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Bluebirds have moved in! Yay!

(Actually wrote this last night, but thought I’d lost the post. Somehow it got stuck in preview mode and never posted! Go figure.)

We’ve had a bluebird house tacked to a tree the last couple of years, and short of one family of titmouses (titmice? titmeeses?) that moved in and made a nest that first year, the house has remained empty.

Apparently blue birds don’t like to nest in houses tacked to trees, too easy for predators to get at the eggs that way, I guess. So now we’ve got another bluebird house, on a pole, with a baffle, in the clear spot in the yard. And lo and behold, this year we’ve got a pair of bluebirds that have nested there.

Saw one egg in there the other day, and then no sign of the parents for a while, so we were a little concerned that it was a bad egg and they were just going to leave it there.

(Don’t forget to click the pics to check out the larger version of the photos!)

But Mom called me at work this morning to let me know that there was a second egg in the nest when she checked it this morning, and by the time I got home from work peeked again, there was a third one! So apparently the bluebirds like their new home this year. :)

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Bluebirds have moved in! Yay!

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