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John Barrowman on OuttakeTV

This wasn’t the video I was going to work on last night, the one that was going to need all the extra editing and brainpower that I was actually lacking that late at night, but this one was fairly quick and painless:  JB on “Outtake TV”.

It’s less than a minute long, and isn’t even his blooper, but apparently he’s never been one to NOT laugh hysterically at OTHERS’ bloopers 😉 , so “…if you’ve ever wondered what John Barrowman would look like if he’d seen the funniest thing EVER in the world… this is IT!” 😀

I’ve forgotten how much I liked blooper shows, will have to watch the rest of this and see what some of y’all consider funny! :)

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John Barrowman on OuttakeTV

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