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Another great weekend with D.

(Test post to see exactly how this posts from WordPress to Facebook. If it looks weird on Facebook, my apologies in advance!)

Fun times this weekend.

Usually D and I don’t get together two weekends in a row, but between seeing La Cage Aux Folles and Dark Shadows in his neck of the woods last weekend, and with Men In Black 3, which we really wanted to see leaving IMAX on Thursday, he made the drive up here already so we could catch it on the big screen in 3D this weekend before it got the boot at the IMAX in favor of Rock of Ages next weekend.

So we grabbed a quick dinner at Boston Market yesterday and headed downtown to get the $5 PowerPass IMAX tickets I’d preordered Wednesday, found out when we got there that it was “Power Pass holders Appreciation Week” so unexpectedly found ourselves with medium popcorns for only a buck apiece, and prime seats for MIB3 (in addition to the great prices Power Passes get you, you also get first crack at the GA seating with a special spot at the head of the line. LOVE that, no more 2nd row seating like we had for Avatar! Ouch!)

Men In Black 3 was awesome. Great effects, they made very dizzying use of the 3D (particularly the falling sequences, almost tossed my popcorn – er – cookies) , and thought Josh Brolin did great portraying the younger Tommy Lee Jones as “K”.

And after doing so much go go go last weekend with the musical, the movie, and miniature golf, today we just chilled at home. Watched last night’s Graham Norton from BBCA (love that show, sometimes it depends on the guests, but usually it’s great fun to watch, really hilarious), the first two episodes of Fringe from Season 1, and The Big Year on DVD from Netflix. And somewhere in there, caught bits and piece of D’s Mets getting swept by his LEAST fave team, the Yankees. And my new U2.com membership perk came in this weekend as well, U22, the 2 CD set of 22 live tracks from the 360 tour. Came with a great photo book as well. Already ripped the CD’s to my PC, looks like I’ll be burning yet ANOTHER cd for the car very shortly. :)

Now time to get caught up on all the online stuff I missed while I was doing other things. Currently listening to the ancient but newly d/l’d from Amazon mp3 album Out of the Blue by ELO. Had it on double vinyl years ago, played it to death, great to have it back in the collection again. Takes me back a WHOLE lotta years, but funny how fast the songs come back to you after all this time, head bobbing and singing along to “Summer and Lightning” and “Mr. Blue Sky” as we speak.

Just ordered Power Passes for our local IMAX

Just ordered a pair of yearly “Power Passes” for our local IMAX theatre for Doug and me.

We were going to do this LAST year, but found out about it too far into the year to make it a decent deal (they run from purchase date to end of calendar year NOT a year from the date you purchase them), so said we’d look into getting them in January of this year. Which is here. :)

It’s a nice deal. For $45, you get:

  • Admission to documentary films at no charge (ticket required)
  • Admission to feature films for only $5
  • Advance ticket sales and advance seating for all films
  • Online ticketing with no additional fees (three days advance purchase required)
  • Invitations to special screenings
  • Discounts on IMAX special events and IMAX birthday parties

Birthday parties no big deal, but for the rest of it, when you consider that most Feature Films are $12, and the Documentaries are $9, that’s a nice savings right there, since those will be only $5 and $free respectively. We’ve seen the Advance Seating in action the last time we were there, that’s a pretty sweet deal (no more sitting 2nd row for Avatar! :-O, it took hours to work out the kink in my neck after sitting that long for that). And since I tend to buy our tickets online, in advance, avoiding those handling fees is a nice plus too.

And Doug says it’ll be a good year for the feature films, since the Batman sequel is coming out this summer, as well as Spiderman. And *squee!* they brought back Hubble 3D, which I missed when they had it there before, REALLY want to see that on the big screen in 3D, which since it’s a documentary, will now be FREE! *does happy dance*

All in all a pretty good deal. We just have to go and get a photo ID taken before we go see our first movie, and we’re good to go. Nice. :)

And on a totally unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to post this video in my blog since I first saw it, so I don’t have to keep going to YouTube or Twitter to find it, but yeah, for some reason, I really REALLY like this video. 😀

Still don’t know how I never saw it over the Christmas holidays (I’m sure I would have REMEMBERED this one! LOL) but found it en route to looking for Geico Maxwell’s new Ziplining video, so including it here now, just because. “Yee-hee!” 😀