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Only one ep of Season 2 of Torchwood left to watch…

Just got done streaming the second to last episode of Season 2 of Torchwood, “Fragments”.

Some great one liners in that one, as we discover how each current member of the group joined up. Whereas all the other member flashbacks started with title screens that said “5 years earlier” or “21 months earlier”, “1,392 deaths earlier” was the title screen for Jack’s flashback. Loved that.

“I don’t exist. And for a man of my charisma, that’s quite an achievement.”

And forget “hello”, Ianto had Jack at “pterodactyl”. 😀

Although still don’t quite understand how the whole building went “kablooie”, in some cases with the explosives looking them right in the face, and they weren’t all blown into itty bitty (to borrow a term from a Moonlighting episode) “bits o’ guy” . But that’s Torchwood for you…

But I’m sensing the demise of one or two major characters in upcoming episodes (either the next ep, or in “Children of Torchwood”), so am kind of dragging my feet to finish up the show… Hate when main characters on favorite shows get knocked off. While Stargate SG-1 was on, the episode when they killed off Daniel Jackson had me going through some serious Kleenex that night. I’m such a wimp, lol.

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Only one ep of Season 2 of Torchwood left to watch…

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min