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“Confessions of an eco-snob”

“But none of that compared to the real horror — encountering actual Prius owners…” Bwahahaha! 😀

Loved this article when I first read it in 2007, and went looking for it this weekend when I finally broke down and ditched my empty Colgate tube in favor of using my cruelty-free Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and was reminded of it. Wasn’t too hard to find, I started out googling “Prius” and “Tom’s of Maine”, and when that didn’t pull it up, added “trumpet” (yes, trumpet) to the search, and BOOYAH! Found it. I love google. 😀 Three seemingly unrelated terms pulled up exactly what I wanted.

Read on! :)


Confessions of an eco-snob

One day, just a regular motorist with a regular car.
Then along came a Prius.

February 02, 2007|Liane Bonin |

IT’S NOT LIKE I’ve been tooling around with Ed Begley Jr., recycling my gently used toilet paper and making dress shirts out of reclaimed hair and bottle caps. I don’t hug trees or pose nude for PETA (not that they’ve asked me or anything). I’m not that person. I’m not an eco-snob.

Or at least I wasn’t. Until the Prius.

When the transmission in my loyal ’92 Accord started gurgling on the 405, I had to shop for a new car. I had vowed to hold out for a flying car (weren’t those supposed to be in dealerships by now?) but, with sadness in my heart, I began looking for my next landlocked, fossil-fuel guzzling companion.

I heard rumors about the Prius. Nasty rumors. That its mileage claims couldn’t be trusted, that it might die on me just when I thought we could go the distance together.

A car with commitment issues and a reputation for stalling? Sounded like an ex-boyfriend.

But none of that compared to the real horror — encountering actual Prius owners.

If I so much as mentioned that I was considering purchasing a hybrid car, these eco-bullies would clutch onto my arm with surprising strength (probably developed signing petitions to save the whales/wolves/flesh-eating sea rats). “You never have to fill up your tank! You can drive in the carpool lanes!” they’d burble, clearly high on the idea of low emissions. Then they’d drop into a low, conspiratorial tone. “And really, isn’t it our responsibility? Isn’t it the least you can do for the environment?” A sad smile would be followed by a heavy sigh redolent of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. Oh, the burden of being one of the few unselfish humanitarians to tiptoe on the Earth.

Even as I signed the car loan papers, I denied the inevitable. Just as I would never become exactly like my parents, I would never become a self-important jackass who believed getting 49 miles to the gallon would save the Arctic Circle.

The transformation was gradual. Bewitched by my nifty LCD multi-informational display panel with its gauge, I soon discovered that I could get really great gas mileage by coasting along at a jaunty 20 mph in the fast lane of the 405. The resulting cacophony of horns was simply a trumpets fanfare telling me that, yes, I was at that very second getting 99.9 mpg !

At a gas station one afternoon, I felt perfectly comfortable leveling a death-ray glare at the soccer mom behind me. I hated her simply for her passenger-free, fuel-sucking Land Rover — which was certainly canceling out all my hybrid’s hard eco-work. As she nervously studied the interior of her designer purse to avoid eye contract with the clearly psychotic woman facing her (me), I felt no guilt in wishing an eco-karma death for her. (Choking on her own fumes would be ironic, but swallowed whole by polar bears worked too.)

With one foot constantly poised on the brake, the better to charge my batteries, I found myself shooting nasty looks at SUV drivers even before they’d cut me off. I would nod at other Prius owners in traffic, the secret eco-handshake of the open road.

Then came the day when a friend mentioned that her junker was gasping its last breath. I tried to resist, but the words spilled out, the faintest taste of organic mint lingering on my tongue. “You know, I haven’t filled my tank in two whole weeks…. “


See? LOL. Loved the whole “The resulting cacophony of horns was simply a trumpets fanfare telling me that, yes, I was at that very second getting 99.9 mpg!” bit. Not that I DO that of course. Have been known to grumble at SUVs once in a while though, and well, grumble at Hummers ALL the time. The nerve of them cancelling out my Prius’s “hard eco-work”. 😀

(attempting another crosspost to Facebook, didn’t like yesterday’s attempt at all, so trying something different. Please be patient.)


Welcome to the Home of the Happy Hybrid. :)



This Site Perpetually Under Construction

Since I spend a lot of my time working on website stuff at work, I don’t seem to find the time to work on my home site as much. But you can keep track of the latest changes right here:

But why is this the “Home of the Happy Hybrid”?

Well, contrary to currently popular belief, not everyone hates their Toyota right now. I’ve got a 2007 Prius and I love it. Have yet to have one iota of trouble with it, although apparently there is a pending recall on it, something about the floor mats getting stuck under the gas pedal or something. My mats haven’t moved since I put them in, so I’m not too concerned about that. I’ve actually been harder on the Prius than it has been on me; it’s already had the front windshield replaced after a semi threw a rock at it during a road trip back from Charlottesville VA a few years back. And I had a fender bender in December, ended up replacing the whole front bumper. But I think it’s forgiven me for that. LOL.
After all, according to my license plate, it IS still the HPYHYBRD. 😀 So I named the new site after it.

EDIT 4/28/2012: New license plate again! Since I don’t like bumper stickers, and the DMV has decided that having any license plate frame that covers up the state name is a ticketable offense so I don’t do those either, customizing the plate is the best UNticketable way to add a little *oomph* to the car. So got another different one this year. Anyone who is following me on Facebook, Live Journal, or the Twitter knows that I discovered a new band last year, called The Plea. (The website I’ve done for them is over there in the sidebar, check it out if you like). So I started thinking of the best way to do the plate that would share my enthusiasm for the band, but not be something that could really be anything else. (IE: Like “THE PLEA” could be anything… same with one of their other songs that would fit “PRAISEBE”) The first song of theirs that I ever heard was one called “Oh Ah Yay”.  I thought “Hmmmm… not much else THAT could be, plus it’ll leave people scratching their heads going ‘Oh Ah WHUT?'” And besides, my favorite-est song on their CD (‘Dreamers Stadium’ – get it, it’s awesome!) “Out Like A Light” just was NOT going to fit on a plate in any way shape or form. 😀 So OH-AH-YAY it is now (had to put dashes in instead of spaces; in DMV English, spaces count as one space, dashes only count as a half. With the dashes, it fit.)

So now I drive what I like to refer to as my Toyota “Plea-us”. 😀


EDIT 2/11/2012 The Happy Hybrid is officially no longer the Happy Hybrid anymore! Inspired partly by the Jeff Dunham video below, and the Sparkly theme of the latest John Barrowman tour, the Prius now has a new plate. Still did not feel quite old enough to go with PRIUSTRC, but since NC wisely went back to blue lettered plates (I could have told them the red letters looked like crap and were harder to read, but nobody asked ME!), I opted to get a new plate this year when my registration was up for renewal. So now I officially drive a Pretty Sparkly Powder Blue Prius. No Chihuahuas or pretty Christmas stickers though. 😀

Happy Hybrid has become Sparkly!! :D

I FINALLY edited down my MOST favorite video about Priuses, ever. From Jeff Dunham’s Spark of Insanity video, here is his rant about his “pretty sparkly” blue Prius. 😀 Which just happens to be THE exact color that I drive. Heard about it for MONTHS after my family saw this video. *Neep Neeeeeep!* indeed. LOL.


After the car and I get a little older, we may switch license plates and run with this one that I tested out at the DMV site instead :D:
priustoric plate
But in the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite Prius related bumper stickers from over at www.cafepress.com.
And my personal favorite, because I’ve done this to people in parking lots before
(never actually HONKED at anyone, but do love to creep up on people,
then see the looks on their faces when they happen to glance back
and see me right behind them. Mwahahaha!)
Just found my OTHER personal favorite, I’d wanted to post it before
but had no idea where I’d stashed it. Must be a sign I’ve got too many hard drives. LOL

hybrid vs hummer

Take THAT, you 10 miles per gallon behemoths! 😀
So yeah, despite all the problems that Toyota is having with some of their makes and models, I’m still loving my Prius. Just can’t beat the gas mileage. Usually get around 50mpg during the summer, then I get bummed during the winter, because it has to work a little harder when it’s cold, so I can only coax about 46mpg out of it. Unless it’s on the highway, then I can still wrangle 49mpg from it. So it’s all good. :)


Small website update…

Just added a little content to the front page tonight, got tired of it looking so empty. http://www.happyhybrid.us/website/

Missed my Prius yesterday

Bringing the Happy Hybrid to the mechanic for it’s 45,000 mile checkup and road safety once over turned out to be an expensive trip. Turns out the car needed new tires, so by the time I left there, I was down nearly $700. And the heads up that it would need brakework done at my next oil change to the tune of another couple of hundred dollars. Swell. Oh well, just the nature of being owned by a car. :) And now we know we’ve got brand new properly inflated and aligned tires for the trip on Saturday.

Did miss it while I was driving my mom’s Camry to work and back yesterday. It’s the little things. REALLY missed my mp3 cd deck. Brought a CDR to play until I realized her deck was just a regular CD player, wouldn’t play my mp3 discs.

And it doesn’t take long to get Smart Key spoiled. I actually *harumph*ed when I had to stop and take the keys out of my pocket and actually MANUALLY unlock the door.  I never really wanted a smart key setup when I got the Prius, but it came as a package deal (along with the backup camera and the *rolls eyes* designer Prius trunk carpet). with the mp3 deck, but now that I’ve had it, it’s really handy. If I didn’t need my keyring to open up the office every morning, I’d never SEE my carkeys. LOL.

And of all things, I missed my speedometer, if you can believe it. The Camry has a standard dial/needle speedometer, with numbers at 60 and 80, and just a line representing 70, and smaller lines in 2 mph increments in between. So to figure out how fast you’re going, you really have to study it, at least I do, and so rather than do that, I pretty much just stayed with the flow of traffic while I was behind the wheel yesterday.

Now, the Prius speedometer!  It’s set deep into the dashboard, but since it’s a digital readout, it just tells you in big bold easy to read Tommyknocker green numbers that you are going X MPH. EasyPeasy. Much better than trying to count out what one big hash mark and two small ones are on the Camry dashboard. Prius gives you spoon-fed MPHs. 😀

I do love my Happy Hybrid. :)

Random Birthday Yammerings

Yes, today is my birthday. Aren’t y’all thrilled?

As of today, I’ve officially caught up to and am now as old as my favorite former NHL goalie Arturs Irbe, and favorite all around performer John Barrowman, of whom had their birthdays earlier this year. Alas, despite the fact that we are now the same age, I think Mr. Barrowman has held up (with a little assistance 😉 ) MUCH better for his age than I have for mine. LOL.

Also share the actual DATE – although not the year, I think he’s got more than a few of those on me –  with actor Harrison Ford. Which is nice company to be in as well, since I’m Just Wild About Harry. 😀 (And I just saw that today is Patrick Stewart’s birthday as well, as well as John Barrowman’s MOM’s, apparently.  I really AM in very good company today. Well, as much as I can be sitting in an office by myself all day. LOL)

Am I doing anything fun for my birthday? No not really. It’s Hump Day, so I’m working. Bosses are on vacation for the next three days, so I’m holding down the fort by my lonesome.  Going out to dinner tonight, most likely to Bahama Breeze, since I haven’t been there in a while. I’d squee if I got there and found they’d brought back my barely seared Ahi tuna steak back to the menu, really miss that.

Dropped the Happy Hybrid off to my former regular mechanic this morning to get a once over to make sure it’s road safe for the upcoming road trip starting this coming weekend. Opting to go ahead and get its scheduled 45,000 maintenance done on it too while I’m there. Normally I take it to the dealership for that since I got suckered into prepaying for it when I bought the Prius, but I won’t have time to get it in before the trip, and would rather NOT have the “needs maintenence” light start flashing on the dashboard when the odometer says it’s due while we’re on the road next week. I mean, when it’s doing that, how do you know it’s just your regular maintenance light coming on or some sort of engine problem. So even though I’m going to have to pay John West to do it, definitely worth having it done there. Besides, I trust him more when HE tells me the car is road safe than I would after the quick prepaid once over that I get from the dealership. And John won’t tell me things need replacing when they don’t. Caught the dealership trying to do that more than once. So it’s all good.

Drove my mom’s Camry to work this morning since John will have the Prius all day. Definitely weird driving her car after driving the hybrid all this time. Promised her I’d be careful and try not to hit anyone or let anyone hit me. Of course what happens right after I get on the Beltline this morning? Right behind me I hear the squealing of rubber being left on pavement, and I just cringe, thinking “Not when I’m in my mummy’s car, PLEASE!”. Fortunately it was in the lane next to me and nobody hit anyone. Whew.

Ahh, the road trip. Will be gone 8 days. Itinerary for those who’ve been out of the loop: Driving from Raleigh to Long Island on Saturday, taking the train into NY on Sunday to see Spiderman Turn Off The Dark, chilling with some of the b/f’s friends on Monday. Then it’s the Mets game at CitiField on Tuesday, followed by the U2 concert at New Meadowlands Stadium on Wednesday. Then the 5 hour drive from Jersey up to New Hampshire to visit with his family Thursday and Friday, then heading home Saturday, finishing up the drive on Sunday. Will be quite the trip. Taking that Monday after off to recover. :)

U2 tickets! I’ve actually had a pair of tickets for the U2 concert in Pittsburgh that I’ve been trying to find a home for, once we worked out that there was no way we could time our trip to hit both the Jersey and the Pittsburgh concerts. Procrastination poster child that I am, I waited until the last minute to do anything about it, so listed them on ebay recently. No takers. Thought I was going to die with these things and be out the whole $140. Then a Twitter buddy suggested I check out StubHub and see about selling them there. So gave that a go last weekend. After nothing but email silence for several days, got an email from StubHub last night saying my tickets had sold. Sweet! I wasn’t interested in scalping them for some huge profit, just find a home for them at a fair price, so listed them just high enough over my purchase cost to make up most of Stub Hub’s commission. Not quite all of it, but then they’re paying to ship it Fed Ex, so I actually came out further ahead than I would have had they sold on ebay. So I’m happy.

NOT so happy about the upcoming Netflix price increase. Currently paying $9.99 to for one dvd out at a time, unlimited rentals per month, plus unlimited streaming. Will be going up to $15.98 for the same service at the beginning of September. Dudes! *shakes head* I’ve been a long time (for at least the last 10 years or so) Netflix subscriber. And have been really happy with their service for all that time. We’ve held off signing up for premium cable channels, thinking that we didn’t really need them, with the movie selection and turn around time that Netflix has. Never really even had an issue with their 30 day delay that they started with so many of their new releases, always just figured we’d get them when we’d get them.

But with this price increase, suddenly Netflix will cost MORE than the premium cable channels. Which DO offer new releases as they come out, without any sort of delay, as well as all sorts of original programming that I’ve had to wait until they’ve come out with on DVD to see by having Netflix vs a premium channel. All of which that I can get directly through my cable company’s DVR without any extra hardware or boxes or having to mail anything back. 

And their timing isn’t great either. I know a LOT of people, myself included, who have just added quasi premium channel Starz to their cable line up to pick up the fourth season of the BBC (and now BBC/Starz) program Torchwood, and now realize how very easy and convenient it is to watch premium channel content as just another cable channel, vs finding and streaming through a Roku or similar box. Add to that the fact that even multichannel HBO IS cheaper than Netflix’s new rates, and well, it’s not looking too good for Netflix right now.

Told you this was some random birthday yammering. I’ve kind of gone all over the place with it. If you’ve made it this far, good on y’all. :)

John Barrowman Tour dates announced by @Team_Barrowman…

… and they’re all in Europe (go here for the schedule). I’m a newbie to JB, does he ever tour the states, I wonder? I’ve been to Europe, once, a three week trip back in high school. Would love to go again, and a trek to see JB perform live would be great.

Alas, after paying off 3 pairs of U2 concert tickets, $500 for the new camcorder to take to said U2 concerts, the flight from NC to VT to see one of said U2 shows in MA (notice a trend there? :) ), plus *ugh* $700 for the new bumper on the Prius after my fender-bender before Christmas, I don’t think a trip to Europe for a John Barrowman concert is financially in my near future.

Hoping a lot of video shows up on YouTube from everyone who goes! Please, thank you! :)

Well, paying off a credit card bill then going to bed early tonight. That tossing and turning until 2:30 in the morning last night wiped me out today… Looks like it’s back to the laptop at lunchtime tomorrow for the next chapter in my JB webpage. As soon as I finish that, I’ve got more astronomy pics lined up to publish, but I kinda DO want to finish that page first.

@Team_Barrowman "Evening With" Virtual Tour Updated

Well, I’ve tweeted about this, and posted about it on my Live Journal account, and the response seems to be pretty positive so far, so thought, since I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately, I’d post the update to my “Evening With John Barrowman Virtual Tour” here this time instead and try to pick up anyone who might still be oblivious to my latest project in those other locations. :)

Essentially, JB started his month long plus UK only tour last Friday. And given that I’m over on THIS side of the pond and he’s on THAT side of the pond, getting to one of the tour dates over there was clearly NOT in the cards for me. But google geek that I am, AND the fact that I really didn’t know where half the cities were where he was playing, or what any of the venues looked like, I decided to follow along via a virtual internet road trip. And thinking that some of my other Stateside Barrowfans might find it of interest as well, opted to turn it into a new webpage (or three, or four…).

So I’m adding dates and times for each venue, maps of where each venue is, external photos of the venues themselves, and when available, shots of the interiors as well.

Then thought that adding links to concert photos and YouTube videos for each location might be a nice idea as well, so added that to the mix as well.

With the last update completed tonight, I’ve finished Week 1 and Week 2 venues, started a page for Week 3, and have added links to all the video clips I’ve found thus far to their respective first three venues. Whew! People went crazy at Oxford, being the first show and all, I guess. :)

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how, once everything is mapped out, the google map started out looking like THIS:
Start of Tour
And, once all the tour dates are added, ends up looking like THIS:
Tour End

First stop on the tour is HERE.

Anyhoo, check it out. There are some really nifty venues in the UK, and they all look so different from each other.

Still No US @Team_Barrowman Tour Dates?

Not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade (song pun fully intended 😉 ) in the John Barrowman newsgroup, I’m opting to not wait until Festivus in December (thank you Seinfeld, lol) and having an “Airing of the Grievances” here, now, instead. And yes, I’d like a little brie with my upcoming whine, thank you. 😉

Am I somewhat bummed that JB’s scheduling gurus have him touring all over the UK again this fall, with NO dates, once again, scheduled in the US, despite the fact that he’s actually very conveniently already HERE at the moment?

Why yes, yes I am. Starting to feel a little like the forgotten, neglected American skeleton in JB’s closet in London, lol.

I’m sure that the fact that there are simply more Barrowfans per square mile in the UK than there are in the US has a lot to do with it; JB can squeeze in more performances in front of more fans covering less distance and less time, if he plays in the UK vs playing in the US. (Nerd factoid: The US Barrowfans here are spread out across nearly 4,000,000 square miles, vs the distance he has to travel to perform in the UK, a whole 95,000 square miles. If you were to put that into terms of surface area, he’s essentially covering the equivalent of the state of Oregon when he tours the whole of the UK.)

So I do get the logistics of all that. It just seems like it should be doable somehow. He IS the All Powerfull John Barrowman after all. 😉 And I wouldn’t even require a tour with all the bells and whistles of the last tour. “Uncle John Unplugged”, something like his Kennedy Center performance, would suit me just fine. :)

And it wouldn’t be so bad missing out on yet another tour, if it weren’t for the number of people in the UK who are complaining that the 2011 tour isn’t coming anywhere “near” them. Exsqueeze me? I could understand that if y’all lived in the very south of the country, and the only place he was performing was in the very north, that’s something like 700 miles, definitely a long haul if you’re driving. But he’s playing twenty seven dates scattered across the whole of the UK. I’ve just started mapping the tour stops for my Virtual Tour 2011 webpage, so don’t know where they all are as of yet, but based on where they were LAST year, surely ONE of those dates, even one that’s halfway across the country, should be considered “near” enough to get to.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just what you’re used to. When I first moved from California to North Carolina, I went into a bit of “mileage shock” myself; after being used to having to drive all of 20-45 minutes max to get to most concerts my entire time in the Bay Area, to come here and discover I would have to drive anywhere from two to eight hours if I wanted to see any of my favorite performers was a bit of a jolt. And I’d have to cross state lines to do it?!? Completely unneeded in California, which being a fairly good sized state, you have to drive for hours before you cross a state line there. :)

But now I’m getting used to it. 3 hour drive to Charlotte? 5 hour drive into Virginia or South Carolina? 8 hour drive to New Jersey? Been there, done that, bought a Prius for the gas mileage because of it. LOL. Longest trek thus far has been the flight from Raleigh to Vermont to see U2 in Boston in 2009. Pretty good for someone who was used to driving 15-20 minutes to just pop downtown for a concert in San Jose.

Okay, end of rant. Honestly happy for the folks in the UK who get to see JB perform, as well as the folks in the US who are lucky enough to be able to fly overseas to go see him.

And looking on the bright side of JB not touring here:

  • I didn’t have to take part in a mad frantic scramble to get tickets when they went on sale this week.
  • And didn’t have to figure out where I was going to come up with the money for said tickets.
  • And didn’t have to try to figure out the logistics of getting to a concert that most likely WOULD be REALLY considered to be too far away to get to, since the odds of him playing in my state even if he were to play here would be slim to none (If he were to play LA only, that alone would be a 3000 mile jaunt!)
  • AND making sure that I could fit it into the 3 concerts (Cirque 2.5 hours; Third Day 1.5 hours; and U2 8 hours away) and a Mets game in NY that are already on my schedule for the year so far.

So all in all, maybe not a bad thing that he’s not playing here?

Yes, I’m kidding. STILL hoping for some US dates SOMEDAY! “Puh-puh-puh-pleeeze, Eddie!” 😀

Meanwhile, it’s on to working on the John Barrowman Virtual Online Tour: The 2011 Edition.

One quick @Team_Barrowman post…

… then it’s off to bed with me (although I just rediscovered the coffee that I’d poured, um, several hours ago, that I’d forgotten all about, so just chugalugged it. I’ll prolly be awake for hours now. LOL)

I think I HAVE officially reached “Nerdvana”. I spend all day at work slamming my head against my desk trying to get some video player code to cooperate for the office website, and then what do I do when I get home? Spend several MORE hours working on a variation on the same player to use on the home website. It was an audio only player, so fell into place a little easier, and I really like the way it turned out.

I thought since I’m still getting all these blank stares from people when I mention how great John Barrowman is (I guess they missed his first 2.5 minutes of onscreen time on Desperate Housewives Sunday night, LOL), thought I’d share a little of why I think he’s so great over on the website, so set up an audio player with several tracks from each of his CDs that I’ve got, a few of my favorite tunes from each. So I spent the evening putting that together after Survivor was over tonight (yes, Survivor was tonight; if you were looking to watch it in its usual time slot tomorrow night, too bad so sad, you missed it! 😉 ).

Anyhoo, the new player is on the page here; check it out to see who this guy is who I thought was so great that he actually managed to kick U2 out of the Prius mp3 deck for the first time in over a year! (All the same tunes are also in the player at the left, but the one here isn’t nearly as slick as the one over on the website.)

Website MP3 Player

My apologies to the mods on the official JB newsgroup. I’m still a little rusty on newsgroup etiquette (it’s been years since I signed up for one, probably not since my days when I was was using GEnie, my first online service from years ago), so naturally, I keep doing things that make them give my posts the boot (and I understand why, entirely my bad, I just keep forgetting it’s not a regular forum. 😉 ).

But since I’m not an official JB anything, I’ll repost here what I put there. Not as many JB folks will see it here, but maybe the extra Twitter/Facebook exposure might be helpful. :)

For those who missed it, or are in the UK and haven’t been able to see JB’s debut on Desperate Housewives on Sunday, it IS posted on YouTube, all 2 minutes and 40 something seconds of it. I personally like my own edit of it, but haven’t had time to set it up in a player on the website yet, so this will have to do for now. Sorry it’s hanging over the edge of the page a bit, but none of the video is missing, so I’ll leave it for now…

And the other thing that got the boot from the newsgroup is that I personally thought it would be a kick to see if JB’s gazillion fans got together and tried to get John on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson while he was still here in the US, if for no other reason than to listen to John lapse back into his Scottish accent after speaking with CraigyFerg. I could listen to John speak with that Scottish brogue for, well, forever. Sounds great, don’t understand why Scott isn’t in to it. 😉

Apparently that coffee has kicked in, I seem to be typing a million miles a minute here. 😀 But anyhoo, if anyone wants to email Craig Ferguson to suggest getting JB on the show while he’s still in the US shooting DH, the email address over at CBS is


Or for you Tweeters out there, he’s @CraigyFerg on Twitter.

Okay, the clock just bingbonged 1am. I probably should call it a night. So tweet or email ole CraigyFerg, check out the new mp3 player on the website, and heck, feel free to leave a comment! I’ve only had one so far and that was from my sister, so it was probably just a pity comment, lol.

John Barrowman Desperate Housewives Season Finale Video

FINALLY! The season finale of Desperate Housewives, and John Barrowman’s last episode. I thought he was fantastic in it, playing bad guy Patrick Logan, but Gaaah! Really REALLY dislike that show. So needless to say, very happy to NOT be needing to record it each week anymore.

Won’t say much more than that about the show, except to say *sob* Oh, that poor Prius. Hope they used a stunt Prius for the scene. LOL

Coming up on 2AM, so I’m going to post this, go outside, hug MY Happy Hybrid, and then go to bed. 😀

The new video for the last episode is on the usual Multimedia page here.