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It’s not 100°+ in the Aquarium! :)

Hid inside from the 100°+ heat all weekend and spent most of the time in front of my PC, perfecting my “hacker tan”. I swear, if I were any paler, I’d be clear.

No swimming pool at our house, so I spent a little time playing in the aquarium today. Had bought a new power filter for it last week, so finally unhooked the other one, pulled it out without spilling anything, installed the new and improved version (essentially the same thing, just with a little more power to it) and switched it on. Immediately discovered that it was a LOT (not just a little, but a LOT) louder than my old one. And we have the same one in the tank upstairs that wasn’t nearly as loud either. So happy I was not.

Tried to disassemble the thing again to see where the noise was coming from, and found that it was most likely coming from the little spinny thing that sucks in the water from the tank. Thought “well, THIS one looks to be about the same size as what was in my OLD filter”, so I went to the bag of old stuff waiting for the trash, found the little spinny thing from THAT filter and compared the two. VERY nearly identical.

Don’t you just love my grasp of the technical terms? *looks it up so as not to feel TOO stupid* The “impeller”. THIS thing:

So I swapped the new part out for the old one and reassembled it. Whew! The swap worked. Blessed QUIET again! Did learn something new about said impellers. They’re magnetic. Something I had no idea about until I held them up side by side to compare them, and they practically jumped out of my hand and stuck together. LOL. Had one of these filters for something like 10 years and never knew that. Go figure.

So with that completed, it was on to stage 2, swapping out some of the plants. A few of the ones I had in there had this NASTY ole hairy looking algae growing off of them, and you can only clean them so many times before it just doesn’t come OFF anymore.

Aquarium Before

Before (note all the dug up and floating plants! Thanks, Algae Eater!)

Pulled out a few of the worst ones, replaced with several brand new ones and the tank looks pretty sweet now. We’ll see how long it lasts before The Algae Eater that Ate Raleigh digs them all up again. That’s the big yellow guy in the pic below. Probably the most hyperactive fish I’ve ever had. Throws gravel everywhere, digs everything up, freaks out the rest of the fish occasionally. Not my first choice of a fish to have, but he outgrew the 10 gallon tank upstairs so I had to take him.

Here’s a clip of “After” (Doen’t look ALL that different, except the plants are actually PLANTED, and they’re definitely less “hairy”. LOL).
Let’s see how close we can get to Mr. Big Fish before he goes “WHOA! TOO CLOSE!” and swims away. For a big fish, he’s really incredibly shy. 😀

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It’s not 100°+ in the Aquarium! :)

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 2 min