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#Torchwood Finale: Some spoilers within

Well, that was a fast 10 weeks. I posted earlier today about the show because I didn’t want to have to worry about accidentally posting spoilers for the Torchwood finale, then I realized tonight, as I’m wanting to yammer on at length about the finale on The Twitter, and couldn’t out of respect for the folks in the UK who for the most part, don’t get to watch it until next Thursday, that it’s my blog, I can spoiler if I want to. :) So you have been warned. Definitely spoilers ahead.

But for those who have seen the show and want a place to comment about it, there is a comment section at the bottom of the page.


Oh look! Stickers! Earned the whole set from the show. Wonder how long it’ll take for Get Glue to send me the hard copies.
(Including them here in case the “read more” link isn’t hiding the balance of the post, and it apparently isn’t, you still have time to leave before getting to the spoilery stuff.)

Just a couple of short random thoughts that would have really been tweets had I said the heck with it and posted them there anyhow.

I’d have to go and rewatch the show again to post LOTS of specifics that I liked, but for the most part, I was again impressed by the writing and how in the middle of all this suspenseful action and drama, they still manage, in true Torchwood style, to throw in a smattering of rather funny deadpan one-liners. That IS one thing about season four that hadn’t changed from prior seasons, and one of the things that I like about the show. So I’m glad they kept up with it.

The one that keeps jumping out at me, I almost fell of the couch when I heard it during the 10pm show, is when Jilly and Gwen are catfighting in the elevator, and Gwen says as she’s repeatedly punching Jilly in the face for emphasis: “How much… bloody lipstick … can you wear!?!” 😀

And right after Rex gets shot, then totally blows Jack & Gwen’s minds when seconds after Jack pronounces him dead, he comes back to life; I loved the way they echoed each other in turn with “What?” “What?” “What?” 😀 For some reason that just struck me as really funny.

And just for the record, despite comments to the contrary in interviews, Jack DOES sing in Torchwood! 😉

IMHO, they really could have done without the whole Oswald story line. I kept waiting for him to really become crucial to the plot, and he never really did, not even in the finale. Maybe he was more there to be there for Jack to reflect and bounce things off of, and also give Jilly someone to play off of as well. But so far as plot goes, they really could have done without him. Yeah, he was there to blow things up at the end, but the Families were planning on doing that anyway. Bill Pullman did a fabulous job playing him though. I’ll never look at Lone Star in Spaceballs in quite the same way. :)

Loved how Charlotte got hers at the end. I was SO hoping she wouldn’t get away with being the mole.  And Rex’s comment just prior to finding out who it was, about the password being where he got donuts, was kind of funny.

One thing I did have pegged, was that Jack was NOT going to die at the end. Figured that if the rest of the world went mortal, he’d become IMmortal again, so when all was said and done, he’d come back to life. Gwen probably even could have left him to be blown up, given that he’s been blown to bits before, and reassembled afterwards, lol. so yeah, I did figure Jack was safe. And Rex too, since they share blood now. Speaking of which, that transfusion? Brilliant twist! Loved it.

And now, having seen all 10 episodes, the finale is probably my second favorite, since it did a great job of wrapping things up while still leaving us ready for a season 5. First favorite though, STILL is Immortal Sins with Jack and Angelo. :) Loved seeing Jack in a relationship, and that part of the episode was pretty self contained with a beginning and an end, which per my last post, I do prefer the TW eps to be that way, vs these multi episode arcs. And well, it was just HOT! LOL. 

More comments to follow, but it’s late, and I at least wanted to post the ones that stood out to me off the top of my head.

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#Torchwood Finale: Some spoilers within

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