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Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Saw this on BBCA’s website, then at Amazon, then in my Wireless catalog, but no place had it cheaper than at ThinkGeek, so I bought it there. Always liked mugs whose designs changed when the mug got hot or cool, and well, to have the TARDIS from Doctor Who disappear from the streets of London on one side, and reappear floating in space on the other was just too cool to pass by, so I bought it.

Turned out to be even more KEWL than expected. Brought it to work, and it took a few days for me to stop staring at it after I poured coffee into it to watch the TARDIS fade from sight on one side and reappear on the other.

Remembered that I had my video camera with me, and a handy dandy mirror in the cabinet in the other office, so set it up so that I could videotape both sides of the mug at the same time. (And yes, for you eagle-eyed viewers, the mug IS sitting on a Stargate coaster. Wonder what would happen if Jack O’Neill ever met up with The Doctor. 😀 )

Anyhoo, think the video came out pretty well. Check it out!

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