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Added Time Zone Converters to my Website

As you can probably tell from the number of BBC videos I have on the site, I watch a LOT of BBC shows online. Usually tend to come in late or after the fact since apparently when they were handing out the brain cells that allow you to easily remember and calculate time zone conversions, I was apparently absent that day. The only one I remember off the top of my head is that Pacific Time is three hours difference, and that’s only because I lived in that time zone for 28 years. AND because I did a lot of ebaying, and always had to remember auction times ended three hours later than what it showed. Useful to know when you’re planning on sniping an auction out from under someone’s nose. LOL. 😀

So I’ve made good use of the some of the time zone converters that are readily available online. But finally got tired of trying to remember which sites had the most user friendly converters and which ones didn’t quite work as well as advertised and decided to see if I could wrangle up one on the website so that I’d always have it handy. Trying to work out the java script manually didn’t work out too well, but I found a site that was nice and clean, without any advertising of ANY kind, that I thought would make a nice addition to my site.

(East Coast John Barrowman fans, notice that start time?
Yes indeedy! Used the Tonight’s The Night 8PM UK start time to see if it worked. LOL.)

Tried it at lunch, worked great. Tried it at home, it seemed to hang and initially wouldn’t bring up a proper conversion. So set up my second choice, a page that’s got lots of *ick* advertising, but gets the job done if the first one decides to be uncooperative again. (Of course, naturally right after I set up the second one, the first one started working just fine again. Go figure.)

Anyhoo, so now that I’ve got these set up, hopefully there will be no more coming in late or half way through some of my BBC programming. Yay.

Both converters can be found here. Feel free to bookmark the page if you find them useful. :)