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#Torchwood Finale: Some spoilers within

Well, that was a fast 10 weeks. I posted earlier today about the show because I didn’t want to have to worry about accidentally posting spoilers for the Torchwood finale, then I realized tonight, as I’m wanting to yammer on at length about the finale on The Twitter, and couldn’t out of respect for the folks in the UK who for the most part, don’t get to watch it until next Thursday, that it’s my blog, I can spoiler if I want to. :) So you have been warned. Definitely spoilers ahead.

But for those who have seen the show and want a place to comment about it, there is a comment section at the bottom of the page.


Oh look! Stickers! Earned the whole set from the show. Wonder how long it’ll take for Get Glue to send me the hard copies.
(Including them here in case the “read more” link isn’t hiding the balance of the post, and it apparently isn’t, you still have time to leave before getting to the spoilery stuff.)

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Only one ep of Season 2 of Torchwood left to watch…

Just got done streaming the second to last episode of Season 2 of Torchwood, “Fragments”.

Some great one liners in that one, as we discover how each current member of the group joined up. Whereas all the other member flashbacks started with title screens that said “5 years earlier” or “21 months earlier”, “1,392 deaths earlier” was the title screen for Jack’s flashback. Loved that.

“I don’t exist. And for a man of my charisma, that’s quite an achievement.”

And forget “hello”, Ianto had Jack at “pterodactyl”. 😀

Although still don’t quite understand how the whole building went “kablooie”, in some cases with the explosives looking them right in the face, and they weren’t all blown into itty bitty (to borrow a term from a Moonlighting episode) “bits o’ guy” . But that’s Torchwood for you…

But I’m sensing the demise of one or two major characters in upcoming episodes (either the next ep, or in “Children of Torchwood”), so am kind of dragging my feet to finish up the show… Hate when main characters on favorite shows get knocked off. While Stargate SG-1 was on, the episode when they killed off Daniel Jackson had me going through some serious Kleenex that night. I’m such a wimp, lol.

Season 2 of Torchwood finished!

“The end is where we start from…” – Captain Jack Harkness

Waaaah. “Exit Wounds” ended pretty much how I thought it would. Not QUITE as sad as Daniel’s demise on SG-1, but then, by then I’d been watching that show for a good 5 seasons, vs just the two seasons for Torchwood. Not quite as much time to get attached yet (and well, Owen had been a wee bit of a butthead – whether he was dead or undead – for many of the shows 😉 ). Still, between the demise of two main characters, and Jack’s “reunion “with his missing brother, twas a pretty emotional way to end the season.

‘Course, with my warped brain, for some reason, the phrase that kept coming to mind after watching it was “come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth.” LOL. Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog? Or Weevil of Cardiff? In any case – Run away! Run Away!

Got several screencaps from the episode here. (Mostly just to see if I could actually get a shadowbox gallery to work on the blog. Yes, she apparently can be taught! 😀 )

Already have “Torchwood – Children of Earth” cued up and ready to watch via the Roku box next chance we get. Although given the grumblings that I’ve been hearing about what happens to ANOTHER major character during THAT series, I’m kind of dreading that one now too. Oh well.

Still thinking about getting the three series dvd set. Would love to watch a lot of the shows again, there’s some really great one liners throughout (even in this last one, as sad as it was, they managed to throw in several good lines), and it’s just a great sci-fi show all together. Not in a huge rush though, as long as I can stream them via netflix, I can hold off buying them.

Great show, even if it did get a little dark during the second season.

LOST question for the diehards…

Don’t know if I don’t know if I don’t get this because I didn’t watch most of the series, or if the ending was deliberately vague and NOBODY gets it, but the biggest “???” in my mind about how Lost ended was why/how certain people got to the flash sideways church and certain ones didn’t.

My theory during most of the last season was that everyone, since they can’t really be in two places at once, was going to be killed off (blown up, drowned, shot, etc.) one by one on the island, and that as such, being dead, that would free them to show up at the end in approximately the same way they showed up at the church.

And for some of the characters, that’s pretty much what happened.

Notable exceptions:

Ben and Hurley: How did THEY end up there? Assuming given the conversation that they had on the island at the end, about Hurley maybe being able to find “another way off the island”, that Hurley and Ben DID figure out another way off, a way that the writers didn’t take or have the time to spell out to the viewers. Is that the case? Or did I miss something huge?

Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Claire, and the pilot: They FLEW off the island in the jet. If the stuff that was happening on the island was real, then it would seem that they would have ended up landing and surviving someplace, and yet Sawyer, Kate, and Claire still ended up at the church (don’t remember if Miles and the pilot were there too, I don’t think so).

Rose and Bernard (I think those was their names), didn’t die on the island, still ended up at the church though, didn’t they? How?

Walt, Michael, and Vincent: Walt got taken off the island in one of the earlier seasons, right? So it would make sense that he wouldn’t be at the church. Thinking that Michael was dead on the island (never saw the episode where that came about, so just assuming that based on what I did see later), why was he NOT at the church? And what about poor Vincent, is he stuck there on the island forever, keeping dead Jack company? LOL.

That’s it off the top of my head.

Comments, thoughts, and answers requested and VERY welcome. :)