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Had a great weekend!

(Repost from my old blog, accidentally posted it there first, and wondered why it didn’t show up on LJ, lol)

The fiance who was coming up for the weekend didn’t get here (he’s got a 2.5 hour drive from Concord) until around 2:30, so I had time in the early afternoon to record the feed for John Barrowman’s “Best Of Tonight’s The Night” off the BBC website. Will have to edit that down and add it to my JB website, but just didn’t have time over the weekend to do it. Read the rest of this entry »

Selling a pair of U2 Pittsburgh Tickets

Just thought I’d stick a real blog post in between all of these “Tweets o’ the Day” that always show up when I’m too lazy to do a blog post of my own. LOL. 😀

Just activated an ebay listing for the pair of U2 tickets that Doug and I are NOT going to be using after all. Originally bought a pair of tickets for New Jersey for LAST summer, but that was when Bono threw out his back, had to have surgery and the whole North American leg of the tour got postponed until THIS summer. So we already had tickets for the New Jersey show later this month. When they set up the new summer schedule, Pittsburgh was added as the last show of the North American leg this time, and since I always wanted to hit a “last show of the tour” concert, we made use of two of our allotted fanclub presale tickets, and bought the pair for Pittsburgh, planning on selling the New Jersey tickets.

THEN U2 added on a Canadian show, scheduled AFTER the Pittsburgh show, and suddenly Pittsburgh was no longer last show of the NA tour. After much discussion Doug and I opted to go back to our original plan and see the Jersey show instead, which would allow us to also catch a Mets game at CitiField in NY the day before the U2 show as well as visit with his family in New Hampshire for a few days AFTER the show. And since then have actually added on seeing Spiderman – Turn Off The Dark the Sunday before THAT, so it’s turning into quite the trip.

But still have this issue of the now unneeded Pittsburgh tickets. Enter ebay. Anyone interested in some nice front row upper deck tickets for the U2 show at Heinz Field? :) Not asking any more than I paid for them, actually asking a little less to keep it neat, AND offering Free UPS shipping. Just want to give them a good home since we can’t use them now. :)

Ebay listing is HERE.

Pittsburgh U2 Tickets

Heinz Field Seating Chart

John Barrowman Tour dates announced by @Team_Barrowman…

… and they’re all in Europe (go here for the schedule). I’m a newbie to JB, does he ever tour the states, I wonder? I’ve been to Europe, once, a three week trip back in high school. Would love to go again, and a trek to see JB perform live would be great.

Alas, after paying off 3 pairs of U2 concert tickets, $500 for the new camcorder to take to said U2 concerts, the flight from NC to VT to see one of said U2 shows in MA (notice a trend there? :) ), plus *ugh* $700 for the new bumper on the Prius after my fender-bender before Christmas, I don’t think a trip to Europe for a John Barrowman concert is financially in my near future.

Hoping a lot of video shows up on YouTube from everyone who goes! Please, thank you! :)

Well, paying off a credit card bill then going to bed early tonight. That tossing and turning until 2:30 in the morning last night wiped me out today… Looks like it’s back to the laptop at lunchtime tomorrow for the next chapter in my JB webpage. As soon as I finish that, I’ve got more astronomy pics lined up to publish, but I kinda DO want to finish that page first.

Just received ticket info for Discovery's Nov shuttle launch

Aww, MAN! Not a happy camper. It’s my understanding that getting Causeway tickets for shuttle launches USED to be a first come first served kind of thing. And I thought GREAT! Doug doesn’t call me his Ticket Queen for nothing; using multiple computers and multiple browsers, I’ve wrangled us up some really great concert and football tickets in the past, so thought “Okay, first come first serve for shuttle tickets? I can do that!” Figured it would be a mad scramble to get a pair, but thought I’d do okay.

HA! Due to increased demand for the last two shuttle launches EVER, they’re doing it differently now. First you have a one week window to register for the opportunity to buy tickets. Then they randomly pick X number of names from the pool of registered people and those are the ones who at a later date will be able to buy tickets during a two day window.

Crap! I don’t DO random! Random involves the luck of the draw and I am notoriously unlucky when it comes to random draws. I NEVER get picked in things like that.

Oh well, if I don’t get picked for tickets, it’s not the end of the world, there’s quite a few non-Causeway viewing locations that are nearly as good, including one right across the river from the launch site, and those are free for the taking. One of my favorite sites with pics and vids of some of the various locations can be found here.

Just figured I’d probably have one go at this – going to see a shuttle launch is one of the things on my rather short Bucket List (one of the others was to go to the top of the World Trade Center buildings, and well, kind of missed out on THAT one) – so wanted to do it up right and get a spot on the Causeway to see it.