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New pic, new video on my @Team_Barrowman pages

I finally make my first LOLCat photo, and what does it turn out to be? A LOLJohn photo instead! 😀

Anyhoo, that’s the photo, it’s also on the Various and Sundries page, and if it looks familiar, it’s from John singing “I Won’t Send Roses” at the Faenol Festival a few years back. Think it’s one of the best songs on his new CD, so naturally had to include the video for it on the Multimedia page.

Love that song.

Yeah, so it's another @Team_Barrowman post. Oh well. :D

Disclaimer: if you’ve not been watching Desperate Housewives the last several weeks, you may find yourself a bit lost in this post. And if you’re still waiting to watch it, some serious show spoilage ahead, so you may want to stop here. All have been warned (and why do I find myself wanting to add “NONE shall pass!” after that? LOL)

Anyhoo, read on, or not. :)


Well, I either got really creative or really stupid the other night. Not sure which yet, you tell ME! 😉

After reading much discussion about the fact that John doesn’t bring roses, but his alter ego on Desperate Housewives, Patrick Logan, does, I apparently got kicked in the head by my muse in the wee hours of the morning earlier this week (kind of like tonight, actually, it’s almost as late tonight as it was earlier this week), and I wrote a parody (something I like to do on occasion if the spirit moves me) of “I Won’t Send Roses”, as if it was done by Patrick, in his own unique ie rather warped fashion.

Some of the lyrics are a smidge iffy, even to me; other parts, to borrow a phrase from John, are just “brilliant”, IMHO. 😉 But he’s got a couple more episodes to go, so there time for improvement, should I get dope-slapped in the head by the aforementioned muse again.

I called it simply “I Will Send Roses”, lol. Here’s a sample from the second verse:

Forget escaping
I’ve got the key
Locked to the bedpost
And spooned we’ll be.
And should I kill you you would be
The first to know
Then I’ll send roses,
‘Cause roses suit you so…

Check out the full page on the website here. It’s got the whole song (such as it is), photos, and the mp3 to play so you can sing along should you so choose.