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Recaught Mouse No. 15, for the 3rd Time! LOL

I’m starting to feel a little like Sylvester in a TweetieBird LoonyTune, going after the same critter over and over and over again, but I think we are FINALLY smarter than the “Better Mouse”, LOL.

First he chews up the trap, and escapes.

Evades the second trap we set up last night, but at 4am this morning, I wake up to all sorts of commotion in the chewed up first trap, which I left out just in case, since it still had a peanut in it anyway. But at 4am, I was SO not getting up to put out a mouse. By 6:30, he’d forced his way back out of it again. Ugh.

So tonight after I got home, I tried to MacGyver the chewed up trap. Took a look at it to see if I could figure out where the chewed up part went. Discovered there was actually a piece completely missing, but was able to SuperGlue the remaining loose part back to the trap where the missing piece was supposed to go, and stuck it back downstairs. By the time the show “Trauma” was over tonight, I could hear a bunch of commotion in the trap again. Yes, we caught the little guy a THIRD time. And this time, thanks to the MacGyvered part, he couldn’t get out. Not taking any chances though, I went ahead and brought him down to the curb, where he jumped right out and away from the house.

“I just love it when a plan comes together…” 😀

I guess we’ll see in the morning if he – or any of his friends – come back overnight tonight.

The great invention called Super Glue :)

How’s THAT for a random out of the blue thought! :)

One of my first few blog posts had to do with issues that we had with the pair of brand new Thermoses (Thermi?) that we bought to replace the one that shattered on my way to work after I had to slam on my brakes to avoid the jerk in the SUV who cut me off in traffic. http://wp.me/pLxg8-n We bought them right from Thermos, figured they’d work great, tried them for the first time, and discovered they both leaked. Took them apart, found that Quality Control inspector Number 13 was apparently asleep on the job and sent them on their way with them half falling apart and pieces glued on crooked.

Anyway, we repaired them with the only glue we had in the house, just some Elmer’s type craft glue, and they worked for a good couple of months before they started leaking again. Apparently craft glue is NOT the ideal choice for gluing together things that contain hot beverages; where we’d glued things back together ourselves, the glue was just falling apart, hence why the thermoses were falling apart and leaking again.

So I pick up a tube (just a small one, figuring we’d use it once on the thermoses and then never need it again) of some of that heavy duty “warning: bonds permanently, use care to not glue fingers together” Super Glue stuff at the hardware store, that’s supposed to be really good with things like glass, plastic, etc. Just the thing that little thermoses are made of. Took the things apart again, cleaned out all the old glue, let them dry well overnight, and then reassembled them the next day using the super glue I’d bought. And once again, we had two working thermoses, in better shape than what we’d gotten from Inspector Number 13. LOL.

Super Glue is good for lots of other things, we’ve already discovered.

Like gluing mouse chewed off parts back onto mousetraps to make them functional again.

And gluing METAL non-chewable parts onto mousetraps to make them functional AGAIN, after the mouse chews off the reglued parts after one night. Talk about building a better mousetrap. Why do they not just make ones that work out of METAL instead of this easily chewed plastic crap?

And when the strap of my one month old shoulderbag snaps off at the bottom of the purse. A couple of dabs of superglue on the strap, hold it in place for 30 seconds, momentarily panic when the glue seeps through the leather and my finger is stuck temporarily to the inside of the purse. :-O But after unsticking my finger, purse is as good as new. :)

And reglue the cushion on the base of the kneeling bench that my mom uses for gardening that had just conveniently fallen off just before we bought the glue.

All of which are still holding together nicely, after being dabbed with the miracle invention known as superglue. Yay!