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Two new John Barrowman videos added to the site

Didn’t want to try and fit both links into a single tweet, so thought I’d mention them this way instead.

Added his appearance on The One Show yesterday, this is my 7 minute “JBEdit” version for those who don’t want to watch the ENTIRE show.

And started a new page for Season 3 of Tonight’s the Night since it’s starting to air on Saturday night (or Saturday afternoon for those of us on THIS side of the Pond), and included the BBC1 trailer for it there.

More videos to come; between Torchwood Miracle Day, Tonight’s the Night, and him getting his honorary Doctorate, JB’s been EVERYWHERE the last few weeks. :)

EIGHT new videos added to my John Barrowman Multimedia page

Got a little bogged down with setting up the new PC at the same time John was doing new interviews and shows, so thought since I was on a bit of a roll tonight, I’d get the whole lot of them uploaded and posted before I went to bed. :)

All the videos added can be found in the usual place, riiiiiiight about here. :)

Tonight’s The Night Preview Video

Behind the Scenes at Tonight’s The Night

John’s Interview on “The Hour”

A Clip from “Animals at Work”

A Set of Videos from when he was on the 5 O’Clock Show

John singing Lean On Me on Tonight’s the Night

And John singing Rule The World on Tonight’s the Night

And with that, I am going to bed, since it’s coming up on 2AM and I need to be up for work in about 4 and a half hours. :-O