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Buttons And Bows

Buttons and Bows - Irish Hand Knits By Marie

Buttons and Bows

Irish Hand Knits by Marie

A friend introduced me to this site, and having actually tried on a few of the items that are available (not for very long, it suddenly became spring here, and these are very warm and cozy knits, so I’ll let my unofficial spokesbear model for me, since he likes warm and cozy all year around ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), thought I’d share some photos and links to what is available, check them out so you can be prepared for whenever it becomes cold where you are. :) I always have to bundle up in a major way when Fiance and I hit our once a year Panthers football game (wind chill in the top rows of the stadium is always *Brrrrrr*), don’t think I’ll be quite as cold there this year snuggling up in some of this stuff.

Marie’s description from her website:

“My hats and headbands are knitted by hand from my home in wild and windy Donegal. Each hat and headband is adorned with buttons, bows or pearls and is available in a range of styles and colours. Available for babies, toddlers, children and adults, they make perfect gifts for someone special.”

Here are a few photos of what Marie sent me:

Buttons and Bows - Irish Hand Knits By Marie - Red

Buttons and Bows - Irish Hand Knits By Marie - Red Knit 2 Buttons and Bows - Irish Hand Knits By Marie - Green Knit

Buttons and Bows - Irish Hand Knits By Marie - Purple Knit Buttons and Bows - Irish Hand Knits By Marie - Purple Hat

And a few images from Marie’s Buttons and Bows craft site at mycraftportal.

Vintage Style Headband

Beautiful Baby Hat and Booties Sets

Green Irish Knit Hat for St Patrick's Day

See? Warm and cozy, right? Check them out at the Buttons and Bows site, they’re hand-made of awesome. :)



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It’s not 100ยฐ+ in the Aquarium! :)

Hid inside from the 100ยฐ+ heat all weekend and spent most of the time in front of my PC, perfecting my “hacker tan”. I swear, if I were any paler, I’d be clear.

No swimming pool at our house, so I spent a little time playing in the aquarium today. Had bought a new power filter for it last week, so finally unhooked the other one, pulled it out without spilling anything, installed the new and improved version (essentially the same thing, just with a little more power to it) and switched it on. Immediately discovered that it was a LOT (not just a little, but a LOT) louder than my old one. And we have the same one in the tank upstairs that wasn’t nearly as loud either. So happy I was not.

Tried to disassemble the thing again to see where the noise was coming from, and found that it was most likely coming from the little spinny thing that sucks in the water from the tank. Thought “well, THIS one looks to be about the same size as what was in my OLD filter”, so I went to the bag of old stuff waiting for the trash, found the little spinny thing from THAT filter and compared the two. VERY nearly identical.

Don’t you just love my grasp of the technical terms? *looks it up so as not to feel TOO stupid* The “impeller”. THIS thing:

So I swapped the new part out for the old one and reassembled it. Whew! The swap worked. Blessed QUIET again! Did learn something new about said impellers. They’re magnetic. Something I had no idea about until I held them up side by side to compare them, and they practically jumped out of my hand and stuck together. LOL. Had one of these filters for something like 10 years and never knew that. Go figure.

So with that completed, it was on to stage 2, swapping out some of the plants. A few of the ones I had in there had this NASTY ole hairy looking algae growing off of them, and you can only clean them so many times before it just doesn’t come OFF anymore.

Aquarium Before

Before (note all the dug up and floating plants! Thanks, Algae Eater!)

Pulled out a few of the worst ones, replaced with several brand new ones and the tank looks pretty sweet now. We’ll see how long it lasts before The Algae Eater that Ate Raleigh digs them all up again. That’s the big yellow guy in the pic below. Probably the most hyperactive fish I’ve ever had. Throws gravel everywhere, digs everything up, freaks out the rest of the fish occasionally. Not my first choice of a fish to have, but he outgrew the 10 gallon tank upstairs so I had to take him.

Here’s a clip of “After” (Doenโ€™t look ALL that different, except the plants are actually PLANTED, and theyโ€™re definitely less โ€œhairyโ€. LOL).
Let’s see how close we can get to Mr. Big Fish before he goes “WHOA! TOO CLOSE!” and swims away. For a big fish, he’s really incredibly shy. ๐Ÿ˜€

“Confessions of an eco-snob”

“But none of that compared to the real horror — encountering actual Prius owners…” Bwahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Loved this article when I first read it in 2007, and went looking for it this weekend when I finally broke down and ditched my empty Colgate tube in favor of using my cruelty-free Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and was reminded of it. Wasn’t too hard to find, I started out googling “Prius” and “Tom’s of Maine”, and when that didn’t pull it up, added “trumpet” (yes, trumpet) to the search, and BOOYAH! Found it. I love google. ๐Ÿ˜€ Three seemingly unrelated terms pulled up exactly what I wanted.

Read on! :)


Confessions of an eco-snob

One day, just a regular motorist with a regular car.
Then along came a Prius.

February 02, 2007|Liane Bonin |

IT’S NOT LIKE I’ve been tooling around with Ed Begley Jr., recycling my gently used toilet paper and making dress shirts out of reclaimed hair and bottle caps. I don’t hug trees or pose nude for PETA (not that they’ve asked me or anything). I’m not that person. I’m not an eco-snob.

Or at least I wasn’t. Until the Prius.

When the transmission in my loyal ’92 Accord started gurgling on the 405, I had to shop for a new car. I had vowed to hold out for a flying car (weren’t those supposed to be in dealerships by now?) but, with sadness in my heart, I began looking for my next landlocked, fossil-fuel guzzling companion.

I heard rumors about the Prius. Nasty rumors. That its mileage claims couldn’t be trusted, that it might die on me just when I thought we could go the distance together.

A car with commitment issues and a reputation for stalling? Sounded like an ex-boyfriend.

But none of that compared to the real horror — encountering actual Prius owners.

If I so much as mentioned that I was considering purchasing a hybrid car, these eco-bullies would clutch onto my arm with surprising strength (probably developed signing petitions to save the whales/wolves/flesh-eating sea rats). “You never have to fill up your tank! You can drive in the carpool lanes!” they’d burble, clearly high on the idea of low emissions. Then they’d drop into a low, conspiratorial tone. “And really, isn’t it our responsibility? Isn’t it the least you can do for the environment?” A sad smile would be followed by a heavy sigh redolent of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. Oh, the burden of being one of the few unselfish humanitarians to tiptoe on the Earth.

Even as I signed the car loan papers, I denied the inevitable. Just as I would never become exactly like my parents, I would never become a self-important jackass who believed getting 49 miles to the gallon would save the Arctic Circle.

The transformation was gradual. Bewitched by my nifty LCD multi-informational display panel with its gauge, I soon discovered that I could get really great gas mileage by coasting along at a jaunty 20 mph in the fast lane of the 405. The resulting cacophony of horns was simply a trumpets fanfare telling me that, yes, I was at that very second getting 99.9 mpg !

At a gas station one afternoon, I felt perfectly comfortable leveling a death-ray glare at the soccer mom behind me. I hated her simply for her passenger-free, fuel-sucking Land Rover — which was certainly canceling out all my hybrid’s hard eco-work. As she nervously studied the interior of her designer purse to avoid eye contract with the clearly psychotic woman facing her (me), I felt no guilt in wishing an eco-karma death for her. (Choking on her own fumes would be ironic, but swallowed whole by polar bears worked too.)

With one foot constantly poised on the brake, the better to charge my batteries, I found myself shooting nasty looks at SUV drivers even before they’d cut me off. I would nod at other Prius owners in traffic, the secret eco-handshake of the open road.

Then came the day when a friend mentioned that her junker was gasping its last breath. I tried to resist, but the words spilled out, the faintest taste of organic mint lingering on my tongue. “You know, I haven’t filled my tank in two whole weeks…. “


See? LOL. Loved the whole “The resulting cacophony of horns was simply a trumpets fanfare telling me that, yes, I was at that very second getting 99.9 mpg!” bit. Not that I DO that of course. Have been known to grumble at SUVs once in a while though, and well, grumble at Hummers ALL the time. The nerve of them cancelling out my Prius’s “hard eco-work”. ๐Ÿ˜€

(attempting another crosspost to Facebook, didn’t like yesterday’s attempt at all, so trying something different. Please be patient.)

Another great weekend with D.

(Test post to see exactly how this posts from WordPress to Facebook. If it looks weird on Facebook, my apologies in advance!)

Fun times this weekend.

Usually D and I don’t get together two weekends in a row, but between seeing La Cage Aux Folles and Dark Shadows in his neck of the woods last weekend, and with Men In Black 3, which we really wanted to see leaving IMAX on Thursday, he made the drive up here already so we could catch it on the big screen in 3D this weekend before it got the boot at the IMAX in favor of Rock of Ages next weekend.

So we grabbed a quick dinner at Boston Market yesterday and headed downtown to get the $5 PowerPass IMAX tickets I’d preordered Wednesday, found out when we got there that it was “Power Pass holders Appreciation Week” so unexpectedly found ourselves with medium popcorns for only a buck apiece, and prime seats for MIB3 (in addition to the great prices Power Passes get you, you also get first crack at the GA seating with a special spot at the head of the line. LOVE that, no more 2nd row seating like we had for Avatar! Ouch!)

Men In Black 3 was awesome. Great effects, they made very dizzying use of the 3D (particularly the falling sequences, almost tossed my popcorn – er – cookies) , and thought Josh Brolin did great portraying the younger Tommy Lee Jones as “K”.

And after doing so much go go go last weekend with the musical, the movie, and miniature golf, today we just chilled at home. Watched last night’s Graham Norton from BBCA (love that show, sometimes it depends on the guests, but usually it’s great fun to watch, really hilarious), the first two episodes of Fringe from Season 1, and The Big Year on DVD from Netflix. And somewhere in there, caught bits and piece of D’s Mets getting swept by his LEAST fave team, the Yankees. And my new U2.com membership perk came in this weekend as well, U22, the 2 CD set of 22 live tracks from the 360 tour. Came with a great photo book as well. Already ripped the CD’s to my PC, looks like I’ll be burning yet ANOTHER cd for the car very shortly. :)

Now time to get caught up on all the online stuff I missed while I was doing other things. Currently listening to the ancient but newly d/l’d from Amazon mp3 album Out of the Blue by ELO. Had it on double vinyl years ago, played it to death, great to have it back in the collection again. Takes me back a WHOLE lotta years, but funny how fast the songs come back to you after all this time, head bobbing and singing along to “Summer and Lightning” and “Mr. Blue Sky” as we speak.

Cool Saturn Videos!

Found the first Saturn video at a blog at blogs.discovermagazine.com and when it said to be sure to check out these other two videos, well, naturally I had to obey. ๐Ÿ˜€ From the description of the first video from the blog:

“Take 7+ years of Saturn observations by the Cassini spacecraft, stitch a whole lot of them together into short, film-noir-like segments, and add a Beethoven soundtrack. What do you get? Awesomeness.”


And when it said to be sure to play the next two videos back in HD in full screen, well, I had to do that too. And on my 23 inch wide screen monitor, they looked pretty freakin’ amazing.


I think the 3rd video is actually my favorite of the three, there are some images in that one that the other two don’t have that I love (that ring tilt that starts from the top, goes level, then continues down – or is it the other way? Doesn’t matter, no up or down in space! – is awesome). Plus the third video includes a bit of Jupiter as well.

Short post, but this tweet made me laugh. :D

LOL. I love when fast food people are with it. Reminds me of one I saw online way back when, someone went to a burger joint drive through, and to place his order at the drive thru microphone, says: “I can has Cheeseburger?”… Long pause from the guy taking the order, who then answers back “Nom nom nom.”ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Just ordered Power Passes for our local IMAX

Just ordered a pair of yearly “Power Passes” for our local IMAX theatre for Doug and me.

We were going to do this LAST year, but found out about it too far into the year to make it a decent deal (they run from purchase date to end of calendar year NOT a year from the date you purchase them), so said we’d look into getting them in January of this year. Which is here. :)

It’s a nice deal. For $45, you get:

  • Admission to documentary films at no charge (ticket required)
  • Admission to feature films for only $5
  • Advance ticket sales and advance seating for all films
  • Online ticketing with no additional fees (three days advance purchase required)
  • Invitations to special screenings
  • Discounts on IMAX special events and IMAX birthday parties

Birthday parties no big deal, but for the rest of it, when you consider that most Feature Films are $12, and the Documentaries are $9, that’s a nice savings right there, since those will be only $5 and $free respectively. We’ve seen the Advance Seating in action the last time we were there, that’s a pretty sweet deal (no more sitting 2nd row for Avatar! :-O, it took hours to work out the kink in my neck after sitting that long for that). And since I tend to buy our tickets online, in advance, avoiding those handling fees is a nice plus too.

And Doug says it’ll be a good year for the feature films, since the Batman sequel is coming out this summer, as well as Spiderman. And *squee!* they brought back Hubble 3D, which I missed when they had it there before, REALLY want to see that on the big screen in 3D, which since it’s a documentary, will now be FREE! *does happy dance*

All in all a pretty good deal. We just have to go and get a photo ID taken before we go see our first movie, and we’re good to go. Nice. :)

And on a totally unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to post this video in my blog since I first saw it, so I don’t have to keep going to YouTube or Twitter to find it, but yeah, for some reason, I really REALLY like this video. ๐Ÿ˜€

Still don’t know how I never saw it over the Christmas holidays (I’m sure I would have REMEMBERED this one! LOL) but found it en route to looking for Geico Maxwell’s new Ziplining video, so including it here now, just because. “Yee-hee!” ๐Ÿ˜€

Had a great weekend!

(Repost from my old blog, accidentally posted it there first, and wondered why it didn’t show up on LJ, lol)

The fiance who was coming up for the weekend didn’t get here (he’s got a 2.5 hour drive from Concord) until around 2:30, so I had time in the early afternoon to record the feed for John Barrowman’s “Best Of Tonight’s The Night” off the BBC website. Will have to edit that down and add it to my JB website, but just didn’t have time over the weekend to do it. Read the rest of this entry »

Testing a Live Journal_WordPress Crosspost feature…

Just installed a plug in that is supposed to crosspost over to Live Journal when I post to my WordPress blog, just wanting to see if it works. :)

This is only a test. :)

Bum Knees and the Weather

(Look! First official NEW blogpost at the new site! Hope it works! :) )

Bum Knees and the Weather

I know there’s an entire population that poo-poos the idea that sore joints (knees, fingers, etc.) can be affected/made worse by changes in the weather.

I’ve always known that the cold weather tends to make my knuckles hurt, and I can usually tell when it’s going to rain, my bum knees start to act up.

But the last couple of days really sold me on the idea that unstable weather and bad joints don’t mix.

Two days ago, out of the blue, in the middle of the afternoon, my left knee started to bother me. Nothing popped, didn’t bang it into anything, it just started to hurt, for no good reason. By the time I was home that evening, it had gotten so bad that I almost fell up the stairs after putting weight on it nearly put me through the roof, and I had to suddenly shift the weight to my other leg.

Yesterday morning it was bothering me so much, I started taking motrin for it, and actually took the elevator to the second floor in our office building to get to our suite. I almost NEVER do that, 99% of the time I’ll take the stairs. But it hurt so much to put the weight on it to climb the stairs, the elevator was a no brainer. And it hurt when it took the weight and I had to bend it when I sat down. At the house, I was taking stairs one at at time going both up and down, to avoid having to bend it and put weight on it. Really, my knees hadn’t given me THAT much trouble in a long time.

This morning? Like night and day. Pain not totally gone, I get an occasional twinge, but I can do stairs and sit down pretty much pain free.

What was our weather like the last few days? Had an unstable front start coming in two days ago, it was rainy and thundery yesterday, and the whole front passed through last night and is completely gone today.

Much like the pain in my knee. Go figure.

And it’s not just me, our neighbor across the street was having some joint trouble yesterday as well, that, yes, started the afternoon before, just like mind did.

I completely blame that front that came through. And very happy that it’s past now. When you live on a steep hill in a house with lots of stairs, having knee issues like that is a bit of a pain, pun intended, lol.