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From @Team_Barrowman to "The Cape" :D

First original post in a very long time, but this just wouldn’t fit in a tweet, even with Twitlonger. LOL.

Funny how the ole internet works sometimes. Went to check out a John Barrowman birthday link here, and discover in a completely unrelated post there, that NBC is not going to air the last remaining episode of The Cape. Now, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of that show, it’s not something I’m going to miss all that much now that it’s gone, but I really HATE when networks pull a show without airing the last remaining episode of a series that continues a story line from week to week. Talk about leaving us hangin’, eh! 😛

The good news is that they ARE streaming the last episode online – the post says midnight tonight, but it’s already available to watch at NBC.com – so I’ll be able to finish out the series. Will go ahead and download the ep, since the b/f is very unplugged at home, and won’t be able to see it. I’ll download it, save it, and see if we can’t watch it together when I go down to his place for the weekend at the end of the month. :)

Ugh. Looking at the blog preview, REALLY have to fix my theme. Hate the whole three column thing, it makes the main area look squished. It’s almost spring though, maybe I’ll run with the springy theme again soon. [EDIT: Just changed it. Oh yes, much better, although still not too wild about all that PINK, it looks like the dvd player I got from Target! LOL But now to fix it on the website, so they don’t clash.]

Now back to your scheduled blog, already in blogress… :)