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Had a great weekend!

(Repost from my old blog, accidentally posted it there first, and wondered why it didn’t show up on LJ, lol)

The fiance who was coming up for the weekend didn’t get here (he’s got a 2.5 hour drive from Concord) until around 2:30, so I had time in the early afternoon to record the feed for John Barrowman’s “Best Of Tonight’s The Night” off the BBC website. Will have to edit that down and add it to my JB website, but just didn’t have time over the weekend to do it.

Had a few hours to kill in the afternoon before we had to leave for the hockey game Saturday night, so that gave D some time to chill after his drive and we watched the two DVR’d Friday night shows that we have in common – Chuck and Fringe – then headed over to Mickey D’s for a quick dinner before the game, then drove over to the RBC Center for the game. Was a little concerned about the seats, the tix said “Limited View” on them, so wasn’t sure what we were going to find when we got there, but actually it wasn’t bad at all. Had a railing and the plexiglass in front of us, but considering how little of the ice it blocked, it wasn’t a problem. And since we were right by the stairs, Doug had LOTS of leg room, as did I. So it was all good. :)

Don’t go to many hockey games anymore, this was our first in a couple of years (really sad when you consider that when the team first moved here, I was going to 2 games a month, while they were still playing and hour and a half away in Greensboro, and coughed up $3000 for playoff tickets several years ago. But that’s a blog post for a later day.) And the team did NOT disappoint Saturday night. By the end of the first period, they’d already scored the first goal and thrown down the gloves for not just one but TWO fights. Now, I’m NOT a violent person as a rule, but *puts on bad Cockney accent* I DO love a good hockey fight, I do! 😀 The Canes scored two more unanswered goals to make it 3 to nothing, and then essentially fell apart in the 3rd period, where the Pens then scored three unanswered goals – one of which on OUR power play; still think the team should decline those when they get them – to tie the game up 3-3. Made for a nailbiter of a third period, until the RIGHT Stahl finally scored a goal to make it 4-3, and then they got another one to end it 5-3. Whew. “That’s what hockey is all about, Charlie Brown.” :)

Watched a couple of old Batman episodes that we’d dvr’d while at the game after we got back, and then watched Graham Norton (great lineup – Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervaise, and Snow Patrol) before crashing for the night.

Next morning I was up and put in my 5 miles on the stationary bike first thing, then D and I spent a couple of hours hauling the first batch (of many to come) of oak leaves down to the curb. Normally not my favorite way to spend a Sunday, but for some reason 😉 don’t seem to mind it so much when I’m hauling leaves with D. Feels very domesticated, like how it’ll be after we’re married.

Raking Leaves


Then after we put in our manual labor for the afternoon, we hunkered down with the Wii for an our of Price Is Right Decades, a few hours with Wii Party, then came back after dinner for some Wii Jeopardy, and then a half hour of 100 pin bowling in Wii Sports Resort (about all my post-surgical gut could handle before it started to ache from the effort of flailing around with the Wiimote) to kill some time before Amazing Race came on. Then after Amazing Race, D. headed for home and I hopped on the PC to update the Barrowman Tour site and found that GREAT new Cardiff YouTube clip of partner SCOTT on stage singing Rhinestone Cowboy with JB. What a great way to end the night and the weekend. 😀

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Had a great weekend!

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