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@eMSY, @stargazer60, @aresnz, @Team_Barrowman — #Glee Reruns: Why Should I Watch?!?

Okay, Glee fanatics. Fox is apparently going to (or already started) reairing the series from the beginning, to give those of us who missed out the first time around a second chance to watch.

Please tell me why I should give the show another chance. What is it that had people tweeting so excitedly about it, and in one particular instance, having what he called a “gleegasm” (ROTFLMAO) over the season finale?

I actually WATCHED the first two episodes when they aired, having seen the endless trailers promoting it the months before it actually aired the first time. And I get the whole glee club/show choir thing, I was involved in the music department at school from the 4th grade up until my senior year in high school, when I had to ditch 5th period Band (it was either that or 1st period Third Year German, and I sure wasn’t dropping THAT!) to fill my Biology requirement or I wouldn’t graduate. But by then, I was having issues with how things were being handled in band anyway, so it wasn’t much of a hardship. And it turned out to be FRESHMAN biology. As a senior, you wouldn’t think that hanging out for an hour after lunch with a bunch of freshman would be great, but they were a fun crew. Between them and the entertaining teacher, I didn’t miss band at all. Which is a shame, since band was pretty much my world up through the 9th grade, when after that I went to the high school and lost the great teacher that I’d had since 4th grade.

Even in college, I did the music thing, in between required classes, I ended up taking a year of piano, a year of guitar, a year of singing (plus a year each of photography, drawing, and drafting, along with oceanography and astronomy to tax my brain at least a LITTLE bit while I was there :) ), which probably would explain why it took me three years to get out of a two year college. LOL.

So I GET the whole musical aspect of the show. And loved that part of it.

What was NOT so lovable about it was the negative vibe I kept getting from it. The way the glee clubbers kept getting dumped on (in some cases, literally) in the hallways. The spiteful Sue and her snotty Cheerios. Even the fact that Will’s (that was his name, right?) wife was completely faking being pregnant. Why would anyone want to invest an hour each week on people like that?

Not me. I gave it up after 2 episodes.

Any reason for me to give it another shot? Will the show eventually make it worth my while to put up with those hateful people each week? Inquiring minds want to know. :) Would love comments back here or at least a tweet or two back about why I should give it a second chance. :)

3 Responses to “@eMSY, @stargazer60, @aresnz, @Team_Barrowman — #Glee Reruns: Why Should I Watch?!?”

  • Laurie/Stargazer60:

    This is a show you can’t take too seriously. It’s just escapist fun (at least it is for me).

    But I still ended up loving each one of these kids for what they brought to the club. And watching these very different individuals come together as a group over the course of the show was a joy…

    As for the ‘hateful people’ you mention…it’s high school. It’s life. Personally Sue cracked me up each week. Because we even learned about another side to her.

    Each of the characters grew as the season wore on.

    I can’t wait for season two.

  • aresnz:

    Part of the shows charm is showing how the New Directions glee club isn’t respected at all and how the members progress as a person. I adore how Will is so passionate about the kids and New Directions itself. Always sparring w/Sue is so much fun watching. Seeing how the kids in New Directions end up accepting one another is a great sidebar to the show as well. Love the music anyway..so I don’t need to discuss that.

    I hope this helps you out some. Take care.

  • “As for the ‘hateful people’ you mention…it’s high school. It’s life…”

    LOL. That’s part of the problem, I knew too many people in high school like that, and was pretty thankful to be away from them. Kind of reminds me of a certain lyric, by a certain singer… “…And he goes along, Getting hurt, getting mad, fighting fights that are over…” :)

    It’s like how I won’t watch “The Office” either, when I was at one of my prior jobs, it was like “just spent 8 hours with people like that, don’t want to do it when i get home too.” 😀

    But I did record the ep of Glee that was on tonight, will probably watch it this weekend, see if I can’t give it another go. Don’t know how many episodes I’ll get through, or if I’ll even make it through one (tried with DH too, tried to give that show another shot, lasted about 10 minutes), but there are so many Gleeks out there, there must be SOMETHING worthwhile in the show to watch. :)

@eMSY, @stargazer60, @aresnz, @Team_Barrowman — #Glee Reruns: Why Should I Watch?!?

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