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Cool Saturn Videos!

Found the first Saturn video at a blog at blogs.discovermagazine.com and when it said to be sure to check out these other two videos, well, naturally I had to obey. 😀 From the description of the first video from the blog:

“Take 7+ years of Saturn observations by the Cassini spacecraft, stitch a whole lot of them together into short, film-noir-like segments, and add a Beethoven soundtrack. What do you get? Awesomeness.”


And when it said to be sure to play the next two videos back in HD in full screen, well, I had to do that too. And on my 23 inch wide screen monitor, they looked pretty freakin’ amazing.


I think the 3rd video is actually my favorite of the three, there are some images in that one that the other two don’t have that I love (that ring tilt that starts from the top, goes level, then continues down – or is it the other way? Doesn’t matter, no up or down in space! – is awesome). Plus the third video includes a bit of Jupiter as well.

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Cool Saturn Videos!

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min