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A Tail – er – Tale of 5 (More) Mouses

Seems like the mouse tails never end around here. 😀

We finally re-MacGyvered that chewed up mousetrap sufficiently (we think) to actually keep the mice from getting out of the traps. I’ve not actually left one in there long enough to test the theory, but we’re hoping.

Caught another one in it last night, so went to put it outside, and the thing refused to leave, so I ended up having to leave the trap out in the yard overnight. But we did have the spare single catch trap still in the laundry room, so set that one up in case there were more meeses to be had overnight.

Within the half hour, I heard the trap snap closed, so went to check on it. Sure enough, we’d caught another one. So grabbing my flashlight (this was probably around 11 or 11:30 last night), I haul the trap outside, away from the house, and turn him loose, come back in, set the thing back up again, and hop back on the computer for some more late night video tinkering.

*SNAP!* Not 20 minutes later, I hear the trap close again. I go look, and YES, we’d caught a THIRD mouse. Same routine. Grab the flashlight, grab the trap, slip on my birkenstocks, haul the mouse outside and turn him loose. Again.

Fortunately, that was the last mouse that I had to deal with last night.

“Where’s the fourth mouse?” you ask. “You said this was the tail of FOUR mouses.”

The Fourth Mouse showed up this morning. Under my bed. While I was sleeping. :-O

I didn’t KNOW it was under my bed right away; I’d gotten up and noticed that several of the cats were staring intently at some invisible thing on the floor by my bed that I couldn’t see. Since they do that a lot – stare at and play with these teensie weensie nearly microscopic bugs only visible to the trained cat eye – I figured they just had another bug, and went up to have breakfast.

But they never left the side of my bed, the whole entire time I was having breakfast, and going through the Sunday paper, and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. And usually a bug does NOT hold their attention for that long. A mouse, maybe, but not a bug. So I had the brilliant idea to take the mousetrap that I’d left outside, and slip it under my bed, right up against a rail where – if there WAS a mouse down there – he’d probably just love to scurry into to get away from the four cats that were down there staring at him. After a couple of false alarms (leave it to Ozzy to go under there and poke his paw into the side of the trap), I heard more noises from under the bed, and when I went to look, there was Ozzy AND Chloe sitting there batting at the trap, where, yes, a mouse HAD scurried in and tried to hide. Took the thing out outside, and being daylight, brought it all the way to the back of the yard and tried to turn him loose. He wouldn’t leave. So once again, I had to leave the trap in the yard and come back and get it later.

So it was a four mouse weekend this weekend. What fun. :) At least I got to that last one before the cats did; it really isn’t all that thrilling to find a half a mouse someplace once they’ve gotten to it first. 😛

EDIT: 10pm Sunday night… just put out Mouse Number 5 for the weekend. It’ll be nice to start bringing them to work again, if only so we know we’re not recatching the same mice over and over again.

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A Tail – er – Tale of 5 (More) Mouses

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