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I can't get no…satisfaction…

… out of Philips Electronics.  >:(

Got a response back from my request for technical support from Philips (see my previous post on the subject here, if you missed it.) Essentially, what they came back with was “here, check this link on our website, if that doesn’t solve your problem, since it’s out of warranty, take it to a service center.”

I just about blew a gasket.

My response? A fairly civil (?)

“The unit does NOT need service. Or to be repaired. It is not broken.

We just need to be told whether we can or cannot change the frequency
between the remote control and the unit so that units from outside the house
do not change our channels, and if it can be done – like we’ve been able to
do per the operation manuals of other brands of recorder – how to do it,
since the manual does not say.

And if it CAN’T be done, what happens when you have two Philips units in the
same entertainment unit, how do you tell keep the remote for the second unit
from unwantedly controlling the first unit?

I would think that someone at Philips could tell me at least that much.

Thank you.”

If they should once again recommend a service center, I will thank them profusely for their “help”, and advise them that the entire email exchange WILL end up being tweeted, and facebooked, and blogged, and since I bought the unit at Amazon, I’d be sure to share how “helpful” Philips “customer service” was in the product revue section over on Amazon.com as well.

Any place else online that you can think of that I might could share something like that?

Won’t do anything to fix the problem, but I’ll sure feel better about it afterwards.  Mwahaha!

(And yes, Julie, if you’re reading this, Philips customer service did a GREAT job of putting me into  “I’m Noko Marie, don’t mess with ME!” mode! 😀 )