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@Team_Barrowman vs @U2_360Tour ;-)

Well, THAT was a bit of a shock to my ears this morning. In a good way, though. Got in the car, hit the start button to boot up the car, and “Don’t Fence Me In” from “John Barrowman Swings Cole Porter” started playing in the CD deck. Swap it out for U2’s “Artificial Horizon” CD that just came in yesterday, and *bam* I’m just as easily jamming to the opening remix of “Elevation”.

Quite a jump from:

Just turn me loose, let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the western skies
On my Cayuse, let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise.


A mole,living in a hole
Digging up my soul
Now going down, excavation
I and I in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high, elevation


The kicker was when I was about half way to work, and the Live remix of “I’m Gonna Go Crazy” from Croke Park starts blaring through the speakers, and it’s all I can do to NOT start pogoing right there in the driver’s seat. Took me right back to the inner circle in Foxborough. MILES away from riding my Cayuse anywhere. 😀

I love having eclectic musical tastes. My mp3 deck is “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” when you hit the start button and boot up the car. :)

Prius: "guess" gauge vs gas gauge!

Got to 413* miles on the Prius yesterday before the “low fuel” light started to flash at me on the dashboard letting me know that I was apparently driving around on fumes. Had planned on filling up a couple of days before, but the Beltline traffic flow was, well, NOT flowing, and I got off to go home a different way that night. And ended up nowhere near the CostCo gas station. But I was at two pips on the gauge still, so figured I’d have time to get it after work yesterday.

It dropped down to one pip on the way to work in the morning, and as I was pulling up to the intersection right by the CostCo on the way home, the Prius beeped at me and my one remaining pip started to flash. Had a wee bit of a wait at the gas station when I pulled in, but since the Prius burns NO gas while it’s just sitting there idling, no worries about running out of gas while I waited. It gave me a chance to pull out the Toyota manual to see exactly WHAT that flashing light meant, if it said exactly how many gallons were left when it started to flash.

Nope. But DID find out that the tank held 11.9 gallons. So figured I’d just wait until I filled up, subtract how much it took, and find out how much gas was left that way. Yes, I’m a whole lotta years out of school, and I’m actually doing a WORD problem! :-O

It took 9.17 gallons. *does some quick math* Which left me with 2.73 gallons supposedly left in the tank. Now, based on the Prius getting, say, 50mpg, that should mean that I could still go another 136.5 miles before running out of gas. Seems a little early to be getting that “low fuel” warning.

HOW-EVAH! Every Prius forum I’ve ever looked at says thinking that way will, at some point, leave you stranded and out of gas someplace. Because while the tank officially holds 11.9 gallons, the amount that it can actually hold varies, depending on whether the car is warm or cold, if the gas is warm or cold, etc. Case in point: drove up to Virginia for a concert one summer. Filled the tank in the afternoon before I left when both the car and the gas were warm, still had half a tank when I got to Charlottesville. Topped it off before leaving the next morning, while the car and gas were still cold, by the time I got back home, I was nearly on fumes. So temperature makes a HUGE difference in how much the tank holds.

So, when is 11.9 gallons of gas not necessarily 11.9 gallons of gas? When you drive a Prius. Hence why a lot of Prius owners call the gas gauge the “guess” gauge instead. Which is why I usually like to fill up somewhere between 2 and 3 pips on the gauge, to make sure I don’t run out of gas. Although supposedly that even if you run out of gas, I read that a Prius will run on battery alone for about three miles if need be.

Not something I ever want to try, thank you very much. :)

*and for the record, I checked to see if 413 miles on one tank of gas was a record for the car for me, and actually either last summer or the summer before, according to the log, I apparently made it 415 miles, with one pip left, before I chickened out and filled up.

And also for the record, since filling up yesterday, current mileage? 51.1 mpg. 😀 Woot! Good thing too, since gas is up to $2.69 at CostCo.

Still tinkering with my @Team_Barrowman webpage…

… THIS is why I brought my laptop to work to work on the website at lunchtime. I figured I’d get a late start on the computer tonight with the return of good TV to primetime, now that the Olympics are over, watching Chuck, Life Unexpected and recording the Big Bang Theory. And this was after watching two more hours of Torchwood. Is it just me, or did season two take a really REALLY dark turn compared to season one?

Didn’t sit down here until after 10pm. Then found a zillion messages in my email from the new newsgroup I signed up for yesterday, so had to sort through those (and change the format to daily digest, there were so many individual messages, I couldn’t find my SPAM! lol).

So now, by the time I sorted through all my usual after work online stuff, it’s already almost midnight, and I don’t have a braincell left in my head to continue working on my JB webpage. Figured I’d still be tinkering tomorrow anyway, so left the laptop at the office. I’ll fiddle with it more at lunch tomorrow…

Future reminder to self: When bringing purse, bookbag, and laptop to work, do NOT put all three in the passenger seat. The overly cautious Prius thought someone was sitting there without a seatbelt on, and 5 minutes into my drive to work started to *ping* at me to tell me someone wasn’t belted in yet. Doh! Love the way it starts to get frantic after the initial slow *ping….ping….ping…* After a few of those, suddenly it switches over to *PINGPINGPINGPINGPING!* just in case I couldn’t hear it the first 10 times it pinged at me. And then it stops suddenly, like it thinks “Oh well, it’s YOUR life! Don’t buckle up if you want to!” LOL. It’s like the backup alarm that goes off when you put the thing in reverse. Does anyone hear it OUTSIDE the car? Nope! Just the driver, in case they’ve not actually figured out that the car is going backwards yet. I say again: DOH! 😀

But at least both my gas and brake pedals work. Apparently 2007 was a decent year for Priuses. Unless you count headlights going out unexpectedly. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but there have been some complaints from drivers of 2007 Priuses. :-O