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Amazon.com vs Amazon.co.uk

Thinking of ordering import CDs from Amazon.com? If they’re being imported from the UK, you might want to do what I did tonight, and actually compare prices (the item cost as well as shipping) between Amazon.com proper and Amazon.co.uk.

There were three CDs that I was looking at at Amazon.com (decided to feed my recent John Barrowman addiction – see the mp3 player at left) and pick up two of his earlier CDs, as well as preorder his newest, being released the start of March), all three of which are only available as imports, and at a fairly hefty cost each ($36.98, $31.98, & $28.49). I thought, if they’re importing them from the UK anyway, let’s see how much it would cost me to have Amazon.co.uk ship them to me directly. So I pulled them up on THEIR website as well, and stuck them all in a shopping cart. Cost each directly from the UK? £4.24, £5.26, & £7.64. Converting the currency from pounds to dollars makes them cost more than the original poundage, but still MUCH less than Amazon.com’s imports.

Long story short, once I tagged on the actual shipping cost for each order, and did a currency conversion on the UK order to compare it to the US order, it came out like so:

Ordering the 3 CDs plus shipping from Amazon.com?: $102.41 USD

Ordering those same three CDs, plus shipping, from Amazon.co.uk?: £22.20 GBP.

Which equals *drumroll please…*: $34.79 USD. A WHOLE lot less than $102.41.

So word to the wise… when ordering imports from Amazon.com, it definitely pays to do a little homework first. :)

And yes, now that you mention it, this IS my first real blogpost in a while. Thought I’d better post something other than Tweet archives, and this would have been too long for a tweet anyway. LOL.

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Amazon.com vs Amazon.co.uk

by Karen Cusimano time to read: 1 min