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The new TV season thus far…

Another fluff post, but why not. :)

The start of the fall tv season is when our DVR (which thankfully has two tuners, otherwise we’d never keep up) gets a workout. We tend to watch nearly everything new at least once, then eliminate the crap shows from the schedule and end up with a reasonable number of shows to watch.

The only problem this fall? Not a whole lot of crap shows to speak of. LOL. We skipped H8R right off the bat, as well as The Playboy Club and Charlies Angels, plus a couple of other shows on the CW that just plain did nothing for us. And no, are not watching X-Factor. But have tried pretty much every thing else so far, and most shows are pretty good. So have started dropping show that are okay, but not great. Definitely deleted off the DVR’s on screen scheduler: Pan-Am (bummer, that’s the airline that flew me to Europe in 1984! :) ), Two Broke Girls, and Up All Night. Not sure about (we’ll watch for a second week and then decide): Unforgettable and Gifted Man. New Girl was supposed to be THE new comedy of the season, and jury is still out on that one too. It was cute and quirky, but it may lose out just due to the sheer volume of other good shows airing.

What’s funny is the number of shows that we thought we’d just watch to see just how awful they were, and they turned out to be pretty good. Didn’t think I’d like Ringer, or Revenge, or Whitney. I’d heard Whitney was supposed to be funny, but the previews looked kind of obnoxious, so we only tuned in to see how bad it would be, and found ourselves laughing several times in just the first couple of minutes. So definitely giving it another go.

A few more new shows that I’m liking right after the first ep: Persons of Interest and Suburbitory. Prime Suspect is pretty good too, although, if they don’t make the cops a bit more likeable, may drop it. Life’s too short to spend an hour with people on TV you don’t like. LOL.

Between old shows and new shows, the busiest night for the DVR has got to be Wednesday. There’s something on nearly every network that night. CBS has Survivor and Criminal Minds. ABC has their 2 hours of half hour comedies (The Middle, Modern Family, Suburbitory, and Happy Endings), plus Revenge at 10. NBC has Harry’s Law, and Law&Order SVU. Plus for 4 weeks BBC America has season 2 of Luther. Have all 4 eps saved on a hard drive from an internet download, but it’s been so long since it aired on BBC, not sure which drive it’s on. LOL.  So Wednesday, we usually end up with the DVR recording on both tuners AND our older DVD burner recording a third network to RAM disc (just like a VCR, only on an erasable DVD vs tape).

Then there’s all the returning favorites: Good Wife, Castle, Parenthood, Mike & Molly, Big Bang Theory, Fringe, The Mentalist, Blue Bloods, Supernatural. Haven on SyFy is still running from the summer season, soon to be replaced with Sanctuary after this week I think. And Doctor Who is just finishing up, to be replaced I guess with Bedlam (which naturally, we’ll have to try, along with American Horror Story on Fox). Just got hooked on a couple of the BBCA British comedies, Friday Night Dinner and Outnumbered, hope those are coming back.

Whew. Yeah, kind of sad how much TV we watch. Not everyone here watches every one of them, but we kind of split the difference.

And still find ourselves with enough time to watch Jeopardy every night. 😀

Oooh, two posts in one night!

I noticed that with Doug being here this past weekend, I got a little behind on the blogging, so thought I’d get caught up with an extra post tonight. :)

But he came up in the afternoon, in enough time for us to watch Nuno and Kim’s DVD of their shoot at the Foxboro, MA U2 360 concert that Doug and I had gone to back in September. They were two rows back from the stage, smack dab in front of Bono, so their forward facing view was MUCH better than where we were from the inner circle along side of the stage. We definitely had the advantage for some of the walkway moments, though, like when Bono walked right over my head during Beautiful Day, and during The Unforgettable Fire, when he was THISCLOSE to Doug and me. But I LOVED their shoot, saw so much of what we missed from where we were, and they got the WHOLE show vs the one hour I shot that night. Pretty amazing stuff. Thank you again for sharing it, N & K!

Then it was off to the hockey game. Carolina vs Phoenix. Reminded me of Jason Mitchener, a Third Day boardie mod from Arizona who passed away late last year. He would have been so proud of the way the Coyotes kicked the Canes collective butts Saturday night. Yes, the Canes lost 4 to ZIP! Had to have been one of the worst hockey games I’ve seen in a while, one of those kinds that you just watch the clock and will it to be over. But D and I had fun anyway.

Next day it was sleep late (made even later by the time change), read the paper, watch a bunch of Craig Ferguson clips from YouTube and the CBS website,  then it was off to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (which for the record looks NOTHING like what is represented on Big Bang Theory. It actually looks EXACTLY like the link to their website shows. Still wanted to ask if we could get Penny as our waitress while we were there, but figured they probably wouldn’t get the joke…)

They’ve got some GREAT food there. D and I split an order of the Factory Nachos, and I ended up splurging on the Wasabi Encrusted Ahi Tuna. Which was good, just wish I’d asked for it to be seared as little as possible, compared to what I used to get at Bahama Breeze before they took it off the menu, for “rare”, it was kind of overdone. Then we finished off with gooey chocolate desserts to take home. In the immortal words of the LOLCats: “Nom nom nom!” 😀 But man, between the appetizer, the desserts, and the fact that I got the Ahi Tuna, we burned through 2 $25 gift cards, and still ended up charging nearly that much on the Visa. :-O It was SO good though.

Anyhoo, came home, watched that new show Minute To Win It, then switched over to the Amazing Race, then D took off for home.

Good weekend, even if the Canes got shut out and I ended up eating WAY too much! Nom nom nom, INDEED! 😀

Still tinkering with my @Team_Barrowman webpage…

… THIS is why I brought my laptop to work to work on the website at lunchtime. I figured I’d get a late start on the computer tonight with the return of good TV to primetime, now that the Olympics are over, watching Chuck, Life Unexpected and recording the Big Bang Theory. And this was after watching two more hours of Torchwood. Is it just me, or did season two take a really REALLY dark turn compared to season one?

Didn’t sit down here until after 10pm. Then found a zillion messages in my email from the new newsgroup I signed up for yesterday, so had to sort through those (and change the format to daily digest, there were so many individual messages, I couldn’t find my SPAM! lol).

So now, by the time I sorted through all my usual after work online stuff, it’s already almost midnight, and I don’t have a braincell left in my head to continue working on my JB webpage. Figured I’d still be tinkering tomorrow anyway, so left the laptop at the office. I’ll fiddle with it more at lunch tomorrow…

Future reminder to self: When bringing purse, bookbag, and laptop to work, do NOT put all three in the passenger seat. The overly cautious Prius thought someone was sitting there without a seatbelt on, and 5 minutes into my drive to work started to *ping* at me to tell me someone wasn’t belted in yet. Doh! Love the way it starts to get frantic after the initial slow *ping….ping….ping…* After a few of those, suddenly it switches over to *PINGPINGPINGPINGPING!* just in case I couldn’t hear it the first 10 times it pinged at me. And then it stops suddenly, like it thinks “Oh well, it’s YOUR life! Don’t buckle up if you want to!” LOL. It’s like the backup alarm that goes off when you put the thing in reverse. Does anyone hear it OUTSIDE the car? Nope! Just the driver, in case they’ve not actually figured out that the car is going backwards yet. I say again: DOH! 😀

But at least both my gas and brake pedals work. Apparently 2007 was a decent year for Priuses. Unless you count headlights going out unexpectedly. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but there have been some complaints from drivers of 2007 Priuses. :-O