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Just ordered Power Passes for our local IMAX

Just ordered a pair of yearly “Power Passes” for our local IMAX theatre for Doug and me.

We were going to do this LAST year, but found out about it too far into the year to make it a decent deal (they run from purchase date to end of calendar year NOT a year from the date you purchase them), so said we’d look into getting them in January of this year. Which is here. :)

It’s a nice deal. For $45, you get:

  • Admission to documentary films at no charge (ticket required)
  • Admission to feature films for only $5
  • Advance ticket sales and advance seating for all films
  • Online ticketing with no additional fees (three days advance purchase required)
  • Invitations to special screenings
  • Discounts on IMAX special events and IMAX birthday parties

Birthday parties no big deal, but for the rest of it, when you consider that most Feature Films are $12, and the Documentaries are $9, that’s a nice savings right there, since those will be only $5 and $free respectively. We’ve seen the Advance Seating in action the last time we were there, that’s a pretty sweet deal (no more sitting 2nd row for Avatar! :-O, it took hours to work out the kink in my neck after sitting that long for that). And since I tend to buy our tickets online, in advance, avoiding those handling fees is a nice plus too.

And Doug says it’ll be a good year for the feature films, since the Batman sequel is coming out this summer, as well as Spiderman. And *squee!* they brought back Hubble 3D, which I missed when they had it there before, REALLY want to see that on the big screen in 3D, which since it’s a documentary, will now be FREE! *does happy dance*

All in all a pretty good deal. We just have to go and get a photo ID taken before we go see our first movie, and we’re good to go. Nice. :)

And on a totally unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to post this video in my blog since I first saw it, so I don’t have to keep going to YouTube or Twitter to find it, but yeah, for some reason, I really REALLY like this video. 😀

Still don’t know how I never saw it over the Christmas holidays (I’m sure I would have REMEMBERED this one! LOL) but found it en route to looking for Geico Maxwell’s new Ziplining video, so including it here now, just because. “Yee-hee!” 😀

John Barrowman Tour dates announced by @Team_Barrowman…

… and they’re all in Europe (go here for the schedule). I’m a newbie to JB, does he ever tour the states, I wonder? I’ve been to Europe, once, a three week trip back in high school. Would love to go again, and a trek to see JB perform live would be great.

Alas, after paying off 3 pairs of U2 concert tickets, $500 for the new camcorder to take to said U2 concerts, the flight from NC to VT to see one of said U2 shows in MA (notice a trend there? :) ), plus *ugh* $700 for the new bumper on the Prius after my fender-bender before Christmas, I don’t think a trip to Europe for a John Barrowman concert is financially in my near future.

Hoping a lot of video shows up on YouTube from everyone who goes! Please, thank you! :)

Well, paying off a credit card bill then going to bed early tonight. That tossing and turning until 2:30 in the morning last night wiped me out today… Looks like it’s back to the laptop at lunchtime tomorrow for the next chapter in my JB webpage. As soon as I finish that, I’ve got more astronomy pics lined up to publish, but I kinda DO want to finish that page first.

Parade bars Mrs. Claus – Nation/World – NewsObserver.com


Parade bars Mrs. Claus – Nation/World – NewsObserver.com.

I couldn’t believe this when I read it in the paper this morning. They weren’t allowing Mrs. Claus in the downtown Raleigh Christmas parade, because ” it’s confusing for children to see two people in Santa suits”.

But John Odom, executive director of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association, which runs the parade, said it’s confusing for children to see two people in Santa suits. He said it’s a policy that only Santa may wear the official outfit.

Parade officials even discourage people from wearing Santa hats, Odom said.

Oh, PLEASE.  Do they really think kids are that stupid that they can’t tell the difference between the guy in a red Santa suit and a woman in a red Mrs. Santa dress?

And to try to keep people from even wearing Santa HATS?!? What a bunch of Scrooges.

What little of the parade I watched on TV so far, I was pleased to see that in one of the marching band color guard groups, they were ALL wearing Santa hats. I looked at mom and whined “Mommy, I’m confused, are ALL those people waving the pompoms Santa Claus!?!” 😀


Solar Eclipse Animated GIF added to website…

… along with a couple of new pics. But the animated GIF of the Christmas 2000 partial solar eclipse that I put together is probably one of the “favoritest” things I’ve done. Link back to the page is here.