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The HappyHybrid almost lost its happy!

Well, THAT was a little too close for comfort this morning. Almost got sideswiped on the beltline on the way to work, not just once but twice. The first time by a VW Beetle who had veered into my lane trying to avoid getting sideswiped by the woman who apparently decided to barrel across all three lanes of beltline traffic, all at once, without checking to see if ANY of the lanes were clear first.

The second time was immediately afterwards, by the blind lane changing woman herself, who apparently didn’t get the hint when she almost hit the Bug that No, she was NOT the only person on the road. Because she just KEPT on coming into MY lane, almost side by side with me. :-O Bloody hell, woman, where’d you get your license, ACME School of Driving? Sheesh!

I swerved to my left best as I could, which wasn’t much, since I was in the fast lane with the concrete center divider to my left, which really seemed a little too close for comfort at the time, although in retrospect, I apparently had SOME space, since I was still rattling over the snooze strips that they put just inside the yellow line to keep you from dozing off while you’re driving and there’s definitely a little room between the snooze strips and the concrete divider. Once I got the car back under control, I gripped the steering wheel with a deathgrip in my right hand, and just leaned on the horn, such as it is. REALLY need to see if John West can install the airhorn that’s in my closet into the Prius, now THAT’S a horn.  *BWAAAAAAAH!*

When I checked my mirror to see where she was after I was clear and back in the lane again, there she was, currently taking up two lanes straddling the line, and eventually she got in, about 2-3 cars behind me.

Gaahhhh. To borrow a line from some sitcom that I can’t remember: “I was so scared my deodorant failed!” LOL. 

Close call. Any closer, and we would have had to take Malibu Max (Doug’s car) up to New York next month.  Thankfully, made it the rest of the way to work without incident, and the Happy Hybrid is still happy. 😀

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The HappyHybrid almost lost its happy!

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 2 min