay, sometimes to his face. But he doesn't mind. πŸ˜€ #
  • This pic makes me laugh every time I see it. Reminds me of Ozzy, w/the really big body and tiny head. πŸ˜€ http://t.co/CfXDVqi4 #
  • @scottmale @Team_Barrowman So what movie did you and JB end up watching last night? Geek Fest, Part Deux? #
  • I'm a Fan of Anything Goes on @GetGlue http://t.co/BsYzL874 #
  • @Team_Barrowman Still reading Anything Goes during my 1/2 hr AM bike ride. Today's chapters: Anything Goes > Nice Wo… http://t.co/VI4znIwV #

#Torchwood Finale: Some spoilers within

Well, that was a fast 10 weeks. I posted earlier today about the show because I didn’t want to have to worry about accidentally posting spoilers for the Torchwood finale, then I realized tonight, as I’m wanting to yammer on at length about the finale on The Twitter, and couldn’t out of respect for the folks in the UK who for the most part, don’t get to watch it until next Thursday, that it’s my blog, I can spoiler if I want to. :) So you have been warned. Definitely spoilers ahead.

But for those who have seen the show and want a place to comment about it, there is a comment section at the bottom of the page.


Oh look! Stickers! Earned the whole set from the show. Wonder how long it’ll take for Get Glue to send me the hard copies.
(Including them here in case the “read more” link isn’t hiding the balance of the post, and it apparently isn’t, you still have time to leave before getting to the spoilery stuff.)

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Tweets o' the Day

  • Here we go again, it's MOUSIE time! Mom turned loose 5 & cats left 2 partials upstairs while I was gone, had 2 this AM, & 1 already tonight. #
  • FYI to any other Bieber-tweeters who might want to follow me because I tweet about a JB: It's so NOT your JB. But thnx. :) @Team_Barrowman #
  • Flashpoint from Friday night http://bit.ly/k0RtCr @GetGlue @Flashpoint_CBS #
  • wonder who is going to be HoH this week. http://bit.ly/qixpY4 @GetGlue #bigbrother #
  • The @Team_Barrowman performance clips from Eps 2, 3, and 4 are now up on my #TonightsTheNight Season 3 webpage! http://bit.ly/nIH62y #
  • @aresnz Yeah, they sort of left you wondering, didn't they? Movies that make you go "Hmmmm…" :) #
  • RT @TDfan: My dad used to drive a truck through NYC twice a week! / :-O I'm sorry! πŸ˜€ No it wasn't THAT bad, just a few bad (Big) apples. πŸ˜€ #
  • @aresnz Inception DEFINITELY hard to keep up with, but I love a bit of a challenge in a movie. πŸ˜€ I liked it. #
  • @stargazer60 Two in one day? Must be relatively small parks. πŸ˜€ Let out a bloodcurdlingly good shriek on a coaster for me. #
  • RT @GreySkyThinking: Love lets you see the good inside someone. A scalpel lets you see the goo inside someone. /Ha! Love this! πŸ˜€ #
  • @eMSY 'Course, if I'm riding shotgun, I can tweet more en route than just at the rest areas. πŸ˜€ #
  • @eMSY I actually prefer to drive when I can on long trips, it makes the time go by faster than riding shotgun twiddling my thumbs. #
  • @eMSY Not to mention being better equipped to deal with those kamikaze drivers in NY. I just covered my eyes & hoped they wouldn't hit us. #
  • @eMSY D and I are good with swapping off the driving on longer trips too. He drove the whole time in NY tho, since he knows the area better. #
  • @eMSY I did that for Doug last wknd; I knew he had an extra 2.5 hrs to go after getting to MY house, so I drove the 8 hrs from DE to NC. :) #
  • JB's performance MP4's of #TonightsTheNight edited, now uploading for the website. Since I'm three shows behind, may take a wee while. :) #
  • Multitasking on a rainy Sun. afternoon: Seeding TWMD & TTN, editing eps 2, 3 & 4 of #TonightsTheNight for the website, editing my U2 show. #
  • @marklee3d At least your bouncy castle didn't blow away like those others in the news. Must have had yours anchored down really WELL! πŸ˜€ #
  • @stargazer60 How many parks have you hit so far? #
  • @aresnz Having a slow day myself today. Clock just struck noon, and just finished with breakfast and the Sunday paper. :) #
  • Check this video out — Unhappy Cat http://t.co/LHWNoaU via @youtube Oh MY! Tigger was like that too. They needed the gloves for her too. πŸ˜€ #

Tweets o' the Day

  • Wonder if there will be another 'IT' reference in Haven. http://bit.ly/nt2Y0v @GetGlue #Haven #
  • chopped redemption http://bit.ly/mdDx31 @GetGlue @FoodNetwork #
  • like this show, reminds me of china beach. http://bit.ly/mzOk9u @GetGlue #CombatHospital #
  • Yup. Looks DARN good in a delivery uniform. πŸ˜€ http://bit.ly/qhfh4V @GetGlue #JohnBarrowman #
  • Oooh, just finished watching TWMD episode 4. *thumbs up* Wow. Whoever said this season wasn't worth bothering with w… http://bit.ly/qkpPV2 #
  • I am watching Torchwood: Miracle Day w/125 others http://bit.ly/l8edPm @GetGlue #Torchwood #
  • @EdgeFest I am so sorry. That just bites that you can't make it. Really screws up plans when they add an extra show at the last minute. :( #
  • @EdgeFest Was going thru my footage after getting home last Sun, saw that shot of Edge actually came out & went EdgeFest MUST have this! :) #
  • @EdgeFest What happened? If you don't mind me asking, that is. Seems like you of all folks would be there! #
  • @EdgeFest With all the shows you made it to this summer, you're actually having to miss the final one that's actually in Canada? Bummer. #
  • 30 minutes left on the #TTN download, about 30 minutes left on the #TWMD Ep 2 burn, really need to go finish the laundry while I wait. :) #
  • Actually, there's an email address on that postcard. If you'll excuse me, I've got an email to write. #
  • Got a postcard advert for someone having a sale on baby shoes. *groan!* Always want to tell these folks "Hey, I was spayed, not pregnant!":D #
  • What, no stickers for #TonightsTheNight !? Getting spoiled from getting one every week for Torchwood Miracle Day. πŸ˜€ http://bit.ly/n22gVX #
  • Just got done watching Ep 4, downloading via iPlayer right now. http://bit.ly/pk37Cv @GetGlue #TonightsTheNight #
  • OMG not THAT song on TTN! Heard that a zillion times on the radio in NY! πŸ˜€ #
  • @eMSY LOVE "Monster's vs Aliens". Hilarious movie. πŸ˜€ #
  • @Team_Barrowman I think while last week's ep of #TonightsTheNight was on, the b/f was proposing to me. GOOD reason to miss a show, yes? #
  • Missed watching the last two eps of #TonightsTheNight when I was on vacation. Fortunately, was able to d/l when I got home. #
  • RT @Teresa_Mrsh: Evening, all. Just enough time to get a cuppa before watching #TonightsTheNight /That's right, starts at 1:30. :) #
  • Hmm. didn't realize that the dupe in HQ runs in real time vs a high speed dub like i get on SP. Oh well, Minimize window and move on. πŸ˜€ #
  • Gotta start duping them though. With all the eps on HQ, I'm running out of room on the DVR. Esp since I've got so much other stuff on there. #
  • Started duping my DVR'd eps of TWMD to DVD. Recorded them on HQ & duping to HQ so can only fit one ep on each dvd. Should look GREAT tho! ξ€Ž #
  • Knew it was in August sometime, but didn't realize it was the FIRST weekend in August, with only the one weekend off in between. Oh well. #
  • Printing the CirqueduSoleil "Alegria" tickets for next weekend before I forget. Didn't realize I'd be road tripping QUITE so soon after NY. #
  • @EdgeFest http://t.co/7LybZjy posted this for you, earlier, but don't know if you saw it or not. :) #
  • Okay, gotta get off my duff, get dressed, and start doing the Saturday chores. The 10 min online pitstop to get tix turned into 2 hrs! LOL. #
  • @TDfan No, no Newsboys. I like them ok, but it's a very short list of bands I'll deal with the Fair crowds to go see & they're not on it. :) #
  • @GennaGirl Probably just as well anyway, the 1st 3 shows were in the winter, no telling if we were going to get snow/ice any of those dates. #
  • @GennaGirl The last 2 shows in NC were Fri nights in Greensboro and Charlotte, and it was a PAIN to get off work to get there on time. #
  • @aresnz I think that's why we're less anxious about it now, initial "I'm leaving" shock has worn off since we know it'll be a while B4 I go. #
  • @TDfan I still can't believe that as big of a cat person that I am, that I've not seen "Cats" yet. #
  • @TDfan But at least we know we're officially heading in that direction now. :) #
  • @TDfan D's gotta sell his place, find a new place here, and find another job before we can start thinking dates, really. :) #
  • @aresnz Not to mention I'm out of vacation days for the year. So we've got LOTS of time to adjust to the whole moving out thing. :) #
  • @aresnz LOL. Yeah, don't see that happening, D's coming up here, so has to sell a house, find a house, AND find a new job before it does. #
  • @GennaGirl HATE that we had to ditch the Gboro shows. I was all about all the shows except Elvis. Just couldn't do the weekday shows tho. :( #
  • @GennaGirl We actually saw their "Farewell Tour" when it came to Raleigh a few years back. I've only seen Flatley's LotD on PBS tape tho. #
  • @Lisa725: You're not watching Torchwood?! / Still playing catch up on TV from the week I was gone. Only just watched TWMD Ep3 a day ago. :) #
  • @Lisa725: Congratulations and best wishes! / Thanks! BIG step, even as long as we've been together. :) #
  • @TDfan: CONGRATULATIONS! / Thank you, ma'am! Now you and Barb and Mary can stop asking when he's going to pop the question. πŸ˜€ #
  • @aresnz And the CATS! We've already changed our minds about which two of the four cats I take when I move. Crazy stuff… #
  • @aresnz But have had pple say it's going to be kind of like a divorce, figuring out who gets custody of the stuff we've bought together. #
  • @aresnz That's what I figure. I MUST be getting better about it, if I'm already thinking about a trip to IKEA to start accessorizing. πŸ˜€ #
  • Only Mamma Mia was on the weekend. the other 4 shows were during the work week. NO way to make the whole lot, so we had to ditch that idea. #
  • ALMOST got a ticket 5 pack for Greensboro for Young Frankenstein, Mamma Mia, Riverdance, Cats, and Elvis Lives, nice deal on it, except… #
  • So just coughed up another $100+ to see Weird Al (who he's always wanted to see live) with him in October. Credit card is melting. #
  • Doug just got my Panthers email, so called me to tell me I did good on the tix. AND to tell me Weird Al is coming to Charlotte in October. #
  • @aresnz I've lived with HER for 41 of 44 years, and she's never lived alone, so we've got some MAJOR adjustments coming up ahead. #
  • @aresnz Thank you, ma'am! Initially my mom & I had some pre-separation anxiety after I told her, but we seem to be adjusting better now. :) #
  • Okay. Whew. Now that the ticket deed is done ($400+ charged!), I can relax, continue with my d/ls, and reply to a small backlog of tweets. #
  • So Doug is going with a friend from Virginia and his wife, both major Cheese-Heads, so he will not be by his lonesome. :) #
  • For the first time though, NONE of those is for me. Cannot sit in a hot stadium in Sept for a football game, I'd keel over in 5 minutes. #
  • Ticket Queen comes thru again.  Just scored 3 tix for the Panthers Pack 1 v Packers/Jaguars in Sept. for Doug. I think he'll be pleased. #
  • @aresnz "Tonight's The Night, tonight on BBC1 at the earlier time of 6.30pm." It's been 3 wks since I've been here for this. 1:30 here? πŸ˜€ #

Fave Apps for the LG Optimus V Part 1

Well, had my new phone, the LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile, for about a month now, and I’m loving it. After having some issues with downloading new apps a few weeks back, I bit the bullet and went back to factory settings again to see if that would fix the problem. Nope. Turns out apparently something was clashing with some file on my SD card (I’d already swapped out the included 2GB card with the 4GB card that I had in my old phone but never really used, to give me some additional elbow room for the apps). Once I reformatted the SD card, everthing worked fine.

But then I had to go back and reinstall everything from scratch. I’d backed them up to the SD card, and then backed the SD card to my PC, but since I didn’t know which program/file on the card was causing the download issue, couldn’t just copy everything back over willy-nilly.

What’s good is that allowed me to make a list of all the “must have” apps that I put back on my phone.

So MY recommendations for what to get for one’s Android phone are:

Barcode Scanner: Haven’t used it much for comparison shopping, but the QR code reader is a must have in my book. Installed that first, to allow me to reacquire via the QR code on the Amazon site the

Amazon App Store. They have most of the same things that the Android Market does, but I’m really liking their Free App of the Day offering, so getting a lot of use out of that. Don’t always INSTALL everything they offer, but do order just about everything and if it’s something I don’t need right now, I just don’t install it yet. That way I still get it gratis, vs having to pay for it later on.

And along with the App Store, I also installed Amazon’s Cloud MP3 Player app. I LOVE that. Upload all my music to Amazon’s 5GB free cloud drive, then can access the same tunes on my phone without actually having to download them and take up precious phone space. Pretty slick.

Thick Buttons is another reinstall PDQ app. I’m having a HECK of time with typing tweets, or texts, or emails, with the preinstalled Android keyboard. Then discovered the ThickButtons keyboard, which depending on the word you’re typing, enlarges the size of the buttons that you’re using, so that the expected upcoming letters are easier to hit. Still type like I’m drunk while using it, but not nearly as badly as with the default keyboard. So yeah, loving that one.

After trying several different programs, Tweetcaster Free by Handmark has become my Twitter app of choice. I like the notification in the status bar when new tweets come in, I like that it can handle multiple Twitter accounts, AND much like Brizzly on my PC, has a “mute” type of feature, to hide tweets by anyone who happens to be temporarily overly chatty without UNfollowing them. Tweetcaster calls is “zipping”, and actually hides their tweets in the timeline behind an actual zipper graphic. Pretty handy. I’d almost be inclined to actually pay for the ad-free version, except that in their FAQ’s they mention a change between the free version vs the paid version that I don’t care for, the fact that it apparently just indicates that you have new tweets, but doesn’t tell you how many, which the free version does. Still looking into that.

Silent Boot is another must-have app to re-install ASAP. All it does, and it does it well, is turn off the irritating “Virgin Mobile!” audio announcement when you first turn on your phone. My old non-smart phone did that with a menu option, but apparently they’ve done away with that choice on the Optimus V. And for people who don’t tend to turn off their phones much, maybe the VM announcement isn’t any big deal, but I switch mine off pretty frequently so end up turning it back ON just as frequently, so hear it WAY too often. With Silent Boot, it’s gone. Yay! (word of warning, one reviewer said that it bricked their Samsung VM phone, so this may needΒ  to come with a warning, use at your own risk. Hasn’t hurt my phone at all though and I’m enjoying the peace and quiet when I turn my phone back on. :)

Stay tuned for my list of less imperative, but still must have apps in my book. IE the ones that are more fun than necessary, or ones that just make phone life a little easier with them installed. :)

Tweets o' the Day

Tweets o' the Day

  • @jinnandtonic Now all the people who have been asking "Aren't you married yet!?!" (it's been 5 1/2 yrs) will know we're making progress. :) #
  • @jinnandtonic *squee!* thanks! Have no idea where or when yet, but SOMETIME. :) #
  • Online folks are going Big News? I can finally tweet about it: http://brizzly.com/pic/4N0C Someone got engaged while on vacation last wk #fb #
  • Finally called & talked to my dad about The Big News (so yes, Julie, you can call him and not worry about spilling any beans.) πŸ˜€ … #fb #
  • This is a test… did this tweet make it to facebook? #fb #
  • Hate this. Left my phone at work, so having to run down to Get Glue on my PC for each show. Wonder how many calories I burn doing that. LOL #
  • Eviction night. http://bit.ly/qixpY4 @GetGlue #bigbrother #
  • Just finished watching In Plain Sight, now it's on to… http://bit.ly/mSFkow @GetGlue #InPlainSight #
  • Pretending I live in the UK and FINALLY watching Ep 3 tonight. LOL.:) http://bit.ly/l8edPm @GetGlue #Torchwood #
  • @stargazer60 Coney Island? Lucky. Closest we got was driving by it on the freeway last week. #

Tweets o' the Day

Tweets o' the Day

  • I am watching America's Got Talent w/1358 others http://bit.ly/lvaWsA @GetGlue @nbcagt #
  • I'm a Superfan of America's Got Talent on @GetGlue http://bit.ly/eNna7W #
  • I am watching Jeopardy! w/102 others http://bit.ly/h7ejUs @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • @stargazer60 I ended up finishing the next AM which was fine since we weren't leaving til noon. :) Still amazed i didn't forget anything. #
  • @stargazer60 Yeah. Packing the nite before worked fine until I realized I'd lost the U2 tix. πŸ˜€ Then it was panic mode until 1am. #
  • Will fill up as originally planned at cheaper Costco on the way home. Prius did me proud coming back from Delaware Sun. 465 miles on 1 tank. #
  • On the 'guess gauge' 1 flashing pip could = 50 miles left or a half mile left. :-0 Stopped & put in 2 gal at next station I saw to be safe. #
  • 1st day back at work today. Going ok, except the Prius threatened to run out of gas on me this AM, started flashing 1 pip at me. :-0 #
  • RT @thinkgeek: Stanley Kubrick is born… / Just watched 2001 last Friday night. Had forgotten how OUT THERE that ending was. Daisy daisy… #
  • @stargazer60 Saw your theme park itinerary, looks amazing. #
  • @stargazer60 I can relate. :) Did all my packing the night before I left too. Had to do laundry first so I had something TO pack. πŸ˜€ #

Tweets o' the Day

  • U2 Glastonbury is in THREE parts, but only 1 and 3 are on iPlayer? What's up with that? :( #
  • Okay WHERE's the other half of this? BBC4? *goes off to look for it* #
  • Wow. Streets never gets old. Speaking of old, I Will Follow? Wow again. :) #
  • Like the way U2 brought back all the background videos from ZooTV— Aaah! STREETS! Yes! Wooo! #
  • Is someone actually holding a lit flare in the crowd?! :-O Crazy. #
  • Okay, don't care if it's 11:30 at night, Edge is guitar soloing thru End of the World, pc volume just jumped a few decibels! πŸ˜€ #
  • The Fly!?! OH YEAH! Welcome back to Zoo TV, y'all! πŸ˜€ #
  • That's more like it! *starts bopping along in computer chair* Note to self, edit out 1st 13 minutes of video. #
  • 13 minutes into the 1st 45 minute half, no live u2 yet. Good retrospective tho. #
  • Missed this live so d/ling and watching via iPlayer, waiting for U2's set. http://bit.ly/kbSjTR @GetGlue #Glastonbury #
  • RT @scottywilbanks: …Might have to move to Cali…hmmm /been through an earthquake there yet? πŸ˜€ Still, those are better n hurricanes. πŸ˜› #
  • I am watching Expedition Impossible w/40 others http://bit.ly/lqqRl0 @GetGlue #ExpeditionImpossible #
  • I am watching Men of a Certain Age http://bit.ly/iWWYjP @GetGlue #MenOfACertainAge #
  • I am watching Jeopardy! w/35 others http://bit.ly/h7ejUs @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • I am watching HawthoRNe http://bit.ly/jlAhs0 @GetGlue #HawthoRNe #
  • Makes staying up until 2 last night actually seem like a worthwhile endeavor now. ξ€Ž #
  • Website Analyitic check; day before adding http://bit.ly/jHL3Iu : 16 pageviews. Number of pageviews AFTER adding Torchwood Miracle Day? 293! #
  • @aresnz I know, I check & DOUBLE check everything to be sure I've got it right. Also rec'd it on both DVRs in case I botched the PC capture. #
  • @stargazer60 Good luck. Sending all the nerdly geeky positive vibes your way that I can. :) #
  • @aresnz But yeah, hard to remember everything. I even turned on the cable box 24 hrs early so I wouldn't forget to turn it on LAST nite. πŸ˜€ #
  • @aresnz If not, I've got a radio app on my phone. The last time JB was on the radio, I tried that as a backup. It recorded a NICE WMA file. #
  • @aresnz At 9:15am (if I did the math right, anyway), on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to boot? Wonder if they'll be Listen Again later. #
  • @aresnz Torchwood: The Lost Files 11th – 13th July BBC R4 2.15pm / How am I supposed to remember THAT!?! LOL. #
  • @stargazer60 So you think the laptop might still have the virus? Or are the files just damaged? #
  • @stargazer60 I'd prob run that malwarebytes scan just to be sure. But if it looks like everything is working right, might not need to. :) #
  • @stargazer60 The thing that's taken the most time on the two that I've gotten rid of is the system scan it does, took about 4.5 hrs each. #
  • @stargazer60 Yeah, battling a virus, even with step by step instructions, is not really something you want to start at 10 or 11 at night. :) #
  • And four hours later, I'm up for work, and semi-awake. At least it's Friday. Sweet. :) #
  • New Torchwood Miracle Day page added to my website. Not a lot there yet, but check it out. :) http://bit.ly/jHL3Iu #
  • Just finished watching Starz Studios Torchwood Miracle Day. To borrow from @Team_Barrowman, it looks "Brilliant!" πŸ˜€ REALLY can't wait now!ξ€Ž #
  • Starz Studios Torchwood should be on in about 10 minutes. Yay! http://bit.ly/2gyZR6 @GetGlue #StarzStudios #