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EIGHT new videos added to my John Barrowman Multimedia page

Got a little bogged down with setting up the new PC at the same time John was doing new interviews and shows, so thought since I was on a bit of a roll tonight, I’d get the whole lot of them uploaded and posted before I went to bed. :)

All the videos added can be found in the usual place, riiiiiiight about here. :)

Tonight’s The Night Preview Video

Behind the Scenes at Tonight’s The Night

John’s Interview on “The Hour”

A Clip from “Animals at Work”

A Set of Videos from when he was on the 5 O’Clock Show

John singing Lean On Me on Tonight’s the Night

And John singing Rule The World on Tonight’s the Night

And with that, I am going to bed, since it’s coming up on 2AM and I need to be up for work in about 4 and a half hours. :-O