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  • BB time! http://bit.ly/qixpY4 @GetGlue #bigbrother #
  • I am watching Combat Hospital w/15 others http://bit.ly/mzOk9u @GetGlue #CombatHospital #
  • More jeopardy http://bit.ly/h7ejUs @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • I am watching HawthoRNe http://bit.ly/jlAhs0 @GetGlue #HawthoRNe #
  • I am watching Jeopardy! w/14 others http://bit.ly/h7ejUs @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • @aresnz D/Ling the UK version right now. AV geek I am, I'll prolly put both on an editing timeline and see exactly what's different. :) #
  • Oooh, time to go home. Hopefully someone will have the UK version of #Torchwood available soon, want to see what's different between the two #
  • @Team_Barrowman Hey, did I see that yesterday was your mum's b-day? Mine too. Same age as you now. You're aging better than me though. Wah. #
  • @U2Trinn Had tickets for 2, sold the 2nd set this wk, so only going to New Jersey. Would have liked to have seen both, but didn't work out. #
  • @Team_Barrowman @Aranhe Some really witty one liners in that first ep, espec in the middle of all the action. Loved that. ξ€Ž #
  • @U2Trinn *grumble* Moncton is the reason I ended up selling my U2 Pittsburgh tix, suddenly it was no longer last show of the tour. :( #
  • RT @Team_Barrowman: oohh its the bad guys.
    "Bum-bum-BUUUUUM!" #JBarrowman #Torchwood #
  • @Team_Barrowman Any scenes in Ep 2 that we should not be eating during? Almost tossed my cookies watching the Crispy Guy scene in ep 1. πŸ˜€ #
  • @Team_Barrowman … with Vodka Tonic in hand, I'll bet. :) #
  • @Team_Barrowman Where are you watching #Torchwood from, are you up in Glasgow for TTN? #
  • @Team_Barrowman VERY difficult to concentrate on WordPress blogging plugins knowing that 5 hours away people are watching #Torchwood #
  • RT @BarrowmanCrime: RT @lynnetteporter: Just heard the squees clear in the US. Captain Jack must be back in the UK. #Torchwood / LOL #
  • @eMSY Some really GREAT special effects in it too. :) #
  • @eMSY I liked that one well enough. Hadn't seen the first one before I saw that one, so was able to watch it based on its own merits. #
  • Hate this… #Torchwood is on, @Team_Barrowman is tweeting, and I'm stuck at work in the middlle of the afternoon working on a website. πŸ˜€ #
  • @Team_Barrowman spoiler….
    (psst….don't drink the water)
    πŸ˜€ #
  • @Team_Barrowman How different is the UK version from the US version, do you know? Is one just edited down, or is there diff footage? #
  • @eMSY The original, or the one with Keanu Reeves? I've seen both (the remake twice), and enjoyed both. :) #
  • RT @BBC_Torchwood: Are you ready for #Torchwood #MiracleDay? 20 mins… /wish I were at the home PC, don't have access here!  #
  • RT @EdgeFest: So how's the weather in NYC? / The b/f has been checking, since we'll be up there next week too. Sounds like mid-80s. :) #
  • RT @EdgeFest: Given soundcheck history …, I'm calling "Breathe" for NJ. / Sweet! Hope you're right! ξ€Ž ξ€Ύ #
  • RT @U2Trinn: Here I go… http://bit.ly/maYZ2r @GetGlue #WiiFitPlus / And here I DON'T! *sitting at my work desk like a lump.* πŸ˜€ #
  • @thinkgeek "No sign of Marvin or PU-36." / Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earthshattering KABOOM! πŸ˜€ #
  • John Barrowman ITV Ross King Daybreak segment uploaded to my website http://bit.ly/b7Qgt1 and also on LJ via MU. #
  • RT @CaroleGordon: RT @JimmyDLong: @ProfBrianCox "Know any good jokes about Sodium?" …

    "Na." / πŸ˜€ Ba-dum-bum *CHING!* #

  • @KaiKaiOwen It would be just wrong of you to NOT relieve your neighbors of the burden of that extra chocolate cake. Yum.  #

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Tweets o' the Day

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