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  • Sort of thought Date Night would be better, but it wasn't bad. LOVED the car chase scene with the taxi and the sport… http://bit.ly/bUfoII #
  • I am watching Date Night http://bit.ly/kvpRpv @GetGlue #DateNight #
  • RT @KaiKaiOwen: RT @BJAofficial: http://bit.ly/kkcK7g

    Huh? / Kinda self explanatory, IMHO. 😉 #

  • Always seem to be watching Jeopardy. :) http://bit.ly/cd1ai1 @GetGlue #Jeopardy #
  • @u2kat I've actually got one stray vacation day (don't know how I ended up with 6), may take that one the following Monday to decompress. #
  • RT @dizzyfeet: RT @LamberGranny: …you've wasted the 2 whole painful hours I spent voting. [next time vote for the right ones! LOL] #
  • @aresnz Yup! Money and storage space no object when it comes to Stanley Cup Champion memorabilia. 😀 #
  • @aresnz I guess it's official, I'm an A/V nerd. 😀 #
  • @aresnz …editing them down on the PC, or playing them back on the TV from the hard drive. Or taking them to Doug's to watch on his tv. :) #
  • @aresnz For me it's just easier to d/l from there than try to capture the videos online. And the quality is so much better for either… #
  • @aresnz I watched the downtown Canes rally on TV when they had it during the week, but DID go to the RBC for my commemorative glass. 😀 #
  • @aresnz Of course, now with Luther starting, will probably have to cut back on the JB and d/l Luther instead. :) #
  • @aresnz I did a search of the Active torrents for Barrowman, there's over 150 A/V files. Have to space them out, or it'll kill my ratio. #
  • @aresnz I'm always d/ling stuff from there! Now that DW is over, I'm back to catching up on the backlog of JB stuff they've got. (tbc) #
  • @u2kat Definitely. Will need a vacation AFTER the vacation after this trip to recover. :) #
  • @stargazer60 Followed by a very SLOW few days with his family in NH, then the long drive back from NH to Raleigh. Will be fun though. :) #
  • @aresnz Probaby good to have the Booins rally on the weekend anyway, more people will probably come out to see it vs doing after workday. #
  • @aresnz When is Luther airing on BBCA?Not until Oct. or something like that? Will probably run it out to the TV from the HDD before then. :) #
  • @aresnz Luther S2E1 was u/l'd to the torrent site as a free leech. Great d/l to raise your ratio. Did you already see it on iPlayer? #

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Tweets o' the Day

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