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Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Saw this on BBCA’s website, then at Amazon, then in my Wireless catalog, but no place had it cheaper than at ThinkGeek, so I bought it there. Always liked mugs whose designs changed when the mug got hot or cool, and well, to have the TARDIS from Doctor Who disappear from the streets of London on one side, and reappear floating in space on the other was just too cool to pass by, so I bought it.

Turned out to be even more KEWL than expected. Brought it to work, and it took a few days for me to stop staring at it after I poured coffee into it to watch the TARDIS fade from sight on one side and reappear on the other.

Remembered that I had my video camera with me, and a handy dandy mirror in the cabinet in the other office, so set it up so that I could videotape both sides of the mug at the same time. (And yes, for you eagle-eyed viewers, the mug IS sitting on a Stargate coaster. Wonder what would happen if Jack O’Neill ever met up with The Doctor. 😀 )

Anyhoo, think the video came out pretty well. Check it out!

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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times…

A tale of coffee woe.

Highlight of my week so far? After having some jerk in an SUV cut me off on my way to work last week, causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him and having my nice full thermos of coffee go crashing into the dashboard. Naturally the thing shattered and well, didn’t the guy know I like my coffee black? No creamer, no sugar, no awful sounding shards of glass. Had to throw the whole thing out. >:-( And for those who know how much I love my coffee in the morning, know what a tragedy THAT was. It sounded AWFUL when I shook it, like, well, a container full of shattered glass and a now undrinkable beverage. *sigh*

Anyhoo, have been using a wimpy thermal pot that didn’t hold as much as the thermos, and didn’t keep things warm as well as the thermos, so was really looking forward to the arrival of our new replacement thermoses yesterday. Which arrived right on time. Yay. *did a little happy dance*

Not so fast. Tried to use them today. Would you believe BOTH of them leak? You pour the coffee from the top, and yeah, it comes out of there, but it also dribbles from out of the BASE. In several places. Including below the handle on the OPPOSITE side of the pour spout. Which makes no sense to me at all.

Took them apart tonight to see if we could figure out what was wrong with them to avoid having to send them back. Discovered that Inspector #13 in the Thermos Quality Control Department was apparently taking a mental nap when they inspected our thermoses for quality. The rubber rings that the glass part sits on in the base were very badly glued on, in that they were THISCLOSE to falling off the bottom of the glass, and they weren’t stuck on straight, so naturally the glass part wouldn’t stand up completely straight and make an airtight seal. Result? A leaky thermos, AND one that didn’t keep the coffee hot as long as it was supposed to since it wasn’t airtight.

So we took a crack at MacGyvering them in the kitchen tonight. Pulled off the bad glue job, and reglued the rings to the glass, making sure that they were actually put on STRAIGHT this time. Currently waiting for the glue to dry a bit more before reassembling all the parts, so don’t know if our attempts to fix them actually worked yet.

Either way, the folks at Thermos will be hearing from us. There was no excuse for sending something out with that shoddy assembly job. Thermos used to be a really good brand, but as usual, “the new and improved” things again, may be new, but are sure not improved.

EDIT: Well, several days and a few thermoses of coffee later, it looks like our dis-assembly and re-assembly of our two thermoses worked. Not a leak, not a dribble of coffee have we seen. Thermos is still going to get a nasty gram about it though. No excuse for that shoddy workmanship from a company like them. They should at least warn on the sales page that “some re-assembly required prior to first use.” LOL.

One quick @Team_Barrowman post…

… then it’s off to bed with me (although I just rediscovered the coffee that I’d poured, um, several hours ago, that I’d forgotten all about, so just chugalugged it. I’ll prolly be awake for hours now. LOL)

I think I HAVE officially reached “Nerdvana”. I spend all day at work slamming my head against my desk trying to get some video player code to cooperate for the office website, and then what do I do when I get home? Spend several MORE hours working on a variation on the same player to use on the home website. It was an audio only player, so fell into place a little easier, and I really like the way it turned out.

I thought since I’m still getting all these blank stares from people when I mention how great John Barrowman is (I guess they missed his first 2.5 minutes of onscreen time on Desperate Housewives Sunday night, LOL), thought I’d share a little of why I think he’s so great over on the website, so set up an audio player with several tracks from each of his CDs that I’ve got, a few of my favorite tunes from each. So I spent the evening putting that together after Survivor was over tonight (yes, Survivor was tonight; if you were looking to watch it in its usual time slot tomorrow night, too bad so sad, you missed it! 😉 ).

Anyhoo, the new player is on the page here; check it out to see who this guy is who I thought was so great that he actually managed to kick U2 out of the Prius mp3 deck for the first time in over a year! (All the same tunes are also in the player at the left, but the one here isn’t nearly as slick as the one over on the website.)

Website MP3 Player

My apologies to the mods on the official JB newsgroup. I’m still a little rusty on newsgroup etiquette (it’s been years since I signed up for one, probably not since my days when I was was using GEnie, my first online service from years ago), so naturally, I keep doing things that make them give my posts the boot (and I understand why, entirely my bad, I just keep forgetting it’s not a regular forum. 😉 ).

But since I’m not an official JB anything, I’ll repost here what I put there. Not as many JB folks will see it here, but maybe the extra Twitter/Facebook exposure might be helpful. :)

For those who missed it, or are in the UK and haven’t been able to see JB’s debut on Desperate Housewives on Sunday, it IS posted on YouTube, all 2 minutes and 40 something seconds of it. I personally like my own edit of it, but haven’t had time to set it up in a player on the website yet, so this will have to do for now. Sorry it’s hanging over the edge of the page a bit, but none of the video is missing, so I’ll leave it for now…

And the other thing that got the boot from the newsgroup is that I personally thought it would be a kick to see if JB’s gazillion fans got together and tried to get John on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson while he was still here in the US, if for no other reason than to listen to John lapse back into his Scottish accent after speaking with CraigyFerg. I could listen to John speak with that Scottish brogue for, well, forever. Sounds great, don’t understand why Scott isn’t in to it. 😉

Apparently that coffee has kicked in, I seem to be typing a million miles a minute here. 😀 But anyhoo, if anyone wants to email Craig Ferguson to suggest getting JB on the show while he’s still in the US shooting DH, the email address over at CBS is


Or for you Tweeters out there, he’s @CraigyFerg on Twitter.

Okay, the clock just bingbonged 1am. I probably should call it a night. So tweet or email ole CraigyFerg, check out the new mp3 player on the website, and heck, feel free to leave a comment! I’ve only had one so far and that was from my sister, so it was probably just a pity comment, lol.

The great invention called Super Glue :)

How’s THAT for a random out of the blue thought! :)

One of my first few blog posts had to do with issues that we had with the pair of brand new Thermoses (Thermi?) that we bought to replace the one that shattered on my way to work after I had to slam on my brakes to avoid the jerk in the SUV who cut me off in traffic. http://wp.me/pLxg8-n We bought them right from Thermos, figured they’d work great, tried them for the first time, and discovered they both leaked. Took them apart, found that Quality Control inspector Number 13 was apparently asleep on the job and sent them on their way with them half falling apart and pieces glued on crooked.

Anyway, we repaired them with the only glue we had in the house, just some Elmer’s type craft glue, and they worked for a good couple of months before they started leaking again. Apparently craft glue is NOT the ideal choice for gluing together things that contain hot beverages; where we’d glued things back together ourselves, the glue was just falling apart, hence why the thermoses were falling apart and leaking again.

So I pick up a tube (just a small one, figuring we’d use it once on the thermoses and then never need it again) of some of that heavy duty “warning: bonds permanently, use care to not glue fingers together” Super Glue stuff at the hardware store, that’s supposed to be really good with things like glass, plastic, etc. Just the thing that little thermoses are made of. Took the things apart again, cleaned out all the old glue, let them dry well overnight, and then reassembled them the next day using the super glue I’d bought. And once again, we had two working thermoses, in better shape than what we’d gotten from Inspector Number 13. LOL.

Super Glue is good for lots of other things, we’ve already discovered.

Like gluing mouse chewed off parts back onto mousetraps to make them functional again.

And gluing METAL non-chewable parts onto mousetraps to make them functional AGAIN, after the mouse chews off the reglued parts after one night. Talk about building a better mousetrap. Why do they not just make ones that work out of METAL instead of this easily chewed plastic crap?

And when the strap of my one month old shoulderbag snaps off at the bottom of the purse. A couple of dabs of superglue on the strap, hold it in place for 30 seconds, momentarily panic when the glue seeps through the leather and my finger is stuck temporarily to the inside of the purse. :-O But after unsticking my finger, purse is as good as new. :)

And reglue the cushion on the base of the kneeling bench that my mom uses for gardening that had just conveniently fallen off just before we bought the glue.

All of which are still holding together nicely, after being dabbed with the miracle invention known as superglue. Yay!