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Bum Knees and the Weather

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Bum Knees and the Weather

I know there’s an entire population that poo-poos the idea that sore joints (knees, fingers, etc.) can be affected/made worse by changes in the weather.

I’ve always known that the cold weather tends to make my knuckles hurt, and I can usually tell when it’s going to rain, my bum knees start to act up.

But the last couple of days really sold me on the idea that unstable weather and bad joints don’t mix.

Two days ago, out of the blue, in the middle of the afternoon, my left knee started to bother me. Nothing popped, didn’t bang it into anything, it just started to hurt, for no good reason. By the time I was home that evening, it had gotten so bad that I almost fell up the stairs after putting weight on it nearly put me through the roof, and I had to suddenly shift the weight to my other leg.

Yesterday morning it was bothering me so much, I started taking motrin for it, and actually took the elevator to the second floor in our office building to get to our suite. I almost NEVER do that, 99% of the time I’ll take the stairs. But it hurt so much to put the weight on it to climb the stairs, the elevator was a no brainer. And it hurt when it took the weight and I had to bend it when I sat down. At the house, I was taking stairs one at at time going both up and down, to avoid having to bend it and put weight on it. Really, my knees hadn’t given me THAT much trouble in a long time.

This morning? Like night and day. Pain not totally gone, I get an occasional twinge, but I can do stairs and sit down pretty much pain free.

What was our weather like the last few days? Had an unstable front start coming in two days ago, it was rainy and thundery yesterday, and the whole front passed through last night and is completely gone today.

Much like the pain in my knee. Go figure.

And it’s not just me, our neighbor across the street was having some joint trouble yesterday as well, that, yes, started the afternoon before, just like mind did.

I completely blame that front that came through. And very happy that it’s past now. When you live on a steep hill in a house with lots of stairs, having knee issues like that is a bit of a pain, pun intended, lol.

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Bum Knees and the Weather

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 2 min