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Bluebird Eggs: Now there are FIVE! :)

Mama laid another one in the time since the last pic of four was taken. How cool is that. According to the birdhouse store, that should be her last egg, they apparently lay no more than 5 at a time.

And now the bird house is moved. It’s a little uneven, so we’re going to stick a wedge underneath to level it out a bit, but hopefully we won’t have to move it again.

bluebird house 2

It's all about location location location! :)

Mama has already come back to check it out. Apparently, blue birds are real people birds, once they get used to you coming around, and know that you’re not going to hurt the eggs or the babies, they will actually come to YOU for help if they run into a problem. Should be interesting, once they hatch.

Mama Blue Bird

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Bluebird Eggs: Now there are FIVE! :)

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