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U2 Tour Videos

U2 Tour Videos

Had a really nice page about U2 on my old site, but since the old site is a thing of the past, so’s the page. Hadn’t gotten around to redoing something on the new site for them.

But after getting the U2.com membership package (2 cds with photo book from 360 Tour) called U22 in the mail last week, and having some great concert flashbacks after listening to so many of the songs, I was inspired. And naturally, since video is what I do, video is the first thing to arrive. HAD flv files of my tour footage on the other page, but a) since they weren’t really tiny files and b) who wants to sit and watch an hour of video in flv format on a webpage anyway? So opted to leave those off this time, and just include a couple of songs from each show that I went to that I liked.

I actually created DVDs from the footage that I shot, a little over an hour for each show, and I’ve got all three videos available to download as torrents at u2torrents.com. Now that I’ve seen how easy it is to share torrents elsewhere (Pirate Bay and Legal Torrents), will probably set that up for each one as well. [Edit: Just submitted all three DVD torrents to Legal Torrents; they’re not the quickest at approving torrents, but they are, well, legal. :) As soon as the torrents are approved, I’ll add the links here.]

Boston/Foxboro, MA – September 2009

U2 Foxborough DVD Menu 






Hadn’t planned on this show, we’d already gotten tickets for the tour stop in Raleigh in October, but then a friend of Fiance up in Vermont found himself with 2 spare GA tickets for the Boston show, would we be interested? Of COURSE! 😀 This turned out to be a show of firsts: First time flying to see U2, first time with GA U2 tickets, and first time inside the inner ring by the stage. (And first time ever paying $40 for parking, GRRR, but I digress). So D and I flew up to Vermont, then drove from Vermont to Boston for the concert. Arrived at around 2pm, still in plenty of time to secure a spot inside the round catwalk. 


Beautiful Day

Including this one because it’s probably the one and only time that I’ll ever have Bono walk right over my head on a catwalk. 😀 Gotta say, my inner fangirl thought that THAT was pretty cool. And the intro to this, where Bono takes off his shades while he’s singing onscreen, is where I got the name for the dvd “Irish Boys in Massachusetts”.


Unknown Caller

Love that we got to hear this song in Boston, out of the three shows we saw, it was the only time U2 played it. One of my favorite tracks on NLOTH. Technically NOT a track on U22, but U2.com included it as an extra track when they made half the CD available as mp3 downloads.


Unforgettable Fire

One of the few songs I recorded all the way through from start to finish. Have always LOVED this song, and don’t think I’ve heard U2 play it live since the Unforgettable Fire tour. So hearing it in Boston for the first time in years was amazing. ALSO amazing was where Bono sang half the song, right from the catwalk THISCLOSE to us. *insert fangirl squee here* 😀


Raleigh, North Carolina – October 2009

Titled this one from Bono singing a snippet of Stand By Me, AND from him pointing out the full moon that was rising over the top of the stadium that night. I knew there was going to be one, so had been looking for it just as soon as the sun went down, but Bono spotted it first, since it was behind me and from where he was on stage, he was pretty much facing it. :) The was originally going to be the only show we went to, so the videos were shot from the *ack* $250 seats. Never paid that much for tickets before, never will again.

U2 Raleigh DVD Menu

I’ll Go Crazy Remix

“Larry Mullen, You’re a funky man!” – Bono. Best line in a great clip. :)


Moment of Surrender

Only got about half of this in Boston, due to operator error *facepalm*, so wanted to make sure I recorded the entire thing at the Raleigh show, since it’s one of my OTHER favorite songs from NLOTH. Look at all those cell phone lights in the audience. Wow.


East Rutherford, New Jersey – July 2011

Interesting how this one came about. Knew we’d wanted to see at least one show on the second US leg of the tour, had planned on it being the last US show on the tour, so got tickets for it. THEN Bono needed that surgery to repair a back injury, and the entire North American leg got postponed a year. When the new dates were scheduled, suddenly NJ was no longer the last leg, Pittsburgh was. So bought tickets to Pittsburgh with the idea that we’d sell the Jersey tickets. THEN, a NEW final show was added, in Moncton, Canada. Well, given that at this point you now have to have passports to get into Canada, and MY last passport expired in something like 1985, that really wasn’t going to be an option. So we decided that out of the two shows we had tickets for, we’d be better off seeing the show in NJ again, and selling the Pittsburgh tickets. Which I managed to do over on StubHub. And the Jersey show worked out well, we lumped it in with a week long trip to New York and New Hampshire, so in addition to seeing U2 in Jersey, we also caught a Mets game at CitiField, AND saw Spiderman Turn Off The Dark in New York.  Alas, we did it during the summer heatwave that the whole East Coast was in the middle of (102 degrees in New Hampshire? Yikes!), so it was a pretty warm trip.

But the concert though. Thankfully it wasn’t just a repeat of the prior two shows we’d seen, U2 really mixed up the set list, pulling out songs that I’d not heard live in years, if at all, like Out of Control, and Scarlet, and the two I included here, Hallelujah and Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
U2 New Jersey DVD Menu


Don’t believe we’d heard this one on either of the first two shows, so this was a nice addition, even if Edge DID start playing the wrong song at the beginning. 😀


Hallelujah/Where the Streets Have No Name

I love love LOVE how Bono sings Hallelujah, and since Streets followed right behind it, and I got some good crowd shots of the 40,000+ people that were singing along during it, included it here. :)


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

And I was SO not expecting this one, but since I’d never heard it live before, it was a welcome addition to the setlist. Loved the on screen animation right before it. And of course, Bono’s laser jacket. What time is it? “It’s SHOWTIME!” 😀

Still to come…

What video I have from the other U2 shows I’ve been to. These three were the first with my HD camera, so the earlier shows won’t be of quite the quality, although I did get some great footage of the Vertigo tour via my Nikon. Once I figure out which hard drive I’ve got those clips stashed on, I’ll post the video here. :)

And on the 7th Day, the new phone arrived…

… And It Was Good! 😀

Wasn’t planning on adding a blog post here, I’m getting ready to move my site to a different hosting provider, and backed up all my content last weekend preparing for the move, but figured why not, I’ll just do another backup and be ready to go later.

My Motorola Triumph came in yesterday, a day later than the estimated arrival date I got from Amazon. No big deal, I know it’s an approximate date, but usually Amazon beats their approximate arrival date by a couple of days, can’t remember when something arrived late. (Had to laugh though, I was following the tracking info, and it started out about 9 hours from here, in Kentucky. By the end of the first day, it had gone further NORTH and was now 12 hours away. Go figure. Next day? It ended up in Charlotte, about 3 hours SOUTH of here. Finally got to Raleigh on the estimated delivery date, but too late to be delivered. So it got here the next day. Would have been faster for me to just drive up there and pick it up as far out of the way it went getting here, LOL.) But again, no big deal, didn’t have time to do anything with it yesterday anyway.

Opened up the package this AM, figuring I’d activate it before work, then tinker with it at lunch time. HA! Per the manual: “Step One: Install battery and charge.” Whoops. The Optimus V instructions actually said that THAT phone had enough charge to do the activation, THEN we were supposed to plug it in and charge it the rest of the way. Sort of figured the Motorola would be the same way. Guess not, huh.

So I left it charging for the day today, and after we got done with our TV watching binge for the night, sat down, got it activated via the website without a hitch. Then figured out the IP address of the phone so I could add it to my “approved” IP list on my home WiFi network, and got that working.

Then came the fun of all the updates and app downloading: First up, Silent Boot, to shut up that annoying Virgin Mobile boot up sound. Then did all the updates from the Android market of all the preinstalled apps. Added Remote Web Desktop (one of the few programs I’ve liked well enough to pay for, makes it easy to access my phone content on my PC.) Then went to install the Netflix app, only to remember that I’ve put my Netflix account on hold temporarily, so no streaming at home or on my pc or *sob* on my phone either. Wah. Reinstalled Thickbuttons, Barcode Scanner, was able to install Google Earth, Firefox, and Adobe Flash (none of which were Optimus V friendly)

Then downloaded the Amazon App Store (love it, an app to get more apps! LOL) and Amazon MP3. Tried to download Jenga, which crashed the Optimus every time I tried to install it on THAT phone, and it works on the Motorola. Sweet! 😀 Then started going through my list of Amazon Freebies of the Day that I’ve ordered each day they were free, and started downloading a select few of them (I’ve got 200+ that I’ve “ordered” but not all I want to put on the phone at any one time)

In no particular order (although I started from the back of the list to get Tweetcaster, so they’re kind of in reverse alphabetical order):

  • Tweetcaster Pro* (* apps are the paid versions that Amazon gave away on one of their giveaway days)
  • IMDB
  • Tune In Radio Pro*
  • Solitaire Megapack*
  • Random Mahjong Pro*
  • Pocketbooth (this worked on my old phone, but didn’t have a front camera on that one)
  • Plants vs Zombies (Maybe I’ll have room to keep this now!)*
  • Peggle (another WiFi only download, so gotta do it from home) (currently downloading)*
  • Gem Spinner 1 and 2*
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Fancy Widget Pro*
  • Convertr
  • Collapse!
  • Bonsai Blast
  • App 2 SD Pro*
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Seasons (another one I had to delete due to space issues)
  • Abduction 2*
  • 180Ultra*

Not seeing Fireball Deluxe in my Amazon list, nor Apps Organizer (which I love to death, keeps all my zillion apps, well, organized, into categories), and must have gotten Apps Backup, Cool Reader and E-Reader, Get Glue, Zinio, QuickPic, ComicStrips, GhostTown elsewhere. And a MUST have before Friday night, the Fringe Glyph Translator, to convert all those funky images before the commercial breaks on Fringe into their respective 5 letter words. 😀

Man, but Peggle is taking forever to download, even on WiFi. As soon as I get that, I’m going to bed, and will download the rest of what I’m missing at lunch tomorrow.

John Barrowman Tour dates announced by @Team_Barrowman…

… and they’re all in Europe (go here for the schedule). I’m a newbie to JB, does he ever tour the states, I wonder? I’ve been to Europe, once, a three week trip back in high school. Would love to go again, and a trek to see JB perform live would be great.

Alas, after paying off 3 pairs of U2 concert tickets, $500 for the new camcorder to take to said U2 concerts, the flight from NC to VT to see one of said U2 shows in MA (notice a trend there? :) ), plus *ugh* $700 for the new bumper on the Prius after my fender-bender before Christmas, I don’t think a trip to Europe for a John Barrowman concert is financially in my near future.

Hoping a lot of video shows up on YouTube from everyone who goes! Please, thank you! :)

Well, paying off a credit card bill then going to bed early tonight. That tossing and turning until 2:30 in the morning last night wiped me out today… Looks like it’s back to the laptop at lunchtime tomorrow for the next chapter in my JB webpage. As soon as I finish that, I’ve got more astronomy pics lined up to publish, but I kinda DO want to finish that page first.

2007 Lunar Eclipse Photos

“…I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences

And gaze at the moon till I lose my senses…”

Figured there would be too many pictures on that first lunar eclipse page to really try to convert over to a jooma site page, so since I wasn’t going to be in any rush to take the old site down anyway, took the easy lazy way out and just stuck a link to the original page on the menu of the new site. The page is here, and yes, I DID shoot a LOT that night! LOL

Still No US @Team_Barrowman Tour Dates?

Not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade (song pun fully intended 😉 ) in the John Barrowman newsgroup, I’m opting to not wait until Festivus in December (thank you Seinfeld, lol) and having an “Airing of the Grievances” here, now, instead. And yes, I’d like a little brie with my upcoming whine, thank you. 😉

Am I somewhat bummed that JB’s scheduling gurus have him touring all over the UK again this fall, with NO dates, once again, scheduled in the US, despite the fact that he’s actually very conveniently already HERE at the moment?

Why yes, yes I am. Starting to feel a little like the forgotten, neglected American skeleton in JB’s closet in London, lol.

I’m sure that the fact that there are simply more Barrowfans per square mile in the UK than there are in the US has a lot to do with it; JB can squeeze in more performances in front of more fans covering less distance and less time, if he plays in the UK vs playing in the US. (Nerd factoid: The US Barrowfans here are spread out across nearly 4,000,000 square miles, vs the distance he has to travel to perform in the UK, a whole 95,000 square miles. If you were to put that into terms of surface area, he’s essentially covering the equivalent of the state of Oregon when he tours the whole of the UK.)

So I do get the logistics of all that. It just seems like it should be doable somehow. He IS the All Powerfull John Barrowman after all. 😉 And I wouldn’t even require a tour with all the bells and whistles of the last tour. “Uncle John Unplugged”, something like his Kennedy Center performance, would suit me just fine. :)

And it wouldn’t be so bad missing out on yet another tour, if it weren’t for the number of people in the UK who are complaining that the 2011 tour isn’t coming anywhere “near” them. Exsqueeze me? I could understand that if y’all lived in the very south of the country, and the only place he was performing was in the very north, that’s something like 700 miles, definitely a long haul if you’re driving. But he’s playing twenty seven dates scattered across the whole of the UK. I’ve just started mapping the tour stops for my Virtual Tour 2011 webpage, so don’t know where they all are as of yet, but based on where they were LAST year, surely ONE of those dates, even one that’s halfway across the country, should be considered “near” enough to get to.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just what you’re used to. When I first moved from California to North Carolina, I went into a bit of “mileage shock” myself; after being used to having to drive all of 20-45 minutes max to get to most concerts my entire time in the Bay Area, to come here and discover I would have to drive anywhere from two to eight hours if I wanted to see any of my favorite performers was a bit of a jolt. And I’d have to cross state lines to do it?!? Completely unneeded in California, which being a fairly good sized state, you have to drive for hours before you cross a state line there. :)

But now I’m getting used to it. 3 hour drive to Charlotte? 5 hour drive into Virginia or South Carolina? 8 hour drive to New Jersey? Been there, done that, bought a Prius for the gas mileage because of it. LOL. Longest trek thus far has been the flight from Raleigh to Vermont to see U2 in Boston in 2009. Pretty good for someone who was used to driving 15-20 minutes to just pop downtown for a concert in San Jose.

Okay, end of rant. Honestly happy for the folks in the UK who get to see JB perform, as well as the folks in the US who are lucky enough to be able to fly overseas to go see him.

And looking on the bright side of JB not touring here:

  • I didn’t have to take part in a mad frantic scramble to get tickets when they went on sale this week.
  • And didn’t have to figure out where I was going to come up with the money for said tickets.
  • And didn’t have to try to figure out the logistics of getting to a concert that most likely WOULD be REALLY considered to be too far away to get to, since the odds of him playing in my state even if he were to play here would be slim to none (If he were to play LA only, that alone would be a 3000 mile jaunt!)
  • AND making sure that I could fit it into the 3 concerts (Cirque 2.5 hours; Third Day 1.5 hours; and U2 8 hours away) and a Mets game in NY that are already on my schedule for the year so far.

So all in all, maybe not a bad thing that he’s not playing here?

Yes, I’m kidding. STILL hoping for some US dates SOMEDAY! “Puh-puh-puh-pleeeze, Eddie!” 😀

Meanwhile, it’s on to working on the John Barrowman Virtual Online Tour: The 2011 Edition.

Parade bars Mrs. Claus – Nation/World – NewsObserver.com


Parade bars Mrs. Claus – Nation/World – NewsObserver.com.

I couldn’t believe this when I read it in the paper this morning. They weren’t allowing Mrs. Claus in the downtown Raleigh Christmas parade, because ” it’s confusing for children to see two people in Santa suits”.

But John Odom, executive director of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association, which runs the parade, said it’s confusing for children to see two people in Santa suits. He said it’s a policy that only Santa may wear the official outfit.

Parade officials even discourage people from wearing Santa hats, Odom said.

Oh, PLEASE.  Do they really think kids are that stupid that they can’t tell the difference between the guy in a red Santa suit and a woman in a red Mrs. Santa dress?

And to try to keep people from even wearing Santa HATS?!? What a bunch of Scrooges.

What little of the parade I watched on TV so far, I was pleased to see that in one of the marching band color guard groups, they were ALL wearing Santa hats. I looked at mom and whined “Mommy, I’m confused, are ALL those people waving the pompoms Santa Claus!?!” 😀


Solar Eclipse Animated GIF added to website…

… along with a couple of new pics. But the animated GIF of the Christmas 2000 partial solar eclipse that I put together is probably one of the “favoritest” things I’ve done. Link back to the page is here.

U2 360 Tour Videos

Shot about an hour of footage each at both the Raleigh, NC and Foxboro, MA U2 shows, and after getting all hopped up this morning listening to the Croke Park remix of “I’ll Go Crazy”, went hunting down the few clips that I put online from both shows. There’s a couple on YouTube, a few on yFrog, and one or two over at U2.com.

“I’ll Go Crazy” remix from Raleigh

“Moment of Surrender” (full song) from Raleigh

From my first trip inside the inner circle in Foxboro:

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
Listen as 60,000+ people take over singing for the band. Incredible. One of my favorite clips, once the walkway scoots out of the way.

“Unforgettable Fire” (entire song)
I just about keel over watching Bono singing from the catwalk just feet away from me. Weee! :)

“Ultraviolet” from Foxboro, from where I posted it at U2.com:

And a couple of slideshows with some of my better pics, both from Foxboro, here and here.

All I can say is I be VERY happy that Doug and I splurged and got tickets for the last US show in NJ in June. LOVE knowing that we get to go and do this one more time this year. :)

It’s AZALEA time in Raleigh!

Mom hobbled (she’s doing very well after her knee surgery by the way) around outside with my camera and took some photos of the yard with all of its blooming azaleas.

azalea bushes

If I’ve done this correctly, a shadowboxed slideshow of some additional flower photos should appear riiiight…about… here. :)

Did some homework for the @U2_360Tour vacation today.

Doug was here today after I picked him back up from the airport yesterday, so while we were actually in the same place at the same time in a place that has a computer, we hopped online to see about booking our rooms for our 9ish day trip up north this summer.

First up was to find a place to stay the days we visited with his NY buddies, and we ended up booking a room right directly across the street from the beach in Long Island. Great proximity to his friends AND well, can’t beat the beach being within walking distance right across the street. :)

Next up (or down, since we then have to head south again): a place to crash in New Jersey for the night before and the night of the final US tour stop of the U2 360 Tour there at the New Meadowlands Stadium, the closest stop that the tour makes to NC on that leg of the tour, and the main reason I’m heading up north in July. Actually found a place within walking distance of the stadium that was reasonably priced. And when you consider that parking – which we will now NOT have to pay for – for the U2 tour the last two shows that we saw was $40 (in Foxboro, MA) and $20 (in Raleigh), that’s a nice chunk of change we saved right there as well.

U2 360 Tour New Meadowlands Stadium, NJ

We’ll be staying with other friends or family in NH and Vermont for the next several days after that, and will be coming home that following weekend. Will have one more motel stay that last weekend, but since we have no idea how far we’ll get from New England down to Raleigh during that last days’ drive, we’ll be picking a place to spend the night that night most likely.

But the three initial most important nights are now officially reserved. Yay.

Then Doug mentioned that he thought he saw that the opening band for our show had finally actually been decided upon, so we headed over to where he saw it, over at @U2 to check it out, and assuming that they know what they’re talking about, apparently the Jersey show is getting a band called Interpol, an indie band from NY. Never heard of them (they’ve been around since 1997, and are still in “opening band” mode?), so we hopped over to their myspace page and took a listen to a few of their songs. Not too bad, they reminded me a little of a cross between Icehouse and the Psychedelic Furs, if you can think of how that might sound. :) I figure U2 hadn’t let us down with either Snow Patrol or Muse when we saw the 360 tour the last two times (although the best opening band they’ve had, IMHO, was when Institute – ie “Bush 2.0” 😉 – opened for them for the Vertigo tour. I LOVED finally seeing Gavin Rossdale live), so I’m game to see Interpol. Better than the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy from their ZooTV tour way back when; *gak!* THAT was a great time to make a bathroom run, let me tell you.

So it looks like it’s official. I’ve got the vacation time put in at work for taking that whole week off, we’ve had the U2 tickets for months now (at least I THINK we have, hate getting tickets that soon in advance, I haven’t actually seen them in a while, LOL. No worries, I’ve not lost tickets yet), and now we’ve got room reservations set up. Rock and ROOOOOLLLL! 😀