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Missed my Prius yesterday

Bringing the Happy Hybrid to the mechanic for it’s 45,000 mile checkup and road safety once over turned out to be an expensive trip. Turns out the car needed new tires, so by the time I left there, I was down nearly $700. And the heads up that it would need brakework done at my next oil change to the tune of another couple of hundred dollars. Swell. Oh well, just the nature of being owned by a car. :) And now we know we’ve got brand new properly inflated and aligned tires for the trip on Saturday.

Did miss it while I was driving my mom’s Camry to work and back yesterday. It’s the little things. REALLY missed my mp3 cd deck. Brought a CDR to play until I realized her deck was just a regular CD player, wouldn’t play my mp3 discs.

And it doesn’t take long to get Smart Key spoiled. I actually *harumph*ed when I had to stop and take the keys out of my pocket and actually MANUALLY unlock the door.  I never really wanted a smart key setup when I got the Prius, but it came as a package deal (along with the backup camera and the *rolls eyes* designer Prius trunk carpet). with the mp3 deck, but now that I’ve had it, it’s really handy. If I didn’t need my keyring to open up the office every morning, I’d never SEE my carkeys. LOL.

And of all things, I missed my speedometer, if you can believe it. The Camry has a standard dial/needle speedometer, with numbers at 60 and 80, and just a line representing 70, and smaller lines in 2 mph increments in between. So to figure out how fast you’re going, you really have to study it, at least I do, and so rather than do that, I pretty much just stayed with the flow of traffic while I was behind the wheel yesterday.

Now, the Prius speedometer!  It’s set deep into the dashboard, but since it’s a digital readout, it just tells you in big bold easy to read Tommyknocker green numbers that you are going X MPH. EasyPeasy. Much better than trying to count out what one big hash mark and two small ones are on the Camry dashboard. Prius gives you spoon-fed MPHs. 😀

I do love my Happy Hybrid. :)