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Just ordered a new phone!

Yeah, I love my Optimus V, but there have been several things about it that I’ve not been too fond of. Namely that it’s not all that fast, the minimal onboard storage capacity (it’s sitting there with a “low storage” warning in my status bar as we speak), the fact that it won’t play flash, so I can’t even play back the videos on my own website, and the screen is pretty damn small, even when I wear my readers. Even using ThickButtons, typing on that thing is really tricky, my fingers hit the wrong keys on a fairly regular basis. Plus there have been a few apps that I’ve run into out there that I’ve REALLY wanted to put on the phone, but while they’re compatible with my version of the android OS, they’re just not compatible with just that phone. 

(And yes, I noticed that out of everything I’ve mentioned about the phone, in this and previous posts, about how it operates, one thing that never comes up is how it handles phone calls. LOL. But I almost never use it for that, which is why that Virgin Mobile $25/month unlimited text/data plan with just the 300 minutes is so perfect for me. Essentially, I treat it as a PDA, that just happens to be able to make calls when I need to, which is rarely – don’t think I’ve ever gone over 30 minutes in any given month since I’ve had it. So as long as it can make them when I need them to, it doesn’t need to do much else so far as its phone abilities go.)

So as a rule, it’s been acceptable phone. Gets the job done. And it was the best one that Virgin Mobile offered when I bought it earlier this year. 

Motorola Triumph Phone from Virgin Mobile

But THEN, I made the mistake of going to my Virgin Mobile account to update my credit card info last week, then peeking into their “phones and plans” area. Whoops! The Optimus V is not their best offering any more. Now they’ve got a Motorola Triumph. With a faster processor. And a much bigger storage capacity. And a bigger screen. AND it will play flash video. PLUS it’s got two cameras compared to just the one on the OV. AND a flash for the still camera, which OV doesn’t have. AND HD video that you can play back via an HDMI cable directly into your TV set. In short, it’s like the OV, on steroids.*insert Tim Allen Tool Time grunt here: ARGH ARGH ARGH!*

Reviews on it have been mixed, but it seems like if you get a good phone right out of the box (which seems to be a problem on occasion, some folks have gotten real lemons right from the manufacturer), people have been happy with it.

So after hemming and hawing for a week (and missing Best Buy’s sale on that very phone in the process), and doing my usual comparison shopping, helped by the handy dandy plug in for FireFox called Invisible Hand which pops up when you’re shopping for something to let you know if there’s a cheaper price online anywhere, I found myself at Amazon. Invisible Hand told me it was cheaper on eBay, but I tend to like the return policies better from a known company vs someone on ebay where you’re not sure who you’re buying from. Plus if I put it on my Amazon store card, I’ve got something like 4 months same as cash to pay it off. THOUGHT I could use the nearly $50 in reward points from my Visa card towards it, but since I wasn’t using the Visa to pay for it, apparently that’s not an option. So did the next best thing. Used the $30 gift card that my sister got me for my birthday in July, put THAT towards the phone instead, saving my rewards points for my birthday purchase when I make it. Amazon seemed happy with that. So I got $30 off, free shipping, and 4 months same as cash. Nice deal. Ordered it this afternoon.

And one other thing I like about Virgin Mobile… If you’ve got a phone plan with them, and they change their rates, as long as you keep your same phone plan, you get to keep it at the same rates. So apparently even though VM raised their $25/mo plan to $35/mo recently, even if I swap out my OV for the Triumph, I still get to keep my $25/month plan. Sweet. :)

Can’t wait for it to come in so I can play. Fortunately it’s still an Android phone, so the learning curve on it won’t be to steep. AND all the apps that I already have via Amazon’s app store and the Android App Market should work with it as well (including, hopefully, the ones that were supposed to work but just didn’t like the Optimus V. So we’ll see.

Selling a pair of U2 Pittsburgh Tickets

Just thought I’d stick a real blog post in between all of these “Tweets o’ the Day” that always show up when I’m too lazy to do a blog post of my own. LOL. 😀

Just activated an ebay listing for the pair of U2 tickets that Doug and I are NOT going to be using after all. Originally bought a pair of tickets for New Jersey for LAST summer, but that was when Bono threw out his back, had to have surgery and the whole North American leg of the tour got postponed until THIS summer. So we already had tickets for the New Jersey show later this month. When they set up the new summer schedule, Pittsburgh was added as the last show of the North American leg this time, and since I always wanted to hit a “last show of the tour” concert, we made use of two of our allotted fanclub presale tickets, and bought the pair for Pittsburgh, planning on selling the New Jersey tickets.

THEN U2 added on a Canadian show, scheduled AFTER the Pittsburgh show, and suddenly Pittsburgh was no longer last show of the NA tour. After much discussion Doug and I opted to go back to our original plan and see the Jersey show instead, which would allow us to also catch a Mets game at CitiField in NY the day before the U2 show as well as visit with his family in New Hampshire for a few days AFTER the show. And since then have actually added on seeing Spiderman – Turn Off The Dark the Sunday before THAT, so it’s turning into quite the trip.

But still have this issue of the now unneeded Pittsburgh tickets. Enter ebay. Anyone interested in some nice front row upper deck tickets for the U2 show at Heinz Field? :) Not asking any more than I paid for them, actually asking a little less to keep it neat, AND offering Free UPS shipping. Just want to give them a good home since we can’t use them now. :)

Ebay listing is HERE.

Pittsburgh U2 Tickets

Heinz Field Seating Chart

Why must people lie on ebay? :(

Haven’t bid on anything on ebay in a while, since last December, I think. So when a 20% off price deal that popped up for the new Sims 3 Ambitions expansion at EA Games turned out to NOT be for folks in the US, I went to ebay last night, paid $26 (regularly $39.95) for a legitimate (if it’s not, it’s news to me) registration code to be able to download the digital version of the expansion pack from the EA site, and install it. Since that was how I’d planned on getting the game anyway, via the digital download at EA vs buying the DVD for it in a store, I thought “Great! I’ll just get it this way!”

And all seems to be going well. Got the registration code within 24 hours as promised, have downloaded the expansion pack, and it is now installed.

Alas, don’t think I can give the seller positive feedback though. So what’s the problem?

Have had problems in the past with sellers saying they were from the US and being from elsewhere. Faithful readers may remember the memory stick that I bought from a seller in “Florida” last year, that I specifically bought because the seller WAS in Florida, only a few states away, so I figured less chance of damage that way. Imagine my surprise when I got my receipt back from PayPal showing that my purchase from Florida actually was coming from China. >:(

Long story short, the item turned out to be defective, and it cost me an extra $30 to have the thing shipped back registered mail NOT to Florida, where I thought I was buying from, but internationally all the way to China. I was NOT a happy camper about it. Spent several months faxing multiple proofs of return back to PayPal, and ended up having to call them SEVERAL times, working my way up the chain of command until I found someone who would agree to refund all but $8 of my shipping cost as well as the cost of the defective item.

Ever since, when I look for items on ebay, I always start off filtering the search for US sellers, and if I can’t find a US seller with what I want, I’ll expand the search to North America only. And if I can’t find what I’m after that way, will as a last resort finish the search unfiltered to find it.

Last night, I did my usual “North America Only” filtered search for Sims 3 Ambitions. Found the seller I ended up buying from, whose listing said he was in “Issaquah Washington , United States”.

The seller is from *&$#%! China again. >:(

I understand why they do it, I’m sure it really boosts their sales. And I don’t MIND buying from China, if I know that it’s coming from China, I’ve picked up several DVD sets from China. But when I’m specifically looking for US sellers, and someone’s listing says they are, and they turn out to NOT be, after my last experience with a non-US seller, I get a little irked about it.

So as problem free as this transaction has been otherwise, the fact that the seller is misrepresenting where he’s from, don’t think I’ll be able to leave him positive feedback. With 100% positive feedback in 21 auctions, nobody else seems to care, or maybe they don’t notice where he’s from, they’re just so happy to get such a bargain on their PC software codes.

Won’t leave negative feedback, but haven’t decided whether to just leave NO feedback or make it neutral. Neutral would let me vent a bit, without hurting his feedback rating at all.

Grumble. Oh well. It could be worse, the code could not have worked. Then I’d have had to put the charge in dispute with Visa, and while they make it as easy as they can, it’s always a pain to have to do that. And at least there was no shipping involved either coming or going. So that’s a good thing too.