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Moved over all my posts from my old blog!

Who says that you can’t import WordPress.com blog entries into a WordPress.org blog. Maybe I just mis-read the info, but I exported from my old lower end .com blog, and imported them into this here NEW .org blog, without any trouble at all. Looks like I might have to edit a few of the posts where the embedded YouTube videos apparently didn’t embed, but other than that, things imported just fine. Yay. If I got one thing done before I went to bed tonight, I wanted to at least get the blog posts moved over and post something new.

In any case, here I am. I signed up for a new domain, and have a new site started and this new and improved blog. Next on the agenda I guess is to link the site and the blog, and put a few new pages on the website.

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Moved over all my posts from my old blog!

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min