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Had a great weekend!

(Repost from my old blog, accidentally posted it there first, and wondered why it didn’t show up on LJ, lol)

The fiance who was coming up for the weekend didn’t get here (he’s got a 2.5 hour drive from Concord) until around 2:30, so I had time in the early afternoon to record the feed for John Barrowman’s “Best Of Tonight’s The Night” off the BBC website. Will have to edit that down and add it to my JB website, but just didn’t have time over the weekend to do it. Read the rest of this entry »

@Team_Barrowman Appearances Labor Day Weekend

John Barrowman new CD coverPosted this over on the newsgroup, but given the timely nature of the post, and how busy the mods are with posts about the new CD, the new tour, Torchwood Miracle Day, in case it doesn’t make it there, thought I’d post it here as well… :)

For those who don’t know, John Barrowman has a new Best of CD coming out on Monday (preordered mine from Amazon UK – so much cheaper than Amazon US, since they consider JB’s stuff “imports” so charge through the nose for it –  and just got an email from them that it has been shipped, yay!), so has been/will be EVERYWHERE promoting it last week and this week.

I sat down last night and consolidated all the John Barrowman website news and tweets about his radio/TV appearances and put them all in order from earliest to latest, and well, let’s just say I’m glad this is a three day holiday weekend here in the states and I don’t have to go to work on Monday. 😀

Get a reprieve today, Saturday, from all the radio shows last week, and only Michael Ball tomorrow, but MONDAY! Oy vey! So many! And for us East Coast-ers, so EARLY, most of them!

Monday, 5 September:

Daybreak, ITV1 – 6.00am to 8.30am (1am -3:30am ET)
Swansea Sound – Kev Johns’ Breakfast Show
– Expected broadcast: around 8am on Monday 5 September (3:00am ET)
Bridge FM (Town and Country Broadcasting, Cardiff) – Mark Franklin
– Expected broadcast: around 8am on Monday 5 September (3:00am ET)
BBC Devon – Judi Spiers – 10.15am  [show starts at 9am/4am ET] (5:15AM ET)
BBC Scotland – Fred MacAulay – 10.45am [show starts at 5:30am ET](5:45am ET)
BBC Radio London: 12.00pm – 3pm The Robert Elms Show (7am-10am)
Monday, 5 September: QVC Selection, QVC – 7.00pm to 8.00pm (2-3pm ET)


And I’m not even sure that’s ALL of them.

Still not sure how I’m going to handle the overlap of the two radio shows that are both at 3 am (kudos to the one DJ who actually replied to my email, if I have to pick between the two radio shows, HE gets my bandwidth); throw the ITV thing into the mix and all bets are off. Hopefully where JB overlaps, he’ll be off of one before the next one starts.

At least a lot of the BBC radio programs have Listen Again or Podcast options, so that’ll help.  And I’ve got a laptop that can pick up some of it.

Love the way that “Daybreak” comes on at 1am the night before here. I’m tired already. LOL

But on the bright side, at least very little of it, since most of it other than QVC is in the wee hours, won’t interfere with any daylight holiday plans. So won’t have to be pausing any movies, or skipping out on any Wii games to go switch something on on the PC.

Let the JB holiday weekend commence! 😀


Several interview audio files uploaded to my JB audio page here.

Two new John Barrowman videos added to the site

Didn’t want to try and fit both links into a single tweet, so thought I’d mention them this way instead.

Added his appearance on The One Show yesterday, this is my 7 minute “JBEdit” version for those who don’t want to watch the ENTIRE show.

And started a new page for Season 3 of Tonight’s the Night since it’s starting to air on Saturday night (or Saturday afternoon for those of us on THIS side of the Pond), and included the BBC1 trailer for it there.

More videos to come; between Torchwood Miracle Day, Tonight’s the Night, and him getting his honorary Doctorate, JB’s been EVERYWHERE the last few weeks. :)

Added Time Zone Converters to my Website

As you can probably tell from the number of BBC videos I have on the site, I watch a LOT of BBC shows online. Usually tend to come in late or after the fact since apparently when they were handing out the brain cells that allow you to easily remember and calculate time zone conversions, I was apparently absent that day. The only one I remember off the top of my head is that Pacific Time is three hours difference, and that’s only because I lived in that time zone for 28 years. AND because I did a lot of ebaying, and always had to remember auction times ended three hours later than what it showed. Useful to know when you’re planning on sniping an auction out from under someone’s nose. LOL. 😀

So I’ve made good use of the some of the time zone converters that are readily available online. But finally got tired of trying to remember which sites had the most user friendly converters and which ones didn’t quite work as well as advertised and decided to see if I could wrangle up one on the website so that I’d always have it handy. Trying to work out the java script manually didn’t work out too well, but I found a site that was nice and clean, without any advertising of ANY kind, that I thought would make a nice addition to my site.

(East Coast John Barrowman fans, notice that start time?
Yes indeedy! Used the Tonight’s The Night 8PM UK start time to see if it worked. LOL.)

Tried it at lunch, worked great. Tried it at home, it seemed to hang and initially wouldn’t bring up a proper conversion. So set up my second choice, a page that’s got lots of *ick* advertising, but gets the job done if the first one decides to be uncooperative again. (Of course, naturally right after I set up the second one, the first one started working just fine again. Go figure.)

Anyhoo, so now that I’ve got these set up, hopefully there will be no more coming in late or half way through some of my BBC programming. Yay.

Both converters can be found here. Feel free to bookmark the page if you find them useful. :)

EIGHT new videos added to my John Barrowman Multimedia page

Got a little bogged down with setting up the new PC at the same time John was doing new interviews and shows, so thought since I was on a bit of a roll tonight, I’d get the whole lot of them uploaded and posted before I went to bed. :)

All the videos added can be found in the usual place, riiiiiiight about here. :)

Tonight’s The Night Preview Video

Behind the Scenes at Tonight’s The Night

John’s Interview on “The Hour”

A Clip from “Animals at Work”

A Set of Videos from when he was on the 5 O’Clock Show

John singing Lean On Me on Tonight’s the Night

And John singing Rule The World on Tonight’s the Night

And with that, I am going to bed, since it’s coming up on 2AM and I need to be up for work in about 4 and a half hours. :-O