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Simon’s Cat Videos

Simon’s Cat Videos

I love Simon’s Cat over on You Tube. Some of those animations are JUST hilarious, and you can tell they were done by someone who actually owns a cat; the way he gets all their little quirks and mannerisms and goofy noises down.

My favorites so far, in no particular order, are Fly Guy, The Box, and Let Me In. ūüėÄ

Cat Toys: Where Art Thou?


Or, how to catch a mouse after midnight.

Some of you may remember several months back when we were having our kitchen remodeled and had to move the refrigerator to have the new floor tiles put in, and we found the entire area under the fridge carpeted (“carpet: the word that lies like a rug – it is neither a car, nor a pet” ūüėÄ ) with¬†drinking straws¬†and milk¬†bottle top rings, which in our house¬†are¬†two¬†favorite toys of our cats. Apparently¬†all involved found it really really funny. Alas, I was not home, or I would have snapped a photo of it to share.

Advance to last night around 12:30.¬†I see¬†Chloe jump from behind my TV¬†downstairs and go tearing up the basement steps, with a live mouse in her mouth.¬†¬†Argh. Gotta love those late night mouse rodeos. By the time I get upstairs to the living room, she’s already let it go and it has run immediately behind our piano. Swell. The good(?) news, it runs immediately out the other side and Shelley gets him this time. While¬†the cats are¬†batting it around in the living room, I close the doors leading to all the other rooms so at least we can minimize where they can take it.

And by the time I get back to the living room, Shelley has let it get away and it’s run under the couch. We debate whether to let him come out on his own and take his chances, or whether between the two of us we can tip the couch over and force the issue a bit. We opt to tip the couch. Whereas Ozzy runs in this time, grabs the mouse in his mouth and runs with it into the dining room.

I grab our mouse catching clear tupperware box and cardboard, follow him in, and after circling the dining room table a couple of times, Ozzy finally decides to drop the mouse, who just lies there on his back, I figure he’s either a goner, or he’s playing some serious possum. Possum it was. As soon as I put the box over him, he flips back over – so fast I never even saw him do it, he was like a Weeping Angel, I blinked and he moved ūüėÄ – and starts running around frantically under the box. I get the cardboard under him and we turn him loose outside, where¬†the last we see of him he’s¬†scurrying off across the driveway into our neighbor’s yard. Sorry, Bill.¬†ūüėÄ

Anyway, what does this have to with the cat toys under the refrigerator a few months back? THIS is what¬†one finds underneath the couch when you’ve got 4 cats and the couch hasn’t been moved in YEARS (and no, we didn’t actually find¬†a cat under there, lol. But we did find a roll of Smarties. Wonder how long THOSE have been there!)¬†:

Fort Knox of Cat Toys

"As God as my witness, I'll never buy cat toys again!" :D


Amazing what finds its way under the couch when you’ve got cats. LOL. Be sure to click the pic for the full sized version, that was how I spotted the Smarties, which I didn’t even see last night. ūüėÄ