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Cool Saturn Videos!

Found the first Saturn video at a blog at blogs.discovermagazine.com and when it said to be sure to check out these other two videos, well, naturally I had to obey. 😀 From the description of the first video from the blog:

“Take 7+ years of Saturn observations by the Cassini spacecraft, stitch a whole lot of them together into short, film-noir-like segments, and add a Beethoven soundtrack. What do you get? Awesomeness.”


And when it said to be sure to play the next two videos back in HD in full screen, well, I had to do that too. And on my 23 inch wide screen monitor, they looked pretty freakin’ amazing.


I think the 3rd video is actually my favorite of the three, there are some images in that one that the other two don’t have that I love (that ring tilt that starts from the top, goes level, then continues down – or is it the other way? Doesn’t matter, no up or down in space! – is awesome). Plus the third video includes a bit of Jupiter as well.

Total Lunar Eclipse Feb. 2008 Pics & Video

Really WANTED to put up the page that had my series of pics from the lunar eclipse from 2007, but the conversion from the original page over to this website was taking more brainpower than I had tonight.

But I was able to import what I had from the eclipse of February 2008 fairly easily, so I’ve got that one online instead.

Just click the pic to take you to the webpage. It’s got several photos and one swf video.

Total Lunar Eclipse 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse 2008

Oh Look, I actually added a new webpage! :)

Pretty basic, but took a while to wrangle up the lightbox code for it, so didn’t get as far as I thought I would. It’s a start though. New Astronomy Photo Page

Sample of what's on the website

New Old Astronomy Photo

I forgot I had this, and now use it as my desktop wallpaper at work. Some of my best astro pics compiled into one big graphic. Some I shot through the telescope, others on a tripod, and at least one or two were shot propped up on the top of a garbage can outside of Kings Dominion after a Kingsfest Concert. 😀

My favorite is probably the shot of Saturn just to the left of the rilly big full moon. It’s one of the best shots I’ve gotten with my Nikon through the telescope. And that really overexposed shot next to the smaller moon in the upper left corner is Jupiter. No details on the planet, alas, but when I checked out the pic later, was very happy to discover I’d caught 4 of Jupiter’s moons in the shot. A real Bob Ross Happy Accident.:)

Be sure to click the pic to get the full screen version, looks much better that way…

astronomy photo composite