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Another item to ERASE off the Bucket List

Trying not to be too bummed about this, but sort of figured back in October that it was going happen: my last opportunity to see a space shuttle launch live is going to pasa me by. WANTED to see the one that was supposed to launch the end of October last year, even as the vacation time set up and the motel reservations booked, only to have it be postponed several times and not actually launch until February. When I was still recovering from my surgery January 3.

Second to last launch was too soon after getting back to work after being off for 6 weeks. So that one was out. Watched it live via the internet instead.

VERY last launch is coming up July 8. Last chance, and THAT’S not in the cards either. A) All my vacation time is getting used up for our NY trip later in the month. I’d be willing to take it off w/o pay, except the week of the launch, my bosses are going on vacation, and if I’m not there they literally will have to shut down the office.

*sigh* I tell you, must be a sign that I’m taking the wrong vacation this year, when I’d be just about willing to trade in my Spider-man, Mets, AND my U2 tickets to go down to Florida for the final shuttle launch, THAT’S how much I’m bummed about not getting down there for it. :-(

No doubt I’ll have a great time in NY, but this is the last launch EVER.

Guess I can file it with the OTHER bucket list item that I had to forget about as of 10 years ago: getting to see NY from the top of the World Trade Center.  Alas, a couple of terrorists in jumbo jets effectively erased that one from my list.

My only hope for a shuttle viewing is if, like for the last shuttles, the launch is delayed.

Sorry for the typos, typing this on my phone.

Just received ticket info for Discovery's Nov shuttle launch

Aww, MAN! Not a happy camper. It’s my understanding that getting Causeway tickets for shuttle launches USED to be a first come first served kind of thing. And I thought GREAT! Doug doesn’t call me his Ticket Queen for nothing; using multiple computers and multiple browsers, I’ve wrangled us up some really great concert and football tickets in the past, so thought “Okay, first come first serve for shuttle tickets? I can do that!” Figured it would be a mad scramble to get a pair, but thought I’d do okay.

HA! Due to increased demand for the last two shuttle launches EVER, they’re doing it differently now. First you have a one week window to register for the opportunity to buy tickets. Then they randomly pick X number of names from the pool of registered people and those are the ones who at a later date will be able to buy tickets during a two day window.

Crap! I don’t DO random! Random involves the luck of the draw and I am notoriously unlucky when it comes to random draws. I NEVER get picked in things like that.

Oh well, if I don’t get picked for tickets, it’s not the end of the world, there’s quite a few non-Causeway viewing locations that are nearly as good, including one right across the river from the launch site, and those are free for the taking. One of my favorite sites with pics and vids of some of the various locations can be found here.

Just figured I’d probably have one go at this – going to see a shuttle launch is one of the things on my rather short Bucket List (one of the others was to go to the top of the World Trade Center buildings, and well, kind of missed out on THAT one) – so wanted to do it up right and get a spot on the Causeway to see it.