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[just some random thoughts about the upcoming season of Torchwood Miracle Day that’s starting here next week]

… in 7 days, 21 hours, and some number of minutes and some number of seconds.

Torchwood Miracle Day Get Glue StickerAt least, it is if you’re in the US. The UK apparently gets to wait until July 14th before they get to see it. Why? Who knows? UK fans are understandably irked about having to wait an extra week for “their” show, and I’ll do my best to remain sympathetic during the FOUR MONTHS the US gets to wait before BBCAmerica starts to officially air the second season of Luther, currently airing in the UK. (And this was before my time, but didn’t I hear rumors that the US finally got to see the some of the earlier Doctor Who Christmas specials when they finally aired… in APRIL?) So in all honesty, it IS kind of nice that if someone has to wait for a show to cross the Pond, for once it’s not (the) US.

What’s going to be interesting is to see the difference between the US version of TWMD and the UK TWMD, since apparently due to length and/or content, I’ve heard the UK is getting a slightly different version than what will be airing on Starz here.

And yes, I finally DID add Starz to the cable lineup last month. Not going to be anything I plan to keep after Torchwood is over; after having it since early June, I’m finding a) not really all that much of interest to watch on it that b) isn’t already available via Netflix. Although it IS kind of nice to not have to turn on extra equipment to watch Starz stuff via the Roku box, OR to have to sort through a streaming queue of something like 200+ movies and series to find something we really WANT to watch. It’s just not really worth an extra $15 per month to have that. So after Torchwood is over, really don’t see me hanging on to Starz much longer than that. Just send me my $25 rebate after the show is over and we’ll part on friendly terms. LOL

Five more videos added to my TWMD webpage, mostly miscellaneous trailers and behind the scenes things that I recorded on the DVR between what few movies we’re watching on Starz. Added the three TV Guide articles last night.

The Torchwood Miracle Day stickers are finally showing up on Get Glue. Well, sticker, singular, so far, but I’m hoping that they’ll add more once the series actually starts next week. Still have NO idea what to do with these stickers once I get them, but it’s kind of fun to earn them. LOL.

I know as soon as I publish this post, I’ll think of something that I’ve forgotten to add, but for now I’m sleepy and just about ready for bed.

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