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Another great weekend with D.

(Test post to see exactly how this posts from WordPress to Facebook. If it looks weird on Facebook, my apologies in advance!)

Fun times this weekend.

Usually D and I don’t get together two weekends in a row, but between seeing La Cage Aux Folles and Dark Shadows in his neck of the woods last weekend, and with Men In Black 3, which we really wanted to see leaving IMAX on Thursday, he made the drive up here already so we could catch it on the big screen in 3D this weekend before it got the boot at the IMAX in favor of Rock of Ages next weekend.

So we grabbed a quick dinner at Boston Market yesterday and headed downtown to get the $5 PowerPass IMAX tickets I’d preordered Wednesday, found out when we got there that it was “Power Pass holders Appreciation Week” so unexpectedly found ourselves with medium popcorns for only a buck apiece, and prime seats for MIB3 (in addition to the great prices Power Passes get you, you also get first crack at the GA seating with a special spot at the head of the line. LOVE that, no more 2nd row seating like we had for Avatar! Ouch!)

Men In Black 3 was awesome. Great effects, they made very dizzying use of the 3D (particularly the falling sequences, almost tossed my popcorn – er – cookies) , and thought Josh Brolin did great portraying the younger Tommy Lee Jones as “K”.

And after doing so much go go go last weekend with the musical, the movie, and miniature golf, today we just chilled at home. Watched last night’s Graham Norton from BBCA (love that show, sometimes it depends on the guests, but usually it’s great fun to watch, really hilarious), the first two episodes of Fringe from Season 1, and The Big Year on DVD from Netflix. And somewhere in there, caught bits and piece of D’s Mets getting swept by his LEAST fave team, the Yankees. And my new U2.com membership perk came in this weekend as well, U22, the 2 CD set of 22 live tracks from the 360 tour. Came with a great photo book as well. Already ripped the CD’s to my PC, looks like I’ll be burning yet ANOTHER cd for the car very shortly. :)

Now time to get caught up on all the online stuff I missed while I was doing other things. Currently listening to the ancient but newly d/l’d from Amazon mp3 album Out of the Blue by ELO. Had it on double vinyl years ago, played it to death, great to have it back in the collection again. Takes me back a WHOLE lotta years, but funny how fast the songs come back to you after all this time, head bobbing and singing along to “Summer and Lightning” and “Mr. Blue Sky” as we speak.

Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Disappearing TARDIS Mug

Saw this on BBCA’s website, then at Amazon, then in my Wireless catalog, but no place had it cheaper than at ThinkGeek, so I bought it there. Always liked mugs whose designs changed when the mug got hot or cool, and well, to have the TARDIS from Doctor Who disappear from the streets of London on one side, and reappear floating in space on the other was just too cool to pass by, so I bought it.

Turned out to be even more KEWL than expected. Brought it to work, and it took a few days for me to stop staring at it after I poured coffee into it to watch the TARDIS fade from sight on one side and reappear on the other.

Remembered that I had my video camera with me, and a handy dandy mirror in the cabinet in the other office, so set it up so that I could videotape both sides of the mug at the same time. (And yes, for you eagle-eyed viewers, the mug IS sitting on a Stargate coaster. Wonder what would happen if Jack O’Neill ever met up with The Doctor. 😀 )

Anyhoo, think the video came out pretty well. Check it out!

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New Doctor Who aired last night!

Good thing I had my DVR set for it; while I’D planned to watch it, Hurricane Irene had other plans. Irene was all but past Raleigh by Saturday night, but after very little sleep the night before, and feeling very discombobulated by the constant “power is on, power is off, power is on, power is off” situation that we had Saturday afternoon (took 45 minutes for our cable box/DVR to reboot; no sooner than it would try to restart, before it could finish, the power would go out again. Then come back on, then go out, then come on, etc. and so forth. For 45 minutes. Frustrating.) DW Midseason Premiere

Anyhoo, after the power finally came back on to stay last night, finally managed to finish watching Haven (great show on SyFy, if you’ve never seen it), then Episode 8 of Torchwood Miracle Day (Yeah, Jack, blame the ‘stache in that pic on it being ‘The Seventies’! LOL Loved that Ianto got a mention too), squeezed in that last episode of Wilfred from Thursday, then it was time for the start of the new season of Doctor Who. Yay!

Except that with all the weather excitement over the weekend, I dozed off on the couch before I got to the first commercial break (although DID wake up JUST long enough to catch Rory and Amy’s Motion Comic in enough time to check into it on Get Glue and earn yet another sticker that I’m sure I’ll never have sent to me. I’m sure watching me fumble with the app on my phone to check in while I was still half asleep was probably hilarious, lol). Saw bits and pieces during the rest of the night, but not enough that anything made a whole lot of sense. So in retrospect, setting the DVR to record what I was supposedly watching was a really good idea.

(Although a note for anyone else who missed the new Who due to Irene or any other reason, I see that BBCA is repeating both that and the Companion special that followed on Monday night. Yay.)

In the mean time, for anyone who missed the short animated Motion Comic that aired before the first commercial break, I uploaded it for a friend and thought I’d post it here too.