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Tweets O' The Week 2010-01-31

  • Just braved the driveway to get the mail. All the sleet we got today completely filled in my footprints from this morning. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — January 30 2010 Raleigh Snow Video http://youtu.be/nYznQebTJVk?a #
  • 2:30 in the afternoon, laundry is finally started. I suppose getting out of my PJs at this point might be a good idea. LOL. #
  • Best step away from the keyboard & actually try to do something productive. Maybe do my taxes, could really use that Fed refund right now. #
  • @elainer1130 Fortunately, being the weekend, yay, I'm good to stay home until Monday. We'll see how the roads and things are here by then. in reply to elainer1130 #
  • Uploading some of my snow video to YouTube as I type this. Upload will probably take a while since I converted it to mpg2 & it's 277mb. Oops #
  • Can't believe it's almost 2pm already. And completely forgot about doing the laundry today. Must be suffering from Snow Brain. LOL. #
  • @TDfan Aww. Love watching dogs romp in the snow. The cats just sit on the stools at the windows and watch the birdies come and eat all day. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan But WILL have to walk down to get the mail later today. *eek* It'll probably take me at least 10 minutes to get down and back. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan Doug & Greensboro are off for the wknd, and no workies, so I prolly won't be taking the car anywhere until at least Monday. πŸ˜€ in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan I'm kind of actually HOPING for a repeat, lol. It's actually easier to get in the car and slide down than it is to walk down. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan … and was even facing the right way to drive away by the time I reached the bottom. LOL! in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan …Fortunately, the street level is higher than the curb, so I stopped at the bottom and didn't slide into the car across the street. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan The last time I backed the car down the driveway with snow, it slid and turned a full 90 deg by the time I was at the bottom. Wee! πŸ˜€ in reply to TDfan #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1AMZ A shot of the car, from the top of the driveway. #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1AMX And here's a view of the street, from street level. :) #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/1AMW But first, view of the house from street level. Scary scary driveway when it snows and gets slick like this. #
  • Time for breakfast finally. Bacon, eggs, english muffins and COFFEE! And MORE coffee! πŸ˜€ #
  • Actually had to go out earlier, caught a mouse overnight, so tried to let him out on the porch. He looked so scare (cont) http://tl.gd/63une #
  • @TDfan Our paperperson almost never misses a delivery, not even when it snows like this. Just hard to get to, at the bottom of the hill, tho in reply to TDfan #
  • Just treked down the curb to get the newspaper and put the Netflix movie into the mailbox. That driveway is SCARY when it's got snow on it. #
  • Woke to find snow has turned into sleet overnight, but it still looks great out there. :) #
  • Still snowing here, looks like we've gotten about 2 inches so far. Can't believe how bright it looks out there now with snow on the ground. #
  • @macpowell Well, according to Drew Carey, Cleveland Rocks! πŸ˜€ in reply to macpowell #
  • @TDfan STILL snowing here, hasn't stopped yet. Photos and videos are being shot :) , altho not sure how well they'll come out in the dark… in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan It sounds like Goldsboro is supposed to get more ice than snow too. That's bad, doesn't take much to bring down the powerlines. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan Awww, it stopped already? You're a little further east though, right? And it just started here, so it was probably just warming up.:) in reply to TDfan #
  • @u2kat Reminds me of that joke about how an out of towner wondered why people always made French Toast when it sno (cont) http://tl.gd/601md #
  • @TDfan 7:40pm and it's snowing here too! Yay! How great. Snow on a Friday night so I don't have to worry about getting to work tomorrow. :) in reply to TDfan #
  • Weather.com showing that I may be running into rain/snow showers on my way home from work already. Wee! Don't see anything yet though. #
  • Looks like the snow may just be hitting Charlotte now, with some stuff in Hickory and a little in Greensboro. Raleigh still clear. #
  • @u2kat I loaded a free program WeatherMate on the desktop this morning; it's got Weather Channel radar on it, been keeping track all day. in reply to u2kat #
  • @eMSY I actually found the 3D to be a little distracting, maybe the angle was wrong from sitting in the second row. Loved the FX though. in reply to eMSY #
  • @eMSY I knew about the wheelchair but didn't register that while he couldn't walk, his avatar could. Loved the scene where he figured it out in reply to eMSY #
  • @TDfan I knew my secret was safe with you. πŸ˜€ But after two prior false alarms, I'm really ready for a good snowfall this weekend. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan Shhh, don't tell anyone (she says on twitter :D),but in a tossup between Greensboro and snow? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan … course, that depends on whether the weather people are actually right in the snowcast for tomorrow night. Been wrong the last 2x. in reply to TDfan #
  • @TDfan Supposed to be meeting up with Doug and his visiting buddy on Saturday in Greensboro. Somehow I DON'T think that's going to happen… in reply to TDfan #
  • Even after a plate full of pasta last night, still down a half a pound. 4.7 & counting after burning 200+ w/ the EASports step workout.Woot! #
  • @u2kat … and all my remaining fishies survived while I was at work today. Yay! in reply to u2kat #
  • @u2kat It did, thanks. Solved a website issue this a.m. that had me banging my head for most of yesterday…. in reply to u2kat #
  • So good and bad seem to have an even split going so far, wonder how the rest of the day is going to go! LOL #
  • My AM: The Bad? I overslept, Cat1 left me a β€˜gift’ on the floor again, & Cat2 opened a drawer & pulled ALL my sweaters out onto the floor. #
  • My AM: The Good? No fish died overnight, and I’m officially down 4.2 pounds since starting the diet 3 weeks ago. #
  • Off to bed finally. Think I'm sleepy enough now to NOT just lie there awake stewing over what I'll find in the aquarium in the morning… #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — The Edge (Dave Evans) – U2 Guitar Solos http://youtu.be/l3IgQNxF4_g?a #
  • Dude, these are just so WRONG! Then why do I keep laughing at them? πŸ˜€ (@NathanFillion)http://yfrog.com/1d97asmj #
  • RT @macpowell: http://twitpic.com/zyhyy Have you ever wanted something so much but didn't have the strength to go get it for yourself?/ Aww! #
  • RT @NathanFillion: How fantastic and beautiful was @sarahjoybrown last night? // Seemed very quiet, didn't talk much through dinner… πŸ˜€ #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Scenes f/ the Bible:
    "We're gonna share the Awesome Blossom, & could you bring us some breadsticks?" http://bit.ly/9429hH #
  • @taianderson re "resistance if futile". Gave up on Apple when they put video on the Nano of all things and not the iPod Touch. *pththt* in reply to taianderson #
  • RT @taianderson: … Getting older. Get off my lawn. // Need to change your avatar to a pic of the guy from UP. πŸ˜€ #
  • Still don't know what happened. Other fish fine & an H2O check came up fine too. Afraid to chk in the AM tho, in case of more casualties :-O #
  • On the one hand, very sad to lose them, especially the new guy that I got to keep the old guy company; but on the (cont) http://tl.gd/5gsqn #
  • http://brizzly.com/pic/XX3 . Waah! Came home tonite to find out that both my clown fishies suddenly up and died today. :'( #
  • I'm down nearly 4 pounds in 3 weeks. To borrow from @NathanFillion, Boo to the yah! πŸ˜€ #
  • @eMSY "GLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" // NOOOOOOOOOO! πŸ˜€ (It apparently won a Screen Actors Guild award Saturday night as well. *shakes head in despair*) #
  • @NathanFillion The way I learned it, it was "The 'H' stands for Harold." LOL. in reply to NathanFillion #
  • @u2kat Maybe if I really LIKED football, I'd go w/D to the party. But I'm still iffy on it, so that, plus all that food, not a good combo :) in reply to u2kat #
  • @u2kat And for me, it's all about the commercials anyway. And I usually watch those all at one time when the special airs afterwards. :) in reply to u2kat #
  • @u2kat D wanted me to go to the superbowl party with him, but just started a new diet, & hitting a party with THAT much food? No can do. in reply to u2kat #
  • @u2kat by the way, the Colts won that first one. πŸ˜‰ (saw your question LONG after the game was over…) in reply to u2kat #
  • And inquiring minds want to know…why the heck is Brett Favre's last name pronounced "Farv"? Doesn't he realize the R comes AFTER the V? πŸ˜€ #
  • RT @fakebono: Still working on details but hopefully by the end of the week you'll be able to text BONO to donate $10 to me. // LOL. Luv it! #
  • Gaaah, 7 hours plus of football today. That's a LOT of football for a household that does NOT normally watch sports as a rule. #
  • My weekends are a completely different animal when Doug is here. We NEVER have sports on tv otherwise. #
  • And today it's Guitar Hero (with 2 guitars now, Yay!) and football playoffs. Jets/Colts game currently playing upstairs. Wee. #
  • Did Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, then headed over to IMAX just in time to get a spot in the *ack* 2nd row for Avatar. Never sat that close B4. #

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Tweets O' The Week 2010-01-31

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